NSOU Assignment 2022; BDP Download, Date, Link

NSOU BDP Assignment 2022 – Check Last Date of Submission: In this post, we are providing you the detailed information on NSOU PG & BDP Assignment 2022. NSOU publishes Assignment for Students who are studying in various PG & BDP Courses in BA / BSc / BCom / MA / MSc / MCom curriculum. So, in this post we will provide Latest NSOU New Assignment Download Date for All Subjects and we will also discuss NSOU Assignment Result, Top Sheet Download Links, Solved Answer Paper Download Link here.

NSOU BDP Assignment 2022 Download

Latest Update 3rd January 2022: NSOU Has released New Assignment for BDP courses. Links to download the Solved Assignment Papers are provided below in this article.

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For NSOU PG Assignment 2022 – Click Here.

নেতাজি সুভাষ মুক্ত মহাবিদ্যালয় থেকে যারা পোস্ট গ্রাজুয়েট করছেন তারা তাদের এসাইনমেন্ট গুলি উপরে দেওয়া লিঙ্ক থেকে ডাউনলোড করতে পারবেন. প্রতিটি সাবজেক্ট এর জন্য আলাদা আলাদা লিঙ্ক দেওয়া রয়েছে আপনারা লিংকগুলোতে ক্লিক করলে পিডিএফ ফাইল ডাউনলোড হয়ে যাবে এই ফাইলগুলো আপনারা মোবাইল অথবা কম্পিউটার থেকে খুলতে পারবেন. NSOU PG Assignment 2022 top sheet / front page can downloaded Here.

NSOU BDP Assignment 2022

NSOU will shortly publish BDP June 2022 & June-December 2022 Assignment online. Last Date for Submission & Result Release Date will be issued after the Assignment is released on the official website. We will publish subject wise BDP Assignments in this page.

Bengali Assignments

Sahitya O Sanskritir ItihasIDetail
Bhasatattwa Ebong Chhando O AlonkarIIDetail
Kabya: Prachin O AdhunikIIIDetail
Upanyas Ebong ChhotogolpoIVDetail
Probondho Ebong RomyarachonaVDetail
Natak O Moncho Ebong Sahityer RupabhedVIDetail
Lokasahitya Ebong Bharatiya SahityaVIIDetail
Anubad, Bananbidhi, Sampadona, Anuchhed, ProtibedanVIIIDetail
Bangla Sahityer Itihas O Bhasatattwa
Chhando, Alonkar O Kabya-Kabita
Upanyas-Chhoto Golpo-Probondho-Natak

Commerce Assignment

Business EconomicsIIDetail
Business OrganisationIIIBDetail
Higher AccountancyIVDetail
Cost Accountancy & Element of Income TaxVDetail
Business ManagementVIADetail
World ResourcesVIBDetail
Commercial and Labour LawsVIIDetail
Auditing & Management AccountancyVIIIDetail
Entrepreneurship Development & Business Communication
Tax Practice & Procedure
Business Ethics & Computer Applications

Economics Assignment

Comprehensive Economic Development (Britain/Japan/China) & Basics of Environmental EconomicsVIDetail
Developmental Economics (Advanced) & Mathematical Technique in EconomicsVIIDetail
Computer Applications in Economics & Research MethodologyVIIIDetail

Education Assignment

Philosophical and Sociological Foundations of EducationIDetail
Educational Psychology and Pedagogical Perspective of EducationIIDetail
Development of Indian Education and HeritageIIIDetail
Trends and Issues in Education and Comparative EducationIVDetail
Educational Evaluation and Statistics in EducationVDetail

English Assignment

Literature and Language in Evolution (New Syllabus)IDetail
The Renaissance and the Reformation (New Syllabus)IIDetail
The RenaissanceIIIDetail
The Eighteenth CenturyIVDetail
The Romantic PeriodVDetail
The Victorians (New Syllabus)VIDetail
Literature of the Modern and Postmodern Periods (New Syllabus)VIIDetail
Indian Writing in English (New Syllabus)VIIIDetail
Poetry (Subsidiary)IDetail
Prose (Subsidiary)IIDetail
Drama (Subsidiary)IIIDetail

Environmental Studies Assignment

Environmental StudiesDecember & JuneDetail

Foundation Course Assignment

Bengali (FBG)December & JuneDetail
English (FEG)December & JuneDetail
Humanities & Social Science (FHS)December & JuneDetail
Science & Technology (FST)December & JuneDetail

Geography Assignment

Paper NamePaperLink
Concepts of Physical Geography
and Geotectonics
Landform ProcessesIIDetail
Soil and BiogeographyVDetail
Geography of ResourcesVIDetail
Geography of Economic ActivitiesVIIDetail
Geography of SettlementIXDetail
Geography of PopulationXDetail
Evolution of Geographical ThoughtXIDetail
Environmental Geography, Agricultural Geography and Regional PlanningXIII & XIVDetail

History Assignment

Ancient IndiaIDetail
Medieval IndiaIIDetail
Early Modern IndiaIIIDetail
China & JapanIVDetail
South East AsiaVDetail
Modern Indian HistoryVIDetail
Modern EuropeVIIDetail
Making of the Modern WorldVIIIDetail
Ancient and Medieval India
(From earliest time to 1707)
(Subsidiary) (New)
Early Modern and Modern India (1707–1964) (Subsidiary) (New)IIDetail
Modern Europe and Making of the Modern World (1789–1956) (Subsidiary) (New)IIIDetail

Mathematics Assignments

Differential Calculus and
its Geometrical Application
Integral Calculus and
Differential Equations
Classical Algebra
& Abstract Algebra
Vector Algebra
& Vector Calculus
Linear Algebra
& Transformation
Analytical GeometryVIDetail
Mathematical Analysis-IVIIDetail
Mathematical Analysis-IIVIIIDetail
Analytical StaticsXDetail
Numerical AnalysisXIDetail
Probability TheoryXIIDetail
Statistics and its ApplicationXIIIDetail
Linear Programming
and Game Theory
Complex Analysis &
Laplace Transformation

Physics Assignment

Mathematical Methods in PhysicsIDetail
Mechanics and General Properties of MatterIIDetail
Harmonic Motion, Waves & AcousticsIIIDetail
Heat and ThermodynamicsVDetail
Electricity and MagnetismIXDetail
Electronic Circuits and DevicesXDetail
Relativity and Advanced MechanicsXIDetail
Atomic, Molecular & Nuclear PhysicsXIII & XIVDetail
Physics (Subsidiary)IDetail
Physics (Subsidiary)IIDetail

Political Science Assignment

Political Theory and InstitutionsIDetail
Political SociologyIIDetail
Indian Political ThoughtIIIDetail
Western Political ThoughtIVDetail
Government and Politics in IndiaVDetail
International RelationsVIDetail
Government and Politics in Europe and AmericaVIIDetail
Government and Politics in South AsiaVIIIDetail
Political Theory and Institutions
(New) (Subsidiary)
Government and Politics in Europe and America
(New) (Subsidiary)
Government and Politics in India
(New) (Subsidiary)

Public Administration Assignment

Administrative TheoryIDetail
India GovernmentIIDetail
Financial AdministrationVIDetail
Indian Administrative SytemVIIDetail
Local Government
(Rural & Urban)

Sociology Assignments

Introducing SociologyIDetail
Indian SocietyIIDetail
Social InstitutionsVIDetail
Social Demography and Social ChangeVIIDetail
Social Problems and Social ResearchVIIIDetail

Zoology Assignments

Animal Diversity-1
Cytogenetics and Molecular BiologyIIDetail
Developmental Biology and EthologyIIIDetail
Animal Diversity-II
Taxonomy and EvolutionVIDetail
Ecology and Environmental BiologyVIIDetail
Biophysics and BiometryIXDetail
Histology, Histochemistry and EndocrinologyXDetail
Parasitology and ImmunologyXIDetail
Physiology, Biochemistry & Economic ZoologyXIII & XIVDetail

What is NSOU BDP Assignment?

Students studying under Subhash Open University must do their NSOU BDP Assignment 2022. But now we need to know what is the assignment? The topic to be given from the university should be expressed in one’s own language. Topic: You can find it online on the official website. You have to write four pages on any topic. Then you have to submit it to the study centers with the size of the notebook.

Is it mandatory to submit NSOU Assignment?

Compulsory, of course. You must submit NSOU BDP Assignment 2022 to Study Centers within a specified time. Because all those Assignments are sent back to the university. So of course you have to submit the NSOU BDP Assignment within the time limit. And of course you have to follow the guidelines and complete the assignment alone.

How many numbers will be in NSOU BDP assignment?

BDP Assignment is compulsory no matter which chair you have under any university. And there are many numbers behind this NSOU BDP Assignment 2022 that are associated with the original number. If you follow the guidelines and complete the Assignment, you will definitely get good marks. 30% of the numbers are on top of the Assignment.

A brief information on Netaji Subhash Open University

Netaji Subhash Open University is a well known university in West Bengal. There are many students who cannot go out for higher education. Open universities have been arranged for them in the adjoining towns in different villages. Among them Netaji Subhash Open University has gained special fame. Under this university you can do courses like Drama Degree PG B.Ed etc. Netaji Subhash Open University is a UGC approved university. Its credentials are as valuable as any other university.

Name Of the UniversityNetaji Subhash Open University
Article TypeBDP Assignment 2022
LocationAll Over India
Official Websitewww.wbnsou.ac.in
nsou bdp assignment download link pdf online for june december 2022

Students who wish to pursue undergraduate studies at Netaji Subhash Open University must submit NSOU BDP Assignment 2022 by January 30 at Study Centers. Download NSU BDP Assignments December & JUne. You will receive all NSOU BDP Assignment 2022 materials online.

How to check the NSOU BDP assignment Result ?

Your NSOU BDP Assignment Result 2022 will be sent to the university. Then when your final result is published, there will be a separate number for the NSOU BDP Assignment June. From there you will know how many marks you got in the assignment.

Will there be any problem if NSOU BDP Assignment is not submitted within Last Date?

You will not be able to sit for the exam if you have not submitted the NSOU BDP Assignment 2022 within the time limit. That means you will be ruined that year. You will not be able to get to the next class. The Assignment 2022 is a part of the exam.

Which language should I use to write NSOU BDP Assignment?

Many are students of Netaji Subhash Open University. However, many people are confused about which language to write the NSOU BDP Assignment 2022. For those students, it is said that you can write the Assignment for June – December 2022 in Bengali and English language. I hope we have been able to solve your problem.

Official Website- Click here

Where can we get NSOU BDP Assignment Syllabus?

NSOU BDP Assignment 2022 are usually on all subjects like –

  • Bengali,
  • English,
  • Chemistry,
  • Commerce,
  • Economics,
  • Education,
  • Botany,
  • Foundation Course,
  • Geography,
  • History,
  • Mathematics,
  • Physics,
  • Political Science,
  • Environmental Research,
  • Public Administration,
  • Sociology,
  • Zoology etc.

Where can I know the last date for submission of NSOU BDP Assignment?

NSOU BDP Assignment 2022 are usually submitted in March of each year. But you don’t have to worry about the date of submission. The Study Center will let you know the date of submission. Contact Study Centers for information on NSOU BDP Assignment 2022 submission dates.

NSOU Assignment Front Page Download

All the students of NSOU must download the Front Page or Top Sheet from the official website. You must download the top sheet and attach it with the Answer Paper. The Top sheet is same for all the PG & BDP courses. Students must duly fill up the answer sheet and thereafter attach to the answer paper.

nsou top sheet pdf download link 2022

Download Your NSOU Assignment Front Page / Top Sheet PDF – Click Here.

How to write NSOU BDP Assignment ?

If you are a student of Netaji Subhash Open University Honors Course, then follow the steps given by us-

  1. The book has been published for the first NSOU BDP Assignment this year. From now on you will also get the answer to the NSOU BDP Assignment from the book.
  2. From this year you will not have to go to the official website to find the material and write the NSOU BDP Assignment, you will be able to provide your information from the book.
  3. Use only blue and black pens for NSOU BDP Assignment. No need to use multiple colors.
  4. Mention the question number before answering any question. And of course give the page number. This will make it easier to sort your pages.
  5. Write the answer to the question according to the university guidelines. If you follow the guidelines, you will get better numbers.
  6. You will try to complete the NSOU BDP Assignment in four pages.

If you have problems with any of these issues, you should contact the Study Center. Thank you so much for doing this article. Be sure to visit our website jobsandhan.com to get this kind of information.


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