NSOU PG Assignment 2021 {All Subject} Submission Date, Result, Top Sheet

Netaji Subhas Open University (NSOU) PG Assignment 2021 for all subjects have been provided below. Students can download their Post Graduate Subjects Assignment from the PDF files given here. We have also discussed various aspects of NSOU PG Assignment 2021 Submission Last Date here. By reading this article, you will also be able to know the NSOU PG Assignment Result. Moreover, we have given the Top Sheet download link in PDF format for Netaji Subhas Open University Post Graduate Assignment.

Latest Update 29th September 2021- The department has not yet given the result of NS and U BDP assignment. However, the results of the PG assignment will be published soon. For those of you who want to check the results of the friendly assignment, we have provided the following link.

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Netaji Subhas Open University PG Assignment Download Link

NSOU is going to release the June 2021 & June-December 2021 Assignment soon for various PG Courses. You can download the NSOU PG Assignment 2021 paper from the subject wise links provided below. Also, you should download the Question Paper, Study Materials & books from the official website which is www.wbnsou.ac.in.

nsou pg assignment 2021 download pdf all subject

Download NSOU Assignment Top Sheet PDF

The Top Sheet of NSOU PG Assignment 2021 must be kept in front. After the front page or top sheet, you should attache the NSOU PG Assignment 2021 papers. The Top sheet must be downloaded in PDF format and should be printed in A4 sheet. Thereafter, you should fill up the Top Sheet duly and correctly. Do not make any mistake in the top sheet. Check below sample top sheet for Question Paper cum Answer Booklet Bengali Subject:

nsou top sheet pdf download link 2021

NSOU PG Submission Date

Last Date of Assignment Submission for June 2021 is not yet released. So, once the Assignment is released, you should look for the last date. However, dont rely on the last date. You should write the NSOU PG Assignment 2021 and submit the answer booklet with duly filled and signed Top Sheet as soon as possible. As, Online NSOU PG Assignment 2021 Submission last date comes close, the portal may get overloaded and server may go down.

NSOU PG Bengali Assignment

Paper NamePaperAssignment Link
বাংলা সাহিত্যের ইতিহাসIDetail
ভাষাবিগ্ঞান ও সাহিত্যতত্বIIDetail
প্রাচীন, মধ্যযুগীয়, আধুনিক কবিতাIIIDetail
উপন্যাস ও ছোট গল্পIVDetail
প্রবন্ধ সাহিত্য ও শৈলীবিগ্ঞানVDetail
নাটক ও নাট্যমঞ্চVIDetail
রবীন্দ্র সাহিত্যVIIADetail
আধুনিক ভাড়াটিয়া কথাসাহিত্যVIIBDetail
বাংলাদেশের সাহিত্যVIICDetail
স্বনির্ভর অনুশীলন
(গবেষণা পদ্ধতি, অনুবাদ ও সাহিত্যমূল্য বিচার)

NSOU Commerce Assignment (PG)

Paper NamePaperAssignment Link
Principles & Practice of ManagementIDetail
Managerial EconomicsIIDetail
Macro Economics and
International Economic Problems
Business EnvironmentIVDetail
Direct & Indirect TaxationVDetail
Accounting TheoryVIDetail
Basic Statistical Concepts & ToolsVIIDetail
Quantitative TechniquesVIIIDetail
Cost AccountingIXDetail
Advanced Financial AccountingXDetail
Strategic ManagementXIDetail
Marketing & Human Resource ManagementXIIDetail
Corporate Financial EnvironmentXIIIDetail
Advanced Statistical Concepts & ToolsXIVDetail
Financial Statement Analysis & ReportingXVDetail
Corporate Tax Planning and ManagementXVIDetail
Management AccountingXVIIDetail
Financial ManagementXVIIIDetail
Computer Applications in BusinessXXDetail

NSOU PG Education Assignment

Paper NamePaperAssignment Link
Philosophy of Education and
History of Education in India
Psychological Foundation of EducationIIDetail
Sociological Foundation of EducationIIIDetail
Methodology of Educational Research and Statistical Treatment of DataIVDetail
Educational Technology and
Curriculum Studies
Educational Administration
and Management
Evaluation and Measurement in Education & Guidance and CounsellingVIIDetail
Special EducationVIIIADetail
Teacher EducationVIIIBDetail
Education of Women in IndiaVIIICDetail
Population EducationVIIIDDetail

NSOU English Assignment PG

Paper NamePaperAssignment Link
Aspects of LanguageIIDetail
British DramaIIIDetail
British NovelIVDetail
Literary Theory & CriticismVDetail
American LiteratureVIDetail
Indian English Literature &
Indian Literature in Translation
Ancients & Modern European Classic
in Translation

NSOU English Language Teaching PG Assignment

Paper NamePaperAssignment Link
Introduction to Linguistics
& Literary Theory
Applied LinguisticsIIDetail
The Phonetics and Phonology of
English & Modern English Grammar
Language Teaching and Testing
Techniques & Resources
Trends in Critical Theory I,
Literature Teaching & Testing
Trends in Critical Theory II, Literary
Materials Exploitation and Application
Course DesignVIIDetail
Research Methodology
& Academic Study Skills

NSOU PG Geography Assignment

Paper NamePaperAssignment Link
Geotectonics & GeomorphologyIADetail
Hydrology and OceanographyIBDetail
Soil and BiogeographyIIBDetail
Economic GeographyIIIADetail
Social & Cultural GeographyIIIBDetail
Population and Settlement GeographyIVADetail
Geographical ThoughtVIADetail
Historical and Political GeographyVIBDetail
Environmental Issues in GeographyVIIADetail
Regional Planning & DevelopmentVIIBDetail
Urban GeographyVIIIADetail
Urban GeographyVIIIBDetail
Regions & Regional Problems of IndiaIXADetail

NSOU Library and Information Science Assignment

Paper NamePaperAssignment Link
Information, Communication & SocietyIDetail
Information Sources,
System and Services
Information Processing & RetrievalIIIDetail
Information Institutions,
Products and Services
Management of Library &
Information Centres
Information Technology : ApplicationsVIDetail
Research MethodologyVIIDetail
Preservation & Consercvation
of Library Materials
Academic Library SystemVIIIE2Detail
Public Library SystemVIIIE3Detail

NSOU History Assignment

Paper NamePaperAssignment Link
History of India : 1526-1757IDetail
History of India : 1757-1885IIDetail
History of India : 1885-1964IIIDetail
History of Europe : 1789-1945VDetail
World Politics Since 1945VIDetail
Social History of Modern India
(19th & 20th Centuries)
Social History of Early Medieval India
(5th to 13th Centuries)
Economic History of Modern India
(19th & 20th Centuries)
Economic History of Early Medieval India
(5th to 13th Centuries)

NSOU Mathematics Assignment

SubjectsPaperAssignment Link
Abstract AlgebraIADetail
Linear AlgebraIBDetail
Real Analysis & Metric SpacesIIADetail
Complex AnalysisIIBDetail
Ordinary Differential Equations
and Special Functions
Partial Differential Equations
and Special Functions
Numerical AnalysisIVADetail
Computer Programming & Its Application to Numerical AnalysisIVBDetail
Principles of MechanicsVADetail
Elements of Continuum Mechanics & Special Theory of RelativityVBDetail
General TopologyVIADetail
Functional AnalysisVIBDetail
Integral TransformationsVIIADetail
Integral Equations and Generalised FunctionsVIIBDetail
Differential GeometryVIIIADetail
Graph TheoryVIIIBDetail
Advanced Complex Analysis
Special Paper : Pure Mathematics
Operations Research
Special Paper : Applied Mathematics
Advanced Topology
Special Paper : Pure Mathematics
Mathematical Models In Ecology
Special Paper : Applied Mathematics
Advanced Differential Geometry
Special Paper : Pure Mathematics
Fluid Mechanics
Special Paper : Applied Mathematics
Advanced Functional Analysis
Special Paper : Pure Mathematics
Mechanics of Solids
Special Paper : Applied Mathematics

NSOU Political Science Assignment

Paper NamePaperAssignment Link
Political Thought & Movements
in Colonial India
Politics in India Since IndependenceIIDetail
Issues in Political ThoughtIIIDetail
Issues in Political TheoryIVDetail
Comparative PoliticsVDetail
Public AdministrationVIDetail
International RelationsVIIDetail
Politics & Societies in Asia:
Selected Regions

NSOU Public Administration Assignment

Paper NamePaperAssignment Link
State, Society & Public AdministrationIDetail
Advanced Administrative TheoriesIIDetail
Human Resource ManagementIIIDetail
New Dimension of Development AdministrationIVDetail
Public Policy AnalysisVDetail
Financial AdministrationVIDetail
Local GovernmentVIIDetail
Governance & AdministrationVIIIDetail

NSOU Social Work Assignment

Paper NamePaperAssignment Link
History and Philosophy of Social WorkIDetail
Methods of Social Work-I
(Social Case Work / Social Group Work)
Methods of Social Work-II
(Community Organisation)
Man and Society
(Sociology & Indian Economic System)
Human Growth & Behaviour
and Health & Hygiene
Social Work Research And Statistics
(Social Work Research / Statistics / Use of Computers)
Social Welfare AdministrationIXDetail
Community Development
(Rural and Urban)
Contemporary Social Problems
and Social Policy
Crime And Correctional AdministrationXIIDetail
Social LegislationXIIIDetail
Areas of Social Work PracticeXIVDetail

NSOU PG Assignment Result 2021

Result for NSOU PG Assignment for June 2021 will be issued after the assessment by the Netaji Subhash Open University Authority. So, students should wait until the authority releases the marksheet. After the results are released, students will be able to check their NSOU PG Assignment 2021 result online at official website www.wbnsou.ac.in.

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