UPSSSC Tubewell Operator Last Time Suggestion 2021

UPSSSC Tubewell Operator Last Time Suggestion 2021: For the candidates who are preparing for the UPSSSC Tubewell Operator examination, there are some gifts.Tomorrow the Tubewell Operator has organized the examination.Today, some important questions are published that are very important for this year’s examination.

1) जिसे कठिनाई से धारण किया जा सके –


b) दुर्गम

c) दुर्वह

d) दुर्भक्ष

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Option -c)

2) दाम लगाना का अर्थ है?

(a) मूल्य आँकना

(b) लागत मात्र देना

(c) पूरी कीमत देना

(d) मोलभाव करना

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Option -a)

3) ‘महाशय’ शब्द का स्त्रीलिंग रूप क्या है ?

(A) महाशियी

(B) महाशयी

(C) महाशया

(D) महाशिनी

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Option – c)

4) ‘युवराज से पढ़ा नहीं जाता है’ वाक्य है–

(a) कर्मवाच्य

b) भाववाच्य

c) कर्तृवाच्य

d) इनमें से कोई नहीं

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Option – b)

5) सूरदास का काव्य किस भाषा में है ?

a) मैथिलि

b) अवधी

c) बुंदेली

d) ब्रजभाषा

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Option – d)

6) If 13 + 23 + ….. + 103 = 3025, then 4 + 32 + 108 + …… + 4000 is equal to

a) 12000

b) 12100

c) 122000

d) 12400


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Option – b)

7) The HCF of (x3 – y2 – 2x) and (x3 + x2) is

(a) x3 – x2 – 2x

(b) x2 + x

(c) x4-x3-2×2

(d) x-2

Ans: c

31) Five bells begin to toll together at intervals of 9 s, 6 s, 4 s, 10 s and 8 s, respectively. How many times will they toll together in the span of 1 h (excluding the toll at the start)?

(a) 5

(b) 8

(c) 10

(d) Couldn’t be determined

(e) None of the above

Ans: c

32) Find the greatest possible length which can be used to measure exactly the lengths 7 m, 3 m 85 cm and 12 m 95 cm.

(a) 15 cm

(b) 25 cm

(c) 35 cm

(d) 42 cm

(e) 45 cm

Ans: c

33) When in each box 5 or 6 dozens of apples were packed, three dozens were left. Therefore, bigger boxes were taken to pack 8 or 9 dozens of apples. However, still three dozens of apples remained. What was the least number of dozens of apples to be packed?

(a)363 dozens

(b) 315 dozens

(c) 345 dozens

(d) 335 dozens

(e) None of the above

Ans: a

8) The true discount on a bill due 9 months hence at 16% per annum is Rs. 189. The amount of the bill is:

a) Rs. 1386

b) Rs. 1764

c) Rs. 1575

d) Rs. 2268

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Option – b)

9) In seven given numbers, the average of first four numbers is 4 and that of last four numbers is also 4. If the average of these seven numbers is 3, the fourth number is

a) 3

b) 4

c) 7

d) 11

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Option – d)

10) A man earns x% on the first income of Rs 2000 and y% on the rest on his income. If he earns Rs 700 from Rs 4000 and Rs 900 from Rs 5000 of income, then x is

a) 20%

b) 15%

c) 25%

d) None of these

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Option – b)

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