UPSSSC Tubewell Operator Previous Question Paper Download PDF

Download UPSSSC Tubewell Operator Previous Years Question Paper. Check last 5 years 10 years old question papers of UP Nalkoop Chalak Written Test. Fully Solved UPSSSC Tubewell Operator Old Question Paper in PDF format.

Below we have stated model old question papers of Uttar Pradesh Subordinate Services Selection Commission Written Test. This will help you in upcoming written test of Uttar Pradesh Nalkoop Chalak Recruitment Test. Recruitment of 3000 posts of Tubewell Operator posts will be conducted through UPSSSC Tubewell Operator Previous Question Paper written test/interview. Earlier in 2016, the Uttar Pradesh SSSC department issued recruitment notification for various posts. Later it is expected that the authority will release UPSSSC Tubewell Operator Written Exam soon in 2018. Keep checking the portal and get Uttar Pradesh Nalkoop Chalak Model Question Paper for practice. Also, download UP Tubewell operator Question Paper PDF format with answer key.

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Download UPSSSC Nalkoop Chalak Tubewell Operator Model Sample Question & Previous Years Paper

We have provided free Model Question Paper Solved for the written exam of UPSSSC Nalkoop Chalak or Tubewell Operator who will be recruited by Uttar Pradesh Subordinate Services Selection Commission or UPSSSC in 2016. The UPSSSC Tubewell Operator Previous Question Paper or mock test question for Nalkoop Chalak or Tubewell operator is available to download. We also have given the link of official website to download previous years question paper with answer key / solution. Please download the model mock test paper PDF for free below.

upsssc nalkoop operator previous years question paper download model question paper UPSSSC Tubewell operator previous solved pdf answer key

Download UPSSSC Nalkoop Chalak Question Paper with Answer key

1) The Mughal Empire extended up to Tamil territory in the south under the reign of the
a) Akbar b) Aurangazeb c) Jahangir d) Shah Jahan.

2) Babar laid the foundation of Mughal empire in 1526 by defeating
a) Daulat Khan Lodi b) Ibrahim Lodi c) Rana Sanga d) Alauddin Khalji.

3) Among the following which Mughal Emperor introduced the policy of Sulh-kul?
a) Babar b) Humayun c) Akbar d) Shahjahan.

4) Who wrote Tughluqnamah?
a) Raskhan b) Amir Khusrau c) Isami d) Malik Mohammad Jaisi.

5) The only European country which did not prohibit or impose heavy duties on the import of India cotton goods was
a) Germany b) France c) Holland d) Italy.

6) One could not term as a ‘Moderate’
a) GK Gokhale b) Dadabhai Naoroji c) Pherozeshah Mehta d) Bipin Chandra Pal.

7) The founder of Madras was
a) Robert Clive b) Francis Day c) Gabriel Boughton d) Streysham Master.

8) India was invaded by Timur Lame in
a) 1335 b) 1385 c) 1389 d) 1398.

9) In which of the following industries did Indians have a large share from the beginning?
a) Cotton textile b) jute c) Coal mining d) Sugar.

10) Which of the following Governors of Bengal committed suicide in 1774?
a) Warren Hastings b) Robert Clive c) Cartier d) None of these.

11) Which one of the following is correct?
a) galaxy b) planet c) star d) constellation.

12) Which of the following is produced by the rapid ascent of moist air?
a) Frost b) Fog c) Hail d) snow.

13) The surface temperature of the sun is nearly
a) 2000 k b) 4000 k c) 6000 k d) 8000 k.

14) Which one of the following lakes in India has the highest water salinity?
a) Dal b) Chilka c) Wular d) Sambhar.

15) Who amongst the following was the first to state that the Earth was spherical?
a) Aristotle b) Copernicus c) Ptolemy d) Strabo.

16) In which type of rocks are coal and petroleum found?
a) Granite b) Igneous c) Metamorphic d) Sedimentary.

17) Quartzite is metamorphosed from
a) Limestone b) obsidian c) sandstone d) shale.

18) World’s leading producer of fertilizers is
a) UK b) India c) USA d) Russia.

19) Hores latitudes lie within the atmospheric pressure belts of
a) Polar high b) Equatorial low c) subtropical high d) sub-polar low.

20 ) Which planet looks reddish in the night sky?
a) Mercury b) Mars c) Jupiter d) Saturn.

21) Which of the following British prime Ministers sent Cripps Mission to India?
a) Mac Donald b) Baldwin c) Chamberlain d) Churchill.

22) The part of the constitution that reflects the mind and ideals of the framers is
a) directive principles b) fundamental principles c) preamble d) citizenship.

23) The Indian constitution is regarded as
a) federal b) unitary c) parliamentary d) federal in form and unitary in spirit.

24) The total number of fundamental duties mentioned in the constitution is
a) 9 b) 10 c) 11 d) 12.

25) The cabinet Mission plan for India envisaged
a) Federation b) Confederation c) unitary form of Government d) union of states.

Solved Questions/ Download Answer Key

1)b 2) b 3) c 4) b 5) c 6) d 7) b 8) d 9) a 10) b 11) d 12) c 13) c 14)  d 15) a 16) d 17) c 18) c 19) c 20) b 21) d 22) c 23) d 24) c 25) d.

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