West Bengal General Knowledge (GK) MCQ Questions Answers

11) Which Vegetable is produced largely in West Bengal ?





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Option – c)

12) Which of the following bridge is called as Second hooghly bridge ?

a)Nivedita setu

b)Vivenkananda setu

c)Vidyasagar Setu

d)none of these

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Option – c)

13) Who is the The first Chancellor of Calcutta University

a)Sir James William Colvile

b)Joddu Nath Bose

c)Lord Canning

d)Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay

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Option – c)

14) Which one National Park from West Bengal is also under UNESCO World Heritage Site

a)Neora Valley National Park

b)Buxa Tiger Reserve

c)Sundarbans National Park

d)Singalila National Park

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Option – c)

15) In Which year Cooch behar merged with West Bengal ?





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Option – b)

16) Who was the first person from West Bengal to win Bharat Ratna Award

a)Aruna Asaf Ali

b)Ravi Shankar

c)Satyajit Ray

d)Bidhan Chandra Roy

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Option – d)

17) The West Bengal Partition took place in which year ?





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Option – a)

18) Howmany seats West bengal Contributes to the Rajya sabha ?





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Option – b)

19) Which of the following Corporate headquarters is located in Kolkata ?

a)Britannia Industries

b)ITC Limited

c)Bata India

d)All of these

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Option – d)

20) Which nawab transferred capital from Dacca (new Dhaka) to Murshibadab?

a) sarfaraj khan

b) Alvardi khan

c) Siraj-ud-daula

d) Murshid Quli khan

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Option – d)
21) Who is first british Governor General of West Bangal?

a) John Adam

b) Warren Hastings                                    

c) John Shore

d) Edward Law

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Option – b)

22) __________   is State flower of West Bengal?

a) Shephali

b) Jasmine

c) Lotus

d) None of these

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Option – a)

23)  Which of the following River is Once known as “Sorrow of Bengal”?

a) Ajay

b) Teesta

c) Jaldhaka

d) Damodar

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Option – d)

24) Which of the following Corporate headquarters  is located  in Kolkata?

a) Britannia  Industries

b) ITC  Limited

c) Bata  India

d) All of  these

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Option – d)

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