WBPSC Miscellaneous Answer Key 2022 Final {Official} Prelims Out!

WBPSC Miscellaneous Services Exam Answer Key 2022 Prelims {Official} Download Link Released Now! You can download the Model Answer Key of WBPSC conducted Miscellaneous Services Recruitment Examination 2019-20 held on 8-03-2022 from the link provided. You can also download the solved question paper in PDF format. Moreover, if you have any objection related to the official answer key, then you can raise objection within the period mentioned in the notification.

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Final Answer KeyDownload (Published on 5 October 2022)
Prelims Answer Key Download Link (Official)Click Here (Published on 11 March 2022)
Question Paper Download LinkClick Here
WBPSC Miscellaneous Exam Held on8th March 2022
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Latest Update on 5 October 2022: WBPSC Miscellaneous Prelims Final Answer Key has been published today. Based on the objection submitted by the candidates, the PSC authority has revised the Answer Key. Therefore, a New Qualified List of Candidates for Mains Exam has been published. Check New Result of PSC Miscellaneous Exam 2022 here.

Final Answer Key for WBPSC Miscellaneous Preliminary Exam for Set A, Set B, Set C & Set D.

wbpsc miscellaneous final answer key 2020 5 october revised

WBPSC Miscellaneous Services Exam Answer Key Response (Objection Link) Against Official Model Keys have been published on 11 March 2022. Candidates can send objection through the link by signing in.

WBPSC Miscellaneous Services Exam Answer Key 2022 Solved Paper

Expected solution or fully solved question paper (PDF) of the Written exam for the posts WB public service commission are now anticipated by al the candidates. Earlier admit cards were issued on the official website which we have discussed in detail in the given link. So are you eager to know when the WBPSC will release the official WBPSC Miscellaneous Answer Key 2022?

Ok then we can say that there is no expected date when the solution will be uploaded on the official website. The authority may or may not disclose the solution. But checking the answers with solutions provide a great help to the applicants who appeared in the exam.

Download WBPSC Miscellaneous Question Paper (Full PDF) held on 8 March 2022 – Click Here.

WB Miscellaneous Exam Solution / Model Answer Key Download:

It is not yet know whether WBPC will publish the model WBPSC Miscellaneous Answer Key 2022. However, it helps candidates for preparing for the next step of the selection process. It also can give you a rough idea if you will be able to go to the next step or not.

  • Download WB Miscellaneous Services Previous Years Solved Model Question Paper – Click here.

Set wise solution for Set A, Set B, Set C and Set D may be uploaded to the official website. Later the authority may take complaints from candidates regarding the correction or WBPSC Miscellaneous Answer Key 2022. Based on the complaints, the authority may disclose the final solutions. OMR sheets will be evaluated based on the final WBPSC Miscellaneous Answer Key 2022. The question paper was bilingual that is in English and Bengali. 

WB Miscellaneous Exam Prelims Model Solution

The paper was of 1.5 hours that is 90 minutes. From 12 Pm to 1.30 Pm the exam was conducted. OMR sheet was given to candidates to mark answers as the WBPSC Miscellaneous Answer Key 2022 recruitment test was offline. This was the prelims exam only. Main exam will be conducted after the result of the prelims exam is published. Visit the official website to check if the official solution has been published or not. If it has been published, we will update the link.

1) The concept of Secularism was incorporated to the Preamble of Constitution of India by ?

A) 42nd Amendment
B) 44th Amendment
C) 1st Amendment
D) 23rd Amendment

Answer – A)

2) The concept of social justice is an integral part of the ?

A) Fundamental Duties under constitution
B) Preamble to the constitution
C) Article 12 of the constitution

D) Right to religion under constitution

Answer – B)

Solution of the Mathematics Part 1 (Video) –

3) “Basic Structure” Doctrine has been declared by the Supreme Court in –
A) Ajay Hasia Case
B) R.D Shetty Case
C) Keshavananda Bharti Case
D) Valsama case
4) Recently who has been appointed as the chairman of the Film and Television Institute of India?
a) Anupam Kher
b) Mamitava Bachchan
c) Nasirruddin Shah
d) Shabana Azmi
5) Who has been appointed as UN Ambassador of peace?
a) Malala Yousafzai
b) Kamala Begum
c) Shabana Yousufzai
d) Caruana Galizia
6) In Which year the Banaras Hindu University has appointed its first Women Chief Proctor?
a) 2018
b) 2017
c) 2016
d) 2015
7) The ”right to know” is protected under the Constitution of India in
a) Article 14
b) Article 19(1)(c)
c) Article 20(1)
d) Article19(1)(a)
8) ”Women and children” are protected under the Constitution of India in
a) Article 15 (3)
b) Article 14(1)
c) Article 22 (8)
d) Article 15 (1)
9) The president shall be elected by the
a) Member of Electroral Collegticle.
b) Mrmber of Losabha
c) Member of Assemblies
d) None of these
10) Who became the 2nd Indian American Judge of the US Court of Appeals in 2017?
a) Bikram Set
b) Amul Thapar
c) Dalbir Bhandari
d) Krishna Chandra
11) On may 28,2017 which university has included Gandhi and India Independence in its curriculum?
b) Cambridge
c) Oxford
d) Harvard
12) First which country in the World has given a basic income to the unemployed?
a) USA
b) Australia
c) Germany
d) Finland
13) Who has been appointed in west Bengal as the first transgenderJudge in Lok Adalat?
a) Hemapat Agarwal
b) Joyita Mondal Mahi
c) Firdous Naz
d) Joyshree Pati
14) Alexander the Great conquires Asia and moves to India
a) 563-483 B.C
b) 336-323 B.C
c) 2500-1500 B.C
d) 600 B.C
15) The Battle of Palassey was held between
a) East India Company and Mirjafar
b) Clive and Siraj
c) Nawab of Bengal and French
d) Mughals and English
16) Scientist C.V.Raman discovered
a) Ramman
b) Effect
c) Life of tree
d) X-Ray
17) BY which Constitutional Amendment GST has been introduced in India?
a) 100th Amendment
b) 105th Amendment
c) 99th Amendment
d) 101st Amendment
18) Anti-defection law under the Constitution of India is elaborated in
a) 10th Schedule
b) 9th Schedule
c) 8th Schedule
d) 7th Schedule
19) The name of the present Governor of Tripura is
a) Braj Kumar Nehru
b) Tathagata Roy
c) Manik Sharkar
d) Shitaram Techuri
20) Who calls for ”Do or Die”?
a) Mahatma Gandhi
b) Jawaharlal Nehru
c) Rajendra Prasad
d) Lala Lajpath Rai

West Bengal Miscellaneous Exam Solved Question paper

We will update the link of solved question paper once the authority uploads it on the official portal. Also try to engage with other candidates in the comment section if you have any WBPSC Miscellaneous Answer Key 2022 doubt regarding any question or if you think any question or answer is wrong. In that case, correction may be provided by the recruitment authority.

If you have any questions related to WBPSC Miscellaneous Answer Key 2022, comment below.

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