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WBCS Mains Exam Pattern Detailed Syllabus & Structure

Written Exam Pattern Marks Distribution for WBCS Mains & Interview – Download syllabus

After the prelims exam in West Bengal Civil Service (WBCS), qualified candidates are required to appear in Main exam or mains test. There are 7 papers including 6 compulsory and 1 optional papers. Syllabus for each of the paper of the WBCS MAINS exam is available to download in the post. The written exam will be subjective as well as objective. The exam pattern and structure is also analyzed in the below post. The mains test will be followed by personality test or interview.

wbcs main exam pattern syllabus

Total marks for the main exam:

Now we will discuss about how many marks exam are conducted for the WBCS Main Exam. The total marks for the exam depends on the grade you have applied for. Group wise marks distribution for main and interview is given below –

Group A – 1600 marks + 200 marks for interview – Total 1800.

Group B – 1600 marks + 200 marks for interview – Total 1800.

Group C – 1200 marks + 150 marks for interview – Total 1350.

Group D – 1200 marks + 150 marks for interview – Total 1350.

WBCS Mains Exam Syllabus and structure –

There are 6 compulsory papers and 1 optional paper. The compulsory papers are discussed below –

  1. Language Paper (Bengali / Hindi / Nepali / Urdu etc.)                                200 marks,
  2. English Paper                                                                                              200 marks,
  3. General Studies I (Indian History and Geography)                                     200 marks,
  4. General Studies II (Science, Environment and GK & Current affairs          200 marks,
  5. Constitution of India and Indian Economy                                                   200 marks,
  6. Arithmetic and test of reasoning                                                                  200 marks.

This 6 papers are common to the candidates who are applying for the Group A, B, C and D.

Optional Subject:

In addition Group A and B cadres will have to appear in Optional Papers. There will be two papers each having 200 marks consisting of 400 marks optional paper.

So, the Group A and Group B cadres will have to answer 1600 marks mains paper.

Candidates have to choose one optional paper during the time of application for the prelims. They can choose any of the subjects mentioned in WBCS prospectus. There are some restrictions on selecting the optional subjects also. Please check it out on the official website at

Main Exam Pattern:

Among the 6 compulsory papers, the last four papers mentioned above that is paper no 3, 4, 5 and 6 will be of objective type and the paper 1, 2 and optional paper (both the 2 parts) will be of subjective or descriptive type. In the 4 objective papers candidates have to answer in OMR sheet. Other 3 subjective papers are need to be answered in descriptive manner for which space will be provided.

There are negative marking for the wrongly marked answers also.

Duration of the WBCS mains exam –

The WBCS main exam will be carried out during a period of 4 days. 3 days for 6 common papers and 1 day for optional paper. The venue of the mains test will be in Kolkata Centre only. In a single day 2 papers will be held in Morning and evening session.

Each paper will be of 3 hours duration.

Optional Subject Syllabus:

WBPSC has mentioned the detailed syllabus of optional subject. As there will be two papers from the optional paper, they have mentioned part wise subject for each paper separately.

See the syllabus from here.

For more details on each step of the recruitment method please visit Official Website.



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  1. Ami WBCS officer hota chai. Ami GEOGRAPHY HONS.nia graduate hoa6i. Ami math a aktu kacha. Ki vaba ai voi ta katabo? R ami optional subject a Geography and History nila ki score korta Parbo?

  2. I am bitu mondal. I am studying B.A 1st year in English Honours mayurakhsi gramin college, jharkhand. i am student of bengal. But now i am student of jharkhand.To completed my degree course so I can applay for w.b.c.s exam

    1. Yes u can apply after your graduation is completed.

  3. respected madam.
    plzzz sent 10 years questions in my below email I’d
    [email protected]

  4. Sobe ki multiple type question

    1. language ar optional paper baad e sob e MCQ type

      1. respected madam.
        plzzz sent 10 years questions in my below email I’d
        [email protected]

  5. NSOU Graduation sertificate Ki WBCS exam a grand hobe ?
    Mane ami NSOU theke Bsc korechi Ami Ki elligable ei exam er jonno. ….plzz janaben Madam

  6. Main a negative pattern ta kemon??? 1 deduction for 3 wrong??

  7. I have a question that what type of main exaM question mcq nor descriptive? Plz inform

  8. Ami WBPS(DSP) hote chai.amar 3rd year cholche ami ki final year hisaba apply korta parbo.R atay ki kono no % bapar thake. Aktu janaben sir tahole ami khub upokrito hoy.

  9. What is the age limit for group c&d?

  10. ami B.D.O. hate chai.2017 te 10+2 pass krechi.B.SC. course chalakalin kivabe prostuti nite pari?optional subject hisebe subjectai nebo.minimum koto % marks thakle WBCS exam dite prbo?please help quickly.i am getting late for choosing a subject in degree course.marks er minimum % jene sahaj or jatil subject nebo.please help.i am confussed.

    1. WBCS er jonno kono minimum marks dorkar hoy na. Apni jei subject e strong setake Optional subject choice krte paren. B.Sc er subject nile apnar subidha hobe as u wud be studying it during graduation. Apni previous years question paper solving theke start korun and buy some standard books.

  11. hello!! i have a few questions. please answer.
    1> my age is 33 years. am i eligible for the next wbcs exam?
    2>i am in mathematics. but i don’t think that i can score too much in my subject. so what should be my optional subjects in mains?
    2> do i have to answer the descriptive questions in english or i can answer in bengali too?
    thanks in advance.

  12. I have been convicted in a 302 case. From the lower court … The case is not practical,and there is no evidence to proof my guilt,and I am completely acquitted from the high court. My question is, what is the future sitting in any administrative exam?After successful completion of any administrative exam can i join to that post without facing any kind of legal problem?i have completed my MCA with 68%…….and i am planing for W.B.C.S,my age is 29……can i go for this exam at the present situation?

  13. Ami wbcs er main er optional paper er valo teaching ba guide ki vabe pabo ba ki korbo??? optional paper take valo kore exam deoar jonno???kivabe porbo??? please bolun

  14. amra ki optional subject choose korte pari

    1. apni jei subject e confident setai choose korte paren. Graduation er subject is a good option

  15. i have some question? please help me.
    1) Suggest me the Bengali compulsory books.
    2) Computer science is how much effective as optional subject.

  16. Hoe can I prepare for wbcs main exam for 2017? when will be held the main exam?

  17. I am getting confused about the choice of optional papers for different groups in wbcs main. Please help.

    1. Kindly explain your confusion. We will try to help you.

      1. Sir history and scince er jono valo book ki hoba

  18. My percentage is less than 50% can I appear for the exam

  19. Is Bengali is compulsory for the WBPSC??
    As i completed my higher school studies from English medium?

    1. You have to take a paper for Language 1. You can choose other than English

  20. Can i write wbpsc main exam in hindi medium

  21. When the wbcs exam will held probably in 2018??

  22. madam, is optional subject mcq or conventional descriptive type… in main exam?

  23. Respected , Admine thanks for all ur support towards Aspirantes Of W.B.C.S. I have a question on Optional Papers If I select any of subject other then Language as a Optional paper, May I wtite it down in my Mother tounge, Bengali Language….Thanking you ,

    1. Yes you can write it Bengali Language !!

  24. Could you send me last 10 years wbcs English paper both for prilim and main at my email I’d? My sister wishs to appear for the exam. Thank you

  25. Plz , ten years previous question send my email address ….my email [email protected]

  26. Madame Please provide me the list of books to be referred for both prelims and mains…

  27. 10years previous question send my email

  28. sir, I want to know in whichs languege medium the wbcs main exam is held on?

    1. Both English and Bengali.

  29. I am graduated. How i prepare for wbcs.

  30. wbcs er maths kon leveler?Madhyamik na H.S?Amar bon M.A in Bengali?O ki ei exam dite parbe?

    1. Obossoi parbe

  31. Sir, I am now studying Eng. MA part 2. But now I think I am in the wrong path.

    Is it possible to GET QUALIFIED IN 2018 or 19 if I start from now?
    I don’t want to be a teacher. IS THEN MY MA Degree of no worth ?

  32. Ma’m pls let me know how many optionals are there(1 or 2), if I aspire for WBPS,2018


  34. wbcs mains er paper kon kon language e thakee? r negative mark ki thakee?

  35. I am from National Institute of Technology, Durgapur Electrical Engineering.I will graduate at 2018 month of May, due to 4th yrs course( checked on google that WBCS exam will conducted on january.But I still on january 2018 won’t become Graduate.
    Can i prepared for WBCS exam which conducted on 2018 ?

    1. You can prepare, but you may not be eligible for WBCS as per their criteria of graduation.

  36. I want to be a Wbcs officer.
    What I do?

  37. Main exam syllabus a science ta kon level er thakbe Madhyamik/HS

    1. Madhyamik level er science thake.

      1. Madhyamik level e jodi science na thaka tahola ki WBCS exam daoa jaba na??? Karon ami arts er student..

        1. graduation thaklei deoa jabe.subject doesnot matter.

  38. Any book suggestion for self practice.

  39. Can I choose optional paper in group c and is it 200 or 100 marks

  40. I want to ask, WBCS group B age limit raied to 39. Eta ki West Bengal Police Service?

    1. Yes it is a WBPS or West Bengal Police Service.

      1. Circular ki beriye gache age extention er? kobe exam? ( I guess Nov. e?)

  41. Wbcs preparation er jnno ki6u valo book er name chai.

  42. qualifying marks কত। (prelims)

  43. I want a detail instruction on MAINS exam pattern marks division and optional also.
    i will be thankful if you upload previous years mains question papers.
    my selective optional paper is history

  44. as per new age limit of wbsc exam can I seat in the exam as I am 35yrs old? also want to the syllabus in details along with where should i get mock interview practice?

    1. sure…try..if fedrer can win Australian open at 35 why not u?

  45. ami o w.b.c.s officer hote chi ,
    but ke vabe preparation Nile success hobo bujte parche naa.
    Ph no-9832818027

    1. Self-preparation is the best according to me. Read some good quality standard books and revise previous years question papers for prelims and optional.

      1. could you send me pls previous 10 years old pre and main question paper….my email id is [email protected]……hope you will send… thank you

    2. try to text reference and ncert book follow

  46. I hope I’ll success

  47. I want become B.D.O(Block Development Officer) and then S.D.O(Sub-Divisional Officer) by WBCS 2020. My contact no. is (+91)9635198728.

    1. Keep up the hope and try hard.

      1. I am studying now BA (2nd year) general degree course.Can I get prepare for giving wbcs exam after graduation.

        1. Yes. You may start preparation for the exam right now.

        2. I completed B. sc general course and got 52% number. Can I elegible the Wbcs exam???

          1. Yes you are eligible for applying in WBCS

          2. carry on and i wish success in your life

  48. Ami w.b.c.s officer hota chai

    1. thats very good. visit our WBCS Special Page, we are providing all the info and study resources on a single page

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