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Syndicate Bank PO recruitment written test model question paper with solution / answer key is given below for PGDBF admission. The written test will include 200 marks question from reasoning, English, quantitative aptitude and general awareness. The solved model question paper / practice set with sample question answer is given below. The question paper can be downloaded in PDF format. Syndicate Bank PO Previous Years Model Question Paper with solution in PDF format can be downloaded from the official website. Last years old question paper for Syndicate Bank Probationary Officer recruitment will be available on the official website once the authority uploads it. Link for that is given below.

Download Solved Model Question Paper Syndicate Bank PO Exam:

1) Which one among the following industries is the maximum consumer of water in India?
a) Engineering
b) Paper and pulp
c) Textiles
d) Thermal power
Ans – D.
2) Which day has been declared as Balika Diwas ministry of Woman and Children Development?
a)October 9
b) April 5
c) December 9
d) None of these
Ans – C.
a) COU
b) FQK
c) DJP
d) QXD
Ans: c
4) Find the odd pair.
a) 15 : 46
b) 12 : 37
c) 9 : 28
d) 8 : 33
Ans: d
5) Find the synonym – Foment
A) Vex
b) Waste
c) Renounce
d) Instigate
Ans: d
6) In this processing , a number of jobs are put together and executed as a group
a) Batch processing
b) Serial processing
c) Multi processing
d) Multi threaded programming
Ans: a
7) Find Synonym – Abandon
a) Forsake
b) Keep
c) Cherish
d) Enlarge
Ans: a
8) Which of the following companies developed MS Office?
a) Microsoft
b) Novell
c) Corel
d) Lotus
ans- a
9) Which of the following is not a measure of Human Development Index?
a) Life expectancy
b) Sex ratio
c) Literacy rate
d) Gross enrollment
Ans – b
10) Which of the following is not associated with the UNO?
a) ILO
b) WHO
c) Security Council
Ans – d.

Previous Years Question Paper Download:

You can download the Syndicate Bank PGDBF (manipal) admission probationary officer recruitment written test old solved question paper / last 10 years paper with answer key in PDF format from the link given below.
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