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Punjab SSSB or PSSSB Clerk Typist Stenographer Previous Year Solved answer key solution download link with solved model PSSSB Clerk Previous Year Model Question Paper in PDF download link is given below. The PSSSB model practice paper in PDF paper fully solved can be downloaded from the link given below. The MCQ solved paper is fully solved where questions and answer keys are already given. This paper is model or mock question paper for the PSSSB Punjab Clerk Typist Stenographer exam.

PSSSB Solved Model Question Paper Download Free PDF:

1) English East India Company first ‘Presidency’ in India was
a) Madras
b) Masulipatnam
c) Surat
d) Hoogly
2) The South Indian ruler who introduced sericulture as an agro-industry in his kingdom was
a) Hyder Ali
b) Krishnadevaraya
c) Rajaraja II
d) Tipu Sultan

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3) Who among the following Europeans were the last to came to pre independence India as traders?
a) Dutch
b) English
c) French
d) Portuguese
4) Who destroyed the empire of Chalukyas of Badami?
a) Cholas
b) Pallavas
c) Pandyas
d) Rastrakutas
5) Which one of the Chola kings conquered Ceylon?
a) Aditya I
b) Rajaraj I
c) Rajendra
d) Vijayalaya
6) The visible range of solar radiation is –
a)100-400 nm
b) 400-700 nm
c)740-10000 nm
d) None of these
7) If news is broadcast from London at 10:30 am, at what time it will be hard at Baghdad?
a) 7:30 am
b) 9:00 am
c) 1:30 am
d) 12 noon
8) Which country has the largest religious temple in the world?
a) Myanmar
b) Cambodia
c) Nepal
d) India
9) Which one of the following volcanoes is called the lighthouse of the Mediterranean?
a) Vesuvius
b) Stramboli
c) Etna
d) Vulcan
10) Where is the Volcanic mountain, Mount St Helens is located?
a) Chile
b) Japan
c) Philippines
d) United States of America
11) Which one of the following public sector undertaking is not included in the nine units ‘Navratnas’ recognized by GDI?
d) HMT
12) When was the first EPZ set in kandla?
a) 1965
b) 1970
c) 1975
d) 1995
13)_established the oil refinery at Bhatinda.
b) Reliance
c) IOC
14) ‘World Investment Report’ is published by which of the following?
a) WEF
b) WTO
15) The number of the approved share markets in India is
a) 24
b) 20
c) 19
d) 23
16) High Altitude Warfare School of the Indian Army is located at
a) Gulmarg
b) Siachen
c) Leh
d) Manali
17) Ustab Bismilla Khan was an exponent of
a) Tabla
b) Shehnai
c) Sarod
d) Flute
18) Hello Jhorning-Schmidt has been elected first woman PM of
a) Singapore
b) Brazil
c) Denmark
d) Canada
19) Dilip Kaur Tiwana is well known as a
a) Literature
b) Musician
c) Scientist
d) Sport person
20) Who among the following was a weaver by Profession?
a) Kabir
b) Ramdas
c) Ravidas
d) Tukaram

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1)c 2) d 3) c 4) d 5) b 6) b 7) c 8) b 9) d 10) d 11) d 12) a 13) d 14) d 15) c 16) a 17) b 18) c 19) a 20) a.

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