Informatics Practices TGT Previous Year Model Question Paper Download HPPSC

HPPSC PGT Informatics Practices Teacher Solved Previous year model question paper PDF download

Informatics Practices TGT Previous Year

Download Solved Model practice question paper with solution answer key for Informatics Practices Teacher (PGT) in HPPSC. Download link for solved Informatics Practices TGT Previous Year Model Question Paper is also given from the official website of Himachal Pradesh Public Service Commission or HPPSC. Engineering graduates or / B.E in Information Technology (IT) or Computer Science Engineering (CSE) can apply for the PGT Informatics Practices Teacher posts. The Post Graduate Teachers or PGT in Informatics Practices or IP will be posted in the Govt Schools under Higher Education Board in HP. The Solved practice set or mock solved question paper contains sample MCQ question with solution / answer keys which can be downloaded from the link given below in PDF format. For more details on HPPSC PGT Informatics Practices Teacher, visit You can also download the IT or CSE Question Paper for HPPSC Informatics Practices Teacher PGT posts.

Download Solved Model Question Paper HPPSC Informatics Practices Teacher TGT:

1) Which one of the following Ashrams was not set up by Gandhi?
a) Phoenix Asram
b) Tolstoy Farm
c) Sevagram
d) Gandhi Ashram
2) The Sarabandi Compaign of 1922 was led by
a) Bhagat Singh
b) Chittaranjan Das
c) Rajaguru
d) Vallabhbhai Patel

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3) In which of the following years was the first Railway line between Bombay and Thane laid?
a) 1853
b) 1854
c) 1856
d) 1858
4) Which of the following Governors of Bengal committed suicide in 1774?
a) Warren Hastings
b) Robert Clive
c) Cartier
d) None of These
5) The Governor General of fort William became the Governor General of India under the Charter Act of
a) 1781
b) 1973
c) 1813
d) 1833
6) Which one of the following is known as the convective region of the atmosphere
a) Ionosphere
b) Ozonsphere
c) Stratosphere
d) Troposhere
7) Which of the following is not a greenhouse gas?
a) Carbon dioxide
b) Methane
c) Nitrous oxide
d) Argon
8) Which one among the following is a cold ocean current?
a) Canary current
b) Brazil current
c) Gulf Stream
d) Kuroshio Current
9) Which one of the following is not ‘’the Great Lakes’’?
a) Superior
b) Victoria
c) Huron
d) Erie
10) Tanga Kermadec is the ocean trench.its lacation is in
a) Atlantic ocean
b) India ocean
c) Pacific ocean
d) Arctic ocean
11) The period of plan Holiday in India was:
a) 1962-65
b) 1966-69
c) 1969-72
d) 1972-75
12) Which sector of Indian Economy has shown remarkable expansion during the last decade?
a) Primary sector
b) Secondary Sector
c) Tertiary Sector
d) Mining Sector
13) In which year was Mandal Commission Report implemented?
a) 1989
b) 1990
c) 1991
d) 1992
14) What is the minimum legal age of marriage for girls in India?
a) 16 years
b) 18 years
c) 21 years
d) 23 years
15) Which one of the following is the most important element of the state?
a) Flag
b) Capita
c) Sovereignty
d) Head of the Government
16) Which of the folowing carbohydrates is most abundant in nature?
a) glucose
b) fructose
c) starch
d) cellulose
17) Vitamin C is__
a) ascarbic asid
b) nicotinic asid
c) citric asid
d) tartaric asid
18) Which one is a disaccharide?
b) Lactose
c) Cellulose
d) Fructose

ANSWER keys / solution Download Free PDF:

1)C 2)d 3)a 4)b 5) d 6) d 7) d 8) a 9) b 10) c 11) b 12) c 13) b 14) b 15) c 16) d 17) a 18) b.

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