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IGNOU Assignment 2021: Lockdown is going on all over the world due to Karna virus so IGNOU has decided to allow students to submit IGNOU Assignment 2021 online from home. All classes for Lockdown will be provided to students online. Official work is even off The shops are closed and it has become difficult for the students to purchase the necessary items. IGNOU is providing all their official work online to the students.

We have given here only the link, process, date of IGNOU Assignment 2021 Online submission. However, it must be remembered that the IGNOU Assignment 2021 must be submitted within the submission date. Because after this the link will be closed, that is, the department will remove this link. And you must remember that some topics will be given in the IGNOU Assignment 2021. Follow. Stay tuned with us to know the main content.

IGNOU Assignment 2021

IGNOU Assignment 2021-Overview

Name of the UniversityIndira Gandhi National Open University
Course LevelUG/PG
Article CategoryAssignment
LocationAll Over India
Official Websitewww.ignou.ac.in
AddressSchool of Social Sciences, IGNOU,
Maidan Garhi, New Delhi – 110068 India
Phone No+91-011-29534336
FAX NO+91-011-29531845
Mail ID[email protected]

How to download IGNOU Assignment?

We are discussing IGNOU Assignment 2021 today. You know, because of COVID-19, all of the world’s official work schools and universities are closed. But the government has arranged online classes so that students do not fall behind. Now the question is IGNOU Assignment 2021 submission is mandatory. But now that all the schools and universities are closed, the IGNOU authorities have decided to submit the IGNOU Assignment 2021 online. So let’s find out how to download your IGNOU Assignment 2021 –

IGNOU Assignment 2021
  • First you have to go to the official website.The official website of IGNOU is www.ignou.ac.in.
  • When you open the official website, you have to click on the IGNOU Assignment 2021 download place.
  • When the IGNOU Assignment 2021 appears on the screen, click Download. This way you can easily get IGNOU Assignment 2021 at home without any problem.

Assignment Writing Guidelines-

We are here to tell you how to write an IGNOU Assignment 2021. For this, some rules of the university have to be followed. If you follow this rule well, you will get good marks. So let’s move on to the main thing-

  1. For this you will need A4 paper first. Very carefully draw a line around the paper. You can use the page’s fear pass.
  2. Use the black pen to write the topic.
  3. Use blue film to write the answer.
  4. Do not use extra colored pens.
  5. Write beautifully in your own hand so that teachers can easily understand your language.
  6. And be sure to submit your IGNOU Assignment 2021 by the due date. It will make a good impression on your teachers.

IGNOU Assignment 2021

Students who have submitted IGNOU Assignment 2021 will be able to check their own status but how? We will talk about that method today. Students need to provide their nine digit numbered numbers. Then you have to select the program. All the students who have succeeded in submitting the IGNOU Assignment 2021 will be able to fill the exam form i.e. they will be able to sit for the exam.

How do you submit an online IGNOU Assignment 2022?

  • First you login to the email service and create your new email id.
  • Please fill in the following information in the email id. E.g.
  • Student name.
  • Enrollment number
  • Regional center code
  • Program code
  • Code of study
  • Course code
  • Mobile number
  • Email ID

Then the student has to upload all the PDFs in one GB file. Then it has to be attached with the email id. If there are 10 questions in an IGNOU Assignment 2021 then it will have ten answers so ten PDF files have to be created separately. These have to be submitted in one file so that they are not lost. Change the enrollment program code with the post code.

IGNOU Email Address to Submission IGNOU Assignment 2021

Regional CenterEmail Address
Ahmedabad[email protected]
Agartala[email protected]
Aizwal[email protected]
Aligarh[email protected]
Bangalore[email protected]
Bhagalpur[email protected]
Bhubaneswar[email protected]
Bhopal[email protected]
Bijapur[email protected],
Chandigarh[email protected]
Cochin[email protected]
Chennai[email protected]
Dehradun[email protected]
Darbhanga[email protected]
Delhi 1[email protected],
Delhi 2[email protected]
Delhi 3[email protected]
Deoghar[email protected]
Guwahati[email protected]
Gangtok[email protected]
Hyderabad[email protected]
Imphal[email protected],
Itanagar[email protected]
Jabalpur[email protected]
Jaipur[email protected]
Jammu[email protected]
Jodhpur[email protected]
Jorhat[email protected]
Karnal[email protected]
Khanna[email protected]
Kohima[email protected],
Kolkata[email protected]
Koraput[email protected]
Locknow[email protected]
Mumbai[email protected]
Madurai[email protected]
Noida[email protected]
Nagpur[email protected]
Patna[email protected]
Panaji[email protected]
Portblair[email protected]
Pune[email protected]
Raghunathganj[email protected]
Raipur[email protected]
Ranchi[email protected]
Saharsa[email protected]
Rajkot[email protected]
Shillong[email protected]
Shimla[email protected]
Srinagar[email protected]
Siliguri[email protected]
Trivandrum[email protected],
Varanasi[email protected]
Vijayawada[email protected]
Vishkhapatnam[email protected]
Vatakara[email protected]
Tirupati[email protected]
Darjeeling[email protected]
Kandhamal[email protected]

Study Centre- Click here

What are the requirements for all students to submit IGNOU Assignment? What are the requirements for submitting IGNOU Assignment online?

Answer: Absolutely. Otherwise you will not be able to sit for the final written exam. You will not even be able to fill the form for the exam.

Here are some things you need to do to submit an IGNOU Assignment 2021 online:

  1. Of course you will need internet.
  2. Uploading documents will require a laptop or PC.
  3. Email will be required.
  4. IGNOU Assignment 2021 topics will need to be PDFed separately.
  5. And of course you have to follow the guidelines for writing IGNOU Assignment 2021.

Important Link-

IGNOU Assignment 2020 Official Link- Click here

Are you doing any courses from IGNOU? Then you need to make an IGNOU Assignment about yourself.If you are unfamiliar with the IGNOU Assignment, you can find out about the IGNOU Assignment 2021 through our article.We have provided all the information related to the IGNOU Assignment here.We have provided guidelines regarding IGNOU Assignment here.Also, if you want information on how to download and submit the IGNOU Assignment cover page, click on the link provided by us.For any more related news visit – jobsandhan.com.

ASSIGNMENTS (Programme wise)

Master’s Degree Programmes

M.A.(Economics)M.A.(History)M.A.(Pol. Science)
M.A.(Philosophy)M.A.(Psychology) Ist Year || IInd Year (July 2021-Jan 22) Ist Year || IInd Year (July 2020-Jan 21) Ist Year || IInd Year (July 2019-Jan 20) Ist Year || IInd Year (July 2018-Jan 19)MA(GD)   July 2020 & Jan 2021 July 2019-20(1st & 2nd year)-English July 2019-20 (Ist Year)-(Hindi) July 2019-20(IInd Year)-(Hindi) July 2018& January 2019 (Hindi) July 2018& January 2019 (English) for Re-registered student 2nd year July 2017 & January 2018 (Hindi) July 2017 & January 2018 (English)
M.A.(Public Administration)MA(RD)M.A.(Sociology)
MADE January-2016(ES-series)MA(DE) 1st Year || 2nd Year (July 2020) 1st Year || 2nd Year (January 2020) 1st Year || 2nd Year (July 2019) 1st Year || 2nd Year (January 2019) 1st Year || 2nd Year (July 2018) 1st Year || 2nd Year (January 2018)Management MP
MSWC 1st Year (English) | 1stYear (Hindi) || 2nd Year (English) | 2nd Year (Hindi) (2020-2021) 1st year | 2nd year (2019-20) 1st year | 2nd year (2018-19)MATS Ist Year | IInd Year (2021) Ist Year | IInd Year (2020) Ist Year | IInd Year (2019) Ist Year | IInd Year (2018)MCA
M.Com ( F & T)M.Com ( BP & CG)M.Com ( MA & FS)
MLIS English | Hindi (July 2021-January 2022) July 2020-January 2021 2018-2019 2019-2020M.Sc(DFSM)MTM/MTTM
MA (Education)MSWM.Sc(MACS)
M.EdMAEDS January & July 2018MEDSE
Masters in Anthropology(MAAN) Ist Year | IInd Year (July 2021 – Jan 2022) Ist Year | IInd Year (July 2020 – Jan 2021) Ist Year | IInd Year (July 2019-Jan 20) Ist Year | IInd Year (2018-19) Ist Year | IInd Year (2017-18)M.Sc.(CFT) 1st Year || 2nd Year (July 2021) 1st Year || 2nd Year (July 2020) 1st Year || 2nd Year (July 2019) 1st Year || 2nd Year (July 2018)MBACT
MAAE July 2021 July 2020 July 2019 July 2018MAGPS English | Hindi (July 2020-January 2021) English | Hindi (July 2019-January 2020) English | Hindi (July 2018-January 2019) English | Hindi (July 2017-January 2018)MAWGS
MADVS July 2021-January 20222 July 2020-January 2021 July 2019-January 2020 July 2018-January 2019 Session July 2018MAJMC January 2021 – 1st Year January 2021 -2nd Year July 2020 January 2020MA(Sanskrit)
MSCENV July 2021-January 2022 (MEVE011 to MEVE018) Jan 2021 /January 2022 (MEV014 to MEV016) (2nd Sem) Jan/July 2021MAFCSMSCIS July 2021
Bachelor’s Degree Programmmes

English | Hindi

B.Com(G) CBCSB.Sc(G) CBCSCBCS BA -Old   CBCS BA and BSCANH (January 2021) CBCS B. A. and BSCANH-(July 20-January 21) CBCS B. A. and BSCANH-(July 21-January 22)
B.Sc. Biochemestry (Honours)BDP/B.A.BCA
English | Hindi
B.Ed B.Ed (Revised)B.Ed ( Special Education)BLIS BLIS-Revised: (English) || (Hindi) -July 2021-Jan 22) BLIS-Revised: (English) || (Hindi) -July 2020-Jan 21) BLIS-Revised: (English) || (Hindi) -July 2019-Jan 20) BLIS-Revised (English) | (Hindi)- (July 2018-Jan. 2019) BLIS-Revised (English) | (Hindi)- (2017-2018)
B.COMAFB.Com(CA & A)B.Com(F & CA)
English | Hindi
BSCHOTB.Sc. in Hosp. and Hotel Administration(BHM) 2020-21 2019-20 2017-18
B.Sc. ( Nautcial Sc)BA-IHA 2018EEC
English | Hindi
FEGFHS\BSHF English | Hindi (2016-17)BTAE
BBA Retail First Year | Second Year | Third Year (2021-22) First Year | Second Year | Third Year (2020-21) First Year | Second Year Third Year (2019-20) First Year | Second Year Third Year (2018-19)BRPA July 2019/January 2020July 2012/January 2013BHDA
July 2012/January 2013
P.G. Diploma Programmes

PGDIBO English (2021-22) | Hindi (2021-22) English (2020-21) | Hindi (2020-21) English (2019-20) | Hindi (2019-20) English (2018-2019)| Hindi (2018-2019)PGJMC January / Jyly 2021 (Revised-New) January/July 2021 (Old) January/July 2020 (New) January/July 2020 January/July 2019 January 2018PGDRD
PGDHHM 2021 2020 2019 2018PGDGM 2021 2020 2019 2018PGDMCH 2021 2019 2018 2016
PGCIATIVI January / July 2021 January / July 2020 January / July 2019 January / July 2018PGDLAN 2018 || 2019 || 2020 || 2021PGDAPP English | Hindi (Jan/July 2021) English | Hindi (Jan/July 2020) English (Jan/July 2019) English | Hindi (Jan/July 2018)
PGDIPRPGDDE January(ES-series) 2015PGDESD

PGDCFT July 2021 July 2020 July 2019 July 2018
PGDSS Jan/July-2021 Jan/July-2020 Jan/July-2019 July 2018PGDBP July 2021-January 2022 MPB-001 | MPB-003 & MPB-007 | MPB-002 | MPB-006 2020-21 PGDBP Assignment 2019-20 MPB-001 | MPB-002 | MBP-003 | MPB-004 | MPB-005 | MPB-006 | MBP-007 July 2018PGDFMP
PGDHE English || Hindi 2nd Year (Jan/July 2021) January / July 2019 January/July 2018PGDDM English | Hindi (2021) English | Hindi (2020) English | Hindi (2019) English | Hindi (2018)PGDRP
PGDSLMPGDFSQM July 2021 July 2020 July 2019 July 2018
PGDETPGDAE July 2021 July 2020 July 2019 July 2018PGDFCS
PGDPSMPGCAP Jan/July- 2021 Jan/July-2020 Jan/July-2019 Jan/July-2018PGDICG
PGDEMA January / July 2021 January / July 2020 January / July 2019 January / July 2018PGDEDS January & July 2018PGDTRM
PGDCJ January & July 2021 January & July 2020 January & July 2019 January & July 2018PGDENLW

IGNOU Assignment 2021-FAQS

IGNOU Assignment How do we download online ?

If you want to know about this method then you have to follow the steps given by us very well.

IGNOU Assignment we will download from any website ?

Of course, if you want from the official website, we will give it here, you can also download from there.


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