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Here is the solved Model Question Paper or practice / mock paper with answers for the Gujarat Police Constable written exam. Solve this model set of questions for performing better in constable test. The mock test questions with answers are available to download for free in PDF format. You can also download Gujarat Constable Model Question Paper of last 10 years in PDF for free.

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1) The extreme form of Ahimsa or non-violence is practiced in?
a) Buddhism b) Hinduism c) Jainism d) None of the above.
2) In which language did Buddha preach?
a) Pali b) Prakrit c) Brahmi d) Sanskrit.
3) The ‘Shahnama’ was written by
a) Alberuni b) Firdausi c) Amir Khusrau d) Abul Fazal.
4) Which of the following is the oldest monument?
A) Ajanta b) Qutab Minar c) Taj Mahal d) khajuraho.
5) Goa was captured by the Portuguese in
a) 1470 AB b) 1510 AD c) 1570 AD d) 1610 AD.
6) The study of heavenly bodies is known as
a) Astrology b) Astronautics c) Astronomy d) Astrophysics.
7)On the 21st june,the day light is seen at the North pole for
a) Zero hrs b) 12 hrs c) 18 hrs d) 24 hrs.
8) The INTERNATIONAL Date Line passes thought
a)Bering start b) Gibraltar strait c) Florida strait d) Malacca strait.
9) Which state has the largest coastline in India?
a) Gujrat b) Tamil naru c) Karnatak d) Andhra Pradesh.
10)The length of India’s coastline is about
a) 5900 km b) 6100km c) 7000 km d) 7500 km.
11) Who among the following was the Chairman of the Drafting Committee of the Indian constitution?
a) Rajendra Prasad b) Tej Bahadur Sapru c) C Rajagopalachari d) BR Amedkar.
12)Who proposed the preamble before the drafting Committee of the Constitution?
a) Jawaharlal neheru b) BR Ambedjar c) BN Rao d) Mahatma Gandhi.
13) From which of the countries,Constitution of India has adoped fundamental duties?
a) USA b) Canada c) Erstwhile USSR d) UK.
14) The Indian Constitution closely following the constitution system of
a) USA b) UK c) Switzerland d) Russia.
15) Protection of the interests of the minorities is envisaged in which of the following articels?
a) 14 b) 19 c) 29 d) 32.
16) Who is called the ‘Father of Economics’?
a) Max Muller b) Karl Marx c) Adam smith d) None of the above.
17) National Development Council was set up in
a) 1948 b) 1950 c) 1951 d) 1952..
18) The number of banks nationalised since 1969 is
a) 8 b) 12 c) 14 d) 20.
19) Which of the following is the banker of the banks/
a) IDBI b)SBI c) RBI d) SBI and RBI.
20) When was the decimal system of currency introduced in india?
a) 1948 b) 1950 c) 1954 d) 1957.
21) Nuclear fission is caused by the impact of
a) Proton b) Electron c) Neutron d) None of the above.
22) Which of the following are most penetrating?
a) a-rays b) B-RAYS C) Y-rays d) X-rays.
23) Aviation fuel for jet aero planes consists of purified
a) Petrol b) Kerosene c) Gasoline d) Diesel.
24) Rise of the mercury in a barometer indicates
a) Fair weather b) Storm c) Rain d) both ‘b’ and ‘c’.
25) The average salinty of sea water is
a) 20% b) 25% c) 30% d)35%.

1)c 2) a 3) b 4) a 5) b 6) c 7) d 8) a 9) a 10) d 11) d 12) a 13) c 14) b 15) c 16) c 17) d 18) d 19) c 20) d 21) c 22)c 23) b 24) a 25) d.
Solve this model paper / mock test / practice questions for scoring more in this written exam of Gujarat Police Constable recruitment.
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