UPSC EPFO Enforcement Officer Previous Years Question Paper Download PDF

UPSC EPFO Enforcement Officer Previous Years Question Paper Download PDF: Solved Model Question Paper UPSC Enforcement Accounts Officer EPFO EO / AO Written Exam has been given below. You can also download previous year’s question paper to cross check your preparation. Practice or mock test questions is also given. The Enforcement Officer (EO) in EPFO by UPSC will be recruited through written test and interview. The recruitment test may be held online or offline (written exam).

Download Sample Question Paper Solved Model Set Previous Years UPSC Enforcement Officer EPFO EO AO Written Exam

Please see the model question paper with solution given here. You can also download free the sample question paper in PDF format with answers. Earlier the recruitment notification for Union Public Service Commission EO AO recruitment 2020 was published on the official website Study materials for the Recruitment Written test for EPFO Enforcement officer has also been given below. Candidates should study recommended standard books for the UPSC Exams.

Download Solved Model Paper PDF format:

The questions and answers of the model sample paper given below, can also be downloaded in PDF format for EPFO Enforcement officer written exam.

Click here to download file.

Study Materials for UPSC EPFO EO Written Exam:

Earlier we have provided the Exam Pattern and Syllabus for the Recruitment Test. You can take a look at the subject wise MCQ Questions and Answers important for your EO written exam preparation. These objective MCQ Questions are very important for all competitive exams.

Download Solved Model Question Paper UPSC EPFO EO AO:

Below are some solved MCQ Questions Answers for UPSC EPFO Enforcement Officer & Accounts Officer written exam –
Part I –

1) Who is called the father of English poetry?
a) Charles b) Milton c) words worth d) Chaucer.

2) The 191st member of UNO is?
a) Switzerland b) East Timor c) Swaziland d) Taiwan.

3) Which of the following is a cultural organisation?
a) FAO b) ILO c) WHO d) UNESCO.

4) The headquarters of UNHCR is located at –
a) New York b) Rome c) London d) Geneva.

5) The headquarters of international Atomic Energy Agency is located in –
a) Geneva b) Washington D.C c) Vienna d) London.

6) Which of the following are special agencies of the UNO?
A) WHO b) OPEC c) IME d) FAO.

7) The international court of Justice is located at –
a) Geneva b) The Hague c) Amsterdam d) Vienna.

8) The United Nations Organisation came into existence on?
a) Oct.24,1945 b) Dec.24,1945 c) Aug.30,1945 d) none of the above

9) Which of the following is not associated with the UNO?
a) ILO b) WHO c) Security Council d) ASEAN

10) Which UN body deals with population problem?

11) The number of principal organs of UNO is
a) 3 b) 4 c) 5 d) 6.

12) India has been a member of the UN since –
a) 1945 b) 1946 c)1947 d)1948.


1)d 2)a 3)d 4)d 5)c 6)c 7)b 8)a 9)d 10)c 11)d 12)a.

Part II:

1) Ascorbic acid is
a) A vitamin b) an enzyme c) a protein d) an amino acid.

2) RAM is……..and……….
a) nonvolatile, permanent b) volatile, temporary c) nonvolatile, temporary d) volatile, permanent.

3) an instrument used to measure humidity is?
a) anemometer b) hygrometer c) thermometer d) pyrheliometer.

4) Who propounded the market law?
a) Adam Smith b) JB Say c) TR Malthus d) David Ricardo.

5) The term paper gold means –
a) special drawing rights of the IMF b) special accommodation facility of the World Bank c) Currencies still on Gold Standard d) deficit financing.


1) A, 2) B, 3) B, 4) B. 5) A.

Download UPSC EO Previous Years Question Paper (Old Papers):

Old question paper, last years paper set are useful for preparation of UPSC Enforcement officer recruitment test or written exam in EPFO. They can held you on how to prepare for UPSC EPFO Enforcement Officer / Accounts Officer exam 2020. You can download the previous years question paper with answer key when the UPSC authority uploaded it on their official website.
Go to the official website of UPSC – click here.

Good Luck!!

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