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Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited or BSNL TTA Examination Model Question Paper with Solution / answer keys is given below. Previous years question paper download link is also given. You BSNL TTA Model Question Previous Years Paper can also download the mock test or practice set sample paper in PDF format free. Fore scoring more, you need to prepare last 10 years question paper for BSNL TTA exam. Free download the mock test paper fully solved and be in touch with us for more question answers.

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bsnl tta model paper previous years question download
1) The true R.M.S voltmeter employs two thermocouples in order to?

  1. Prevent Volt,
  2. Increase the accuracy,
  3. Increase the sensitivity,
  4. Cancel out the non linear effects of first thermocouple.

Ans – d).
2) A television transmitting antenna should have :

  1. an omni-directional pattern
  2. an end-fire pattern
  3. a broadside pattern
  4. none of these.

Ans – a).

3) What is the number of root locus segments which do not terminate on zeros ?

  1. The number of poles,
  2. The number of zeros,
  3. The difference between the number of poles and zeros,
  4. The sum of the number of poles and zeros.

Ans – c).
4) What is a waveguide device which is designed with steps in either the magnetic or electric plane knows as ?

  1. Conductance converter,
  2. Impedance transformer,
  3. Impedance cancellor,
  4. Reactance follower.

Ans – c).
5) An SCR triggered by a current pulse through its gate can be turned off by?

  1. Giving another pulse of the same polarity,
  2. Giving pulse to the cathode,
  3. Giving pulse to the anode,
  4. By reversing the polarity of anode and cathode voltage.

Ans – d).
6) Device that is used to detect objects under water is known as
(a) radar
(b) sonar
(c) MTI
(d) pulse compression radar.
Ans – b).
7) The wave radiated by a helical antenna is?

  1. Linearly polarized,
  2. Right circularly polarized.
  3. Left circularly polarized,
  4. Elliptically polarized.

Ans – d).
8) Which of the following can be used as parallel to series converter?

  1. Decoder,
  2. Digital counter,
  3. Multiplexer,

Ans – c).
9) Minimum number of J-K flip flops needed to construct a BCD counter is ?

  1. 2,
  2. 3,
  3. 4,
  4. 5.

Ans – c).
10) A Gray code is a / an –

  1. Binary weight code,
  2. Arithmetic code,
  3. Code which exhibits a single bit change between two successive codes,
  4. Alphanumeric code.

Ans – c).
11) UJT relaxation oscillator circuit produces a sawtooth like waveform
(a) at B1 terminal
(b) at B2 terminal
(c) across the capacitor
(d) none of these
Ans – c).
12) If the gain of the open loop system is doubled, the gain mvrgin of the system is ?

  1. Not affected,
  2. Doubled,
  3. Halved,
  4. One fourth of original value.

13) An altimeter is –

  1. A CW radar,
  2. A FM radar,
  3. A Doppler radar,
  4. A device to indicate the direction at height.

Ans – a)
14) Random satellite moves in

  1. Random paths,
  2. Polar orbits,
  3. Geostationary orbits,
  4. Equatorial plane.

Ans – b.

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