Bijoy Krishna Girls’ College Merit List 2021; BKGC Provisional List BA /BSc {Published}

Bijoy Krishna Girls’ College Merit list 2021 Download BKGC Admission Merit List @ for Honours & General: Bijoy Krishna Girls College Admission 2021 Form fill up started online from 2nd August 2021. Bijoy Krishna Girls’ College Merit List 2021 will be released on 25 August 2021 on its official website. Bijoy Krishna Girl’s College offers various courses like BA, B.Sc., B.Com for admission process. Admission authorities prepares BKGC Merit list 2021-22 on the basis of marks scored by students in Higher Secondary examination. Students those who are seeking for an admission should fill up the application form before the given date.

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Bijoy Krishna Girls' College Merit list 2021-22 admission schedule

Bijoy Krishna Girls’ College Merit List Schedule 2021

Online Application will be available on and from 02.08.2021
Last date of online application 20.08.2021
Publication of Provisional Merit List 25.08.2021
Online Admission starts on and from 01.09.2021
Last date of 1st phase of admission 07.09.2021

Latest Update: BKGC Online Admission has started from 2 August 2021. Upto 20th August 2021, the UG Course Online Admission for 2021-22 session in BA / BSc / BCom Honours & General subjects can be filled up online through Bijoy Krishna Girls’ College Admission portal Read the admission notice below:

Bijoy Krishna Girls' College Admission Notice 2021 bkgc 1st merit list schedule 2021

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Bijoy Krishna Girls’ College Merit List 2021-Overview

College NameBijoy Krishna Girls’ College
Course NameBA, BCA ,B.Com and B.Sc
Afflicted toUniversity of Calcutta.
Duration3 Years
Article CategoryMerit list
LocationHowrah,West Bengal
AddressBijoy Krishna Girls’ College 
5/3 Mahatma Gandhi Road, Howrah-711101
Phone No033-26412341

Information given in Application form should be Valid and Correct, any misleading of an information will lead to cancellation of an applicants. Bijoy Krishna Girls’ College Merit List 2021 will be available in an Online mode. Bijoy Krishna Girls’ College Merit list 2021 holds the name of an applicants who will be eligible for admission process. For further information read the article thoroughly.

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Bijoy Krishna Girls’ College Seat Capacity 2021

Category wise intake capacity in Honours Courses
1Bengali (Hons.)602571283115
2English (Hons.)602571283115
3Sanskrit (Hons.)602571283115
4History (Hons.)602571283115
5Economics (Hons.)3314475265
6Education (Hons.)4118586280
7Geography (Hons.)177232132
8Philosophy (Hons.)2511354250
9Political Science (Hons.)3715475270
10Accountancy (Hons.)4118586280
11Chemistry (Hons.)115122122
12Mathematics (Hons.)2410353146
13Physics (Hons.)177232132
14Computer science (Hons.)209243139
15Botany (Hons)177232132
16Zoology (Hons.)177232132
17B.A. GENERAL86834498164115491638
18B.A. GENERAL with Geography177232132
19B.A. GENERAL with Physical Education219243140
20B.A. GENERAL with Journalism & Mass Communication219243140
21B.SC. GENERAL104421220166200
22B.SC. GENERAL with Food & Nutrition219243140
23B.Com. General104441220146200
Bijoy Krishna Girls' College Merit list 2021 Admission fee

Bijoy Krishna Girls’ College Howrah is one of the renowned college located in Howrah, India. It offers various Under Graduate courses like BA honours in Bengali, English, Political science, Sociology and History. B.Sc. honours in Biology, Physics, Zoology and Chemistry. B.Com honours in Account and Finance. Bijoy Krishna Girls’ College Merit list 2021 schedule on official website of Bijoy Krishna Girls’ College, download the table in order to never miss any important dates and events.

Bijoy Krishna Girls’ College Admission Fee 2021

Admission Fees for B.Com. Part-I (Hons.&Gen.) Courses
Sl. No.ParticularsB.Com (GEN)B.Com(Hons)
1Admission Fee200200
2Tuition fee( for 3 months)180255
3Registration Fee200200
4Union Fund240240
5Development Fee300300
6College Examinaiton Fee8080
7Library Fee( not refundable)100100
8Sports Board1010
9Electricity Fee150150
10Identity Card4040
12Cycle stand100100

Bijoy Krishna Girls’ College Seat Capacity (Subject Wise) 2021-22

Bengali 116 seat – (UR-77, SC-24, ST-7, OBC A-4, OBC B-4)
Education 64 seat – (UR-43, SC-13, ST-4, OBC A-2, OBC B-2)
Psychology 40 seat – (UR-26, SC-8, ST-2, OBC A-2, OBC B-2)
Sanskrit 79 seat – (UR-53, SC-17, ST-5, OBC A-2, OBC B-2)
Sociology 34 seat – (UR-21, SC-7, ST-2, OBC A-2, OBC B-2)
English 64 seat – (UR-43, SC-13, ST-4, OBC A-2, OBC B-2)
Geography49 seat – (UR-32, SC-10, ST-3, OBC A-2, OBC B-2)
History 91 seat – (UR-61, SC-18, ST-5, OBC A-4, OBC B-3)
Philosophy 64 seat – (UR-43, SC-13, ST-4, OBC A-2, OBC B-2)
Political Science 64 seat – (UR-43, SC-13, ST-4, OBC A-2, OBC B-2)
Chemistry 44 seat – (UR-29, SC-9, ST-2, OBC A-2, OBC B-2)
Mathematics 59 seat – (UR-40, SC-12, ST-3, OBC A-2, OBC B-2)
Microbiology 17 seat – (UR-11, SC-3, ST-1, OBC A-1, OBC B-1)
Physics 44 seat – (UR-29, SC-9, ST-2, OBC A-2, OBC B-2)
Computer Science 29 seat – (UR-17, SC-6, ST-2, OBC A-2, OBC B-2)
Economics 34 seat – (UR-21, SC-7, ST-2, OBC A-2, OBC B-2)
Zoology 37 seat – (UR-24, SC-7, ST-2, OBC A-2, OBC B-2)
Accountancy 130 seat – (UR-87, SC-26, ST-7, OBC A-5, OBC B-5)
B.A. General Stream295 seat – (UR-197, SC-61, ST-17, OBC A-10, OBC B-10)
B.Com. General Stream (Accountancy)54 seat – (UR-36, SC-11, ST-3, OBC A-2, OBC B-2)
B.Sc. General Stream (General)162 seat – (UR-108, SC-33, ST-9, OBC A-6, OBC B-6)

Bijoy Krishna Girls’ College Merit List 2021- Download

1B.Com Hons-General
2B.Com Hons-SC
3B.Com Hons-ST
4B.Com Hons-OBC-A
5B.Com Hons-OBC-B
6B.Com Hons-PH
1B.A. Bengali Hons Merit List- PH
2B.A. Bengali Hons Merit List-General
3B.A. Bengali Merit List-SC
4B.A. Bengali Merit List-ST
5B.A. Bengali Merit List-OBC-A
6B.A. Bengali Merit List-OBC-B
1B.Sc Botany Merit List-OBC-B
2B.Sc Botany Merit List-General
3B.Sc Botany Merit List-OBC-A
4B.Sc Botany Merit List-SC
5B.Sc Botany Merit List-ST
6B.Sc Botany Merit List-PH
1B.Sc Chemistry Hons-Gen
2B.Sc Chemistry Hons-SC
3B.Sc Chemistry Hons-OBC-A
4B.Sc Chemistry Hons-OBC-B
5B.Sc Chemistry Hons-ST
6B.Sc Chemistry Hons-PH
Computer Science:
1B.Sc Computer Science Hons Merit List-SC
2B.Sc Computer Science Hons Merit List-ST
3B.Sc Computer Science Hons Merit List-OBC-B
4B.Sc Computer Science Hons Merit List-General
5B.Sc Computer Sc Hons Merit List-PH
6B.Sc Computer Science Hons Merit List-OBC-A
1B.Sc Economics Hons Merit List-Gen
2B.Sc Economics Hons Merit List-OBC-B
3B.Sc Economics Hons Merit List- SC
4B.Sc Economics Hons Merit List- ST
5B.Sc Economics Hons Merit List-OBC-A
6B.Sc Economics Hons Merit List- PH
1B.A. Education Hons Merit List-General
2B.A. Education Hons Merit List-SC
3B.A. Education Hons Merit List-ST
4B.A. Education Hons Merit List-OBC-A
5B.A. Education Hons Merit List-OBC-B
6B.A. Education Hons Merit List- PH
1B.A. English Hons Merit List-General
2B.A. English Hons Merit List-SC
3B.A. English Hons Merit List-ST
4B.A. English Hons Merit List-OBC-A
5B.A. English Hons Merit List-OBC-B
6B.A. English Hons Merit List-PH
1Geography Merit List-General
2Geography Merit List-SC
3Geography Merit List-ST
4Geography Merit List-OBC-A
5Geography Merit List-OBC-B
6Geography Merit List-PH
1B.A. History Hons Merit List-General
2B.A. History Hons Merit List-SC
3B.A. History Hons Merit List-ST
4B.A. History Hons Merit List-OBC-A
5B.A. History Hons Merit List-OBC-B
6B.A. History Hons Merit List-PH
Journalism and Mass Communication:
1B.A. Journalism & Mass Communication Merit List-General
2B.A. Journalism & Mass Communication Merit List-SC
3B.A. Journalism & Mass Communication Merit List-ST
4B.A. Journalism & Mass Communication Merit List-OBC-A
5B.A. Journalism & Mass Communication Merit List-OBC-B
6B.A. Journalism & Mass Communication Merit List-PH
1B.Sc Mathematics Hons Merit List-General
2B.Sc Mathematics Hons Merit List-SC
3B.Sc Mathematics Hons Merit List-OBC-A
4B.Sc Mathematics Hons Merit List-OBC-B
5B.Sc Mathematics Hons Merit List-PH
6B.Sc Mathematics Hons Merit List-ST
1B.Sc Microbiology Hons Merit List-General
2B.Sc Microbiology Hons Merit List-SC
3B.Sc Microbiology Hons Merit List-ST
4B.Sc Microbiology Hons Merit List-OBC-A
5B.Sc Microbiology Hons Merit List-OBC-B
6B.Sc Microbiology Hons Merit List-PH
1B.A. Philosophy Hons Merit List-General
2B.A. Philosophy Hons Merit List-SC
3B.A. Philosophy Hons Merit List-ST
4B.A. Philosophy Hons Merit List-OBC-A
5B.A. Philosophy Hons Merit List-OBC-B
6B.A. Philosophy Hons Merit List-PH
1B.Sc Physics Hons Merit List-General
2B.Sc Physics Hons Merit List-SC
3B.Sc Physics Hons Merit List-ST
4B.Sc Physics Hons Merit List-OBC-B
5B.Sc Physics Hons Merit List-PH
6B.Sc Physics Hons Merit List-OBC-A
Political Science:
1B.A. Political Science Hons Merit List-General
2B.A. Political Science Hons Merit List-SC
3B.A. Political Science Hons Merit List-ST
4B.A. Political Science Hons Merit List-OBC-A
5B.A. Political Science Hons Merit List-OBC-B
6B.A. Political Science Hons Merit List-PH
1Psychology Hons Merit List-General
2Psychology Hons Merit List-SC
3Psychology Hons Merit List-OBC-A
4Psychology Hons Merit List-OBC-B
5Psychology Hons Merit List-ST
6Psychology Hons Merit List-PH
1B.A. Sanskrit Hons Merit List-General
2B.A. Sanskrit Hons Merit List-SC
3B.A. Sanskrit Hons Merit List-ST
4B.A. Sanskrit Hons Merit List-OBC-A
5B.A. Sanskrit Hons Merit List-OBC-B
6B.A. Sanskrit Hons Merit List-PH
1B.A. Sociology Merit List-General
2B.A. Sociology Merit List-SC
3B.A. Sociology Merit List-OBC-B
4B.A. Sociology Merit List-OBC-A
5B.A. Sociology Merit List-ST
6B.A. Sociology Merit List-PH
1B.Sc Zoology Merit List-General
2B.Sc Zoology Merit List-SC
3B.Sc Zoology Merit List-OBC-A
4B.Sc Zoology Merit List-OBC-B
5B.Sc Zoology Merit List-ST

General Course Merit List

1B.Com General Merit List-General Candidates
2B.Com General Merit List- SC Candidates
3B.Com General Merit List- ST Candidates
4B.Com General Merit List- OBC-B Candidates
5B.Com General Merit List- OBC-A Candidates
6B.Com General Merit List- PH Candidates
1B.Sc General Merit List-General Candidates
2B.Sc General Merit List-SC Candidates
3B.Sc General Merit List-ST Candidates
4B.Sc General Merit List-OBC-A Candidates
5B.Sc General Merit List-OBC-B Candidates
6B.Sc General Merit List-PH Candidates
1B.A. General Merit List-General Candidates
2B.A. General Merit List-SC Candidates
3B.A. General Merit List-ST Candidates
4B.A. General Merit List-OBC-A Candidates
5B.A. General Merit List-OBC-B Candidates

How to download Bijoy Krishna Girls’ College Merit list?

Step 1Firstly, visit the official website of Bijoy Krishna Girls college.
Step 2A homepage of the college will display on the screen
Step 3Go for the “notice tab” and look into it
Step 4Click on the Bijoy Krishna Girls’ College Merit List which will appear on the homepage

Bijoy Krishna Girls’ College provides special quota for OBC, ST, SC and physically challenged candidates according to law passed by Government of West Bengal. Certificate from Bijoy Krishna Girls’ College Merit list 2021 competent authority must be produced during counselling in order to claim reservation of seats. Students are not allowed to enjoy facility of more then quota of seat reservation.

Preparation of Bijoy Krishna Girls’ College Howrah Merit list

Admission authorities will prepare the Bijoy Krishna Girls’ College Merit list 2021 on the basis of marks scored in an Higher Secondary examination. Information provided by students should be Valid and Correct, any misleading of an information will lead to rejection. Students need to be present on the final day of seat allotment which is done through the Counselling round. Visit Bijoy Krishna Girls’ college Howarh official website Bijoy Krishna Girls’ College Merit list 2021 frequently for latest updates. If students have any queries regarding this process then feel free to ask down in the comment section.

Bijoy Krishna Girls’ College Admission Documents Verification-

  • Original and attested copies of Mark Sheet of the last public examination(H.S or equivalent)
  • Original and attested copies of Admit Card/Certificate of Madhyamik or equivalent examination as proof of age.
  • Original and attested copies of Caste certificate from the competent authority for SC/STcandidates.
  • Original and attested copies of Character certificate from the head of the school or college last attended.
  • Original Migration Certificate for students migrating from other Boards/University.
  • Two copies of recent passport size photograph of the student.
  • Registration form duly filled in (available with the admission form)

Steps to Download BKGC Merit List 2021

Follow the steps to download the BKGC Merit List 2021 –

  1. Go to the official website
  2. Then check the Bijoy Krishna Girls’ College Merit List Section.
  3. Chose your subject & select your category.
  4. After that, open the Admission List & Search for your Name.

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This way you can download the Bijoy Krishna Girls’ College Merit List 2021. For more information related to BKG College Merit List 2021, keep visiting our website.


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