Aliah University Result 2021; Download 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th Sem {Out}

Check Aliah University Result 2021: As per the info, the authorities of the Aliah University are planning to disclose the Semester Exam Result. Hence, the participants who have taken part in the test can check this page to gain knowledge about the result & marksheet.

Download Now – AUAT Admit Card 2021.

We notify you through this page as soon as we receive any updates regarding the Aliah University Result 2021. You will also be able to collect all the Marksheet updates that have been received so far through this page.Here are some of the latest updates from the university that you can see below.

Aliah University Result Links 2021

Aliah University Result 2021 Download 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th Sem Aliah University Latest Declared Examination Results
Sl. No.Name of Course(s)SessionLink
15-Yr. Integrated M.Sc. in Chemistry2015-2016Download
25-yr. Integrated M.Sc. in Computer Science2015-2016Download
35-yr. Integrated M.Sc. in Geography2015-2016Download
45-yr. Integrated M.Sc. in Mathematics and Computing2015-2016Download
55-yr. Integrated M.Sc. in Physics2015-2016Download
65-yr. Integrated M.A in English2015-2016Download
75-yr. Integrated MBA2015-2016Download
8B. Tech. in Civil Engineering2016-2017Download
9B. Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering2016-2017Download
10B. Tech. in Electrical Engineering 2016-2017Download
11B. Tech. in Electronics and Communication Engineering2016-2017Download
12B. Tech. in Mechanical Engineering2016-2017Download
133-yr Master in Computer Application(MCA)2017-2018Download
143-yr B.A. Hons in Arabic 2017-2018Download
153-yr B.A. Hons in Bengali2017-2018Download
163-yr B.A. with Honours in Islamic Studies2017-2018Download
173-yr B.A. with Honours in Theology2017-2018Download
183-yr B.A. with Honours in Urdu2017-2018Download
19B.Sc. Hons in Chemistry under 5-Year Integrated Programme2017-2018Download
20B.Sc. Hons in Geography under 5-Year Integrated Programme2017-2018Download
21B.Sc. Hons in Mathematics and Computing under 5-Year Integrated Programme2017-2018Download
22B.Sc. with Honours in Physics under 5-Year Integrated Programme2017-2018Download
23B.Sc. with Honours in Statistics and Informatics under 5-Year Integrated Programme2017-2018Download
24B.Sc. in Biological Science with Hons in Microbiology under 5-Year Integrated Programme2017-2018Download
25B.Sc. in Biological Science with Hons in Zoology under 5-Year Integrated Programme2017-2018Download
26B.A. Hons in Ecomomics under 5-Year Integrated Programme2017-2018Download
27B.A. Hons in English under 5-Year Integrated Programme2017-2018Download
28B.A. Hons in Geography under 5-Year Integrated Programme2017-2018Download
29BBA under 5-Year Integrated Programme2017-2018Download
302-yr B.Ed2018-2019Download
312-yr M.A. in Arabic2018-2019Download
322-yr M.A. in Bengali2018-2019Download
332-yr M.A. in English2018-2019Download
342-yr M.A. in Geography2018-2019Download
352-yr M.A. in History2018-2019Download
362-yr M.A. in Journalism and Mass Communication2018-2019Download
372-yr M.A. in Theology (M.M.)2018-2019Download
382-yr M.A. in Urdu2018-2019Download
392-yr M.Sc. in Chemistry      2018-2019         Download
402-yr M.Sc. in Geography2018-2019Download
412-yr M.Sc. in Mathematics2018-2019Download
422-yr M.Sc. in Physics2018-2019Download
432-yr M.Sc. in Statistics2018-2019Download
442-yr LLM2018-2019Download
452-yr M.Tech. in Civil Engineering2018-2019Download
46 2-yr M.Tech. in Computer Science & Engineering2018-2019Download
472-yr M.Tech. in Electronics and Communication Engineering2018-2019Download
482-yr M.Tech. in Electrical Engineering2018-2019Download
492-yr M.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering2018-2019Download
Sl. No.Name of Course(s)SessionLink
15-Yr. Integrated M.Sc. in Chemistry2013-2014Download
25-yr. Integrated M.Sc. in Computer Science2013-2014Download
35-yr. Integrated M.Sc. in GEOGRAPHY2013-2014Download
45-yr. Integrated M.Sc. in Mathematics and Computing2013-2014Download
55-yr. Integrated M.Sc. in Physics2013-2014Download
65-yr. Integrated M.Sc. in Statistics and Informatics2013-2014Download
75-yr. Integrated MBA2013-2014Download
85-yr. Integrated MCA2013-2014Download
9B. Tech. in Civil Engineering2014-2015Download
10B. Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering2014-2015Download
11B. Tech. in Electrical Engineering 2014-2015Download
12B. Tech. in Electronics and Communication Engineering2014-2015Download
13B. Tech. in Mechanical Engineering2014-2015Download
14B.A. General in Theology2015-2016Download
15B.A. with Honours in Arabic 2015-2016Download
16B.A. with Honours in English under 5-Year Integrated Programme2015-2016Download
17B.A. with Honours in Urdu2015-2016Download
18B.A. with Honours in Theology2015-2016Download
19B.Sc. with Honours in Chemistry under 5-Year Integrated Programme2015-2016Download
20B.Sc. with Honours in Computer Science under 5-Year Integrated Programme2015-2016Download
21B.Sc. with Honours in Geography under 5-Year Integrated Programme2015-2016Download
22B.Sc. with Honours in Mathematics and Computing under 5-Year Integrated Programme2015-2016Download
23B.Sc. with Honours in Physics under 5-Year Integrated Programme2015-2016Download
24BBA under 5-Year Integrated Programme 2015-2016Download
25M. Sc. in Mathematics2016-2017Download
26M. Sc. in Statistics2016-2017Download
27M. Tech. in Civil Engineering2016-2017Download
28M. Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering2016-2017Download
29M. Tech. in Electrical Engineering 2016-2017Download
30M. Tech. in Electronics and Communication Engineering2016-2017Download
31M. Tech. in Mechanical Engineering2016-2017Download
32M.A. in Arabic2016-2017Download
33M.A. in Bengali2016-2017Download
34M.A. in English2016-2017Download
35M.A. in Geography2016-2017Download
36M.A. in History2016-2017Download
37M.A. in Journalism and Mass Communication2016-12017Download
38M.A. in Theology (M.M.)2016-2017Download
39M.Sc. in Geography2016-2017Download
41M. A. in Urdu2016-2017Download
Sl. No.Name of Course(s)SessionLink
15-Year Integrated English2012-2013Download
25-Year Integrated Chemistry2012-2013Download
35-Year Integrated Computer Science2012-2013Download
45-Year Integrated Geography2012-2013Download
55-Year Integrated Mathematics and Computing2012-2013Download
65-Year Integrated Physics2012-2013Download
75-Year Integrated MBA2012-2013Download
85-Year Integrated MCA2012-2013Download
9B.A. General in Theology2014-2015Download
10B.A. with Honours in Arabic2014-2015Download
11B.A. with Honours in Theology2014-2015Download
12B.Tech. in Civil Engineering2013-2014Download
13B.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering2013-2014Download
14B.Tech. in Electrical Engineering2013-2014Download
15B.Tech. in Electronics and Communication Engineering2013-2014Download
16M,A. in History2015-2016Download
17M.A.  in English2015-2016Download
18M.A. & M. Sc. in Geography2015-2016Download
19M.A. in Arabic2015-2016Download
20M.A. in Bengali2015-2016Download
21M.A. in Journalism & Mass Communication2015-2016Download
22M.A. in Theology2015-2016Download
23M.A. in Urdu2015-2016Download
24M.Sc. in Mathematics2015-2016Download
25M.Tech. in Civil Engineering2015-2016Download
26M.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering2015-2016Download
27M.Tech. in Electrical Engineering2015-2016Download
28M.Tech. in Electronics and Communication Engineering2015-2016Download
29M.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering of Session2015-2016Download
Sl. No.Name of Course(s)SessionLink
15-Year Integrated M.Sc. in Mathematics and Computing2011-2012Download
25-Year Integrated MBA2011-2012Download
35-Year Integrated MCA2011-2012Download
45-Yr Integrated M.A. in English2011-2012Download
55-Yr Integrated M.Sc. in Chemistry2011-2012Download
65-Yr Integrated M.Sc. in Computer Science2011-2012Download
75-Yr Integrated M.Sc. in Geography2011-2012Download
85-Yr Integrated M.Sc. in Physics2011-2012Download
95-Yr Integrated M.Sc. in Statistics2011-2012Download
10B.Tech. in Civil Engineering2012-2013Download
11B.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering2012-2013Download
12B.Tech. in Electrical Engineering2012-2013Download
13B.Tech. in Electronics and Communication Engineering 2012-2013Download
14B.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering2012-2013Download
15M.A & M.Sc.. in Geography2014-2015Download
16M.A. in Arabic2014-2015Download
17M.A. in Bengali2014-2015Download
18M.A. in English2014-2015Download
19M.A. in History2014-2015Download
20M.A. in Journalism and Mass Communication2014-2015Download
21M.A. in Theology2014-2015Download
22M.Sc. in Mathematics2014-2015Download
23M.Tech. in Civil Engineering2014-2015Download
24M.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering2014-2015Download
25M.Tech. in Electrical Engineering2014-2015Download
26M.Tech. in Electronics and Communication Engineering2014-2015Download
27M.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering2014-2015Download

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A brief information on Aliah University

Name of the UniversityAliah University
Courses UG PG
Email Id[email protected]
Location India

There are a lot of candidates who are waiting for the results of the Aliah university.There are a lot of tests that have been tested but the results have not been published yet because.It is not possible to run the board properly due to the lockdown. It is hoped that the lockdown will be lifted soon and your Aliah University Result 2021 will be published.

Aliah University Semester Result

Meanwhile, the Aliah University Result 2021 will be issued on the official portal of the University which is i.e.  In addition to that, one may also visit the official website of the organization to verify their qualifying status in the exam. So that you can easily view the university Aliah University Marksheet 2021. As well as the competitors may also acquire knowledge about the Aliah University Semester Result from the following sections.

We are all facing a terrible situation all over the world due to the outbreak of this virus.Naturally, the results will be delayed in almost all the universities. However, it is hoped that the results of all semesters of Aliah University 2021 will be published soon.As soon as the Aliah University Result 2021 are published, our page will help you to collect the results.All the important links related to the result are given in the article for your cooperation.

Aliah University Previous Years Declared Examination Results

Basically, the officials release the cutoff marks along with the Marksheet 2021. Candidates must check the Aliah University Result 2021 before going to analyze the Aliah University Result 2021. As we all know that the cutoff mark is the minimum qualifying marks that have to gain by the postulants to qualify the exam.

Moreover, the competitors who will score equal to or more than the cutoff marks will be eligible for counseling. However, the Aliah University Results 2021 will not be the same as the previous year. Based on various facts it will be decided by the board members. As well as for each category there will be a different Aliah University BA BSc Result. So that check the list as per your category.

Courses Taught in Aliah University

  • Computer Science
  • Computer Science & Technology
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electronics Engineering
  • Botany
  • Zoology
  • Microbiology
  • Biochemistry
  • Social Work
  • Sociology
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Child Development
  • Biotechnology
  • Mathematics
  • Environmental Toxicology
  • Rural Development
  • Environmental Studies
  • Vocational Education
  • History
  • Geography
  • Physical Education

Aliah University 1st 2nd 3rd Year Result 2021

Generally, a merit list provides exact data regarding a candidate’s qualifying status. In the same vein, the candidates will find their respective markshtet for the subject wise Semester Aliah University Result 2021. Furthermore, based on maximum marks the participants will get a place in the merit list. Hence, check the list to know your final selection status for admission.

How to check Results Online for Semester Exams?

Follow the simple and user-friendly steps to check the Aliah University Result 2021

  1. First and foremost step is to go to the Aliah University official website at
  2. You will arrive at the homepage of Aliah University.
  3. Then, open the Result Section available at the menu page.
  4. Select your subject name and semester.
  5. Enter your Enrolment no.
  6. Finally you need to press on the submit button.
  7. Lastly, you will arrive your marksheet for the AUAT.


What is the Information Required to Check The Aliah University Result ?

You need your Roll Number to check the University of Aliah Exam Result.

Where can I Check The Aliah University Results?

You Can Check Your Exam Result at

How To Check Aliah University Results?

You can download the Aliah University Result using the complete seven methods.Naturally you have to go to the official website first and there are six more steps, the complete Examination Results 2021 article should be viewed later.

When will the result for Aliah University publish?

The result is generally released after 45 days from the date of exam.

We are expecting that this post on Aliah University Result 2021 has been beneficial for all the candidates to solve their queries.


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