EPFO Enforcement Officer Model Question Paper Download UPSC RT


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EPFO Enforcement Officer Model Question Paper Download UPSC RT

Sample Question Paper / Solved Model question / Previous years paper Download for UPSC Enforcement Officer EPFO

Model Question Paper / Sample Question Paper of UPSC Enforcement Officer EPFO have been given below. You can also download previous year’s question paper to cross check your preparation. Practice or mock test questions is also given. The Enforcement Officer (EO) in EPFO by UPSC will be recruited through written test and interview. The recruitment test may be held online or offline (written exam). Please see the model question paper with solution given here. You can also download free the sample question paper in PDF format with answers.
Part I –
1) Who is called the father of English poetry?
a) Charles b) Milton c) words worth d) Chaucer.
2) The 191st member of UNO is?
a) Switzerland b) East Timor c) Swaziland d) Taiwan.
3) Which of the following is a cultural organisation?
a) FAO b) ILO c) WHO d) UNESCO.
4) The headquarters of UNHCR is located at –
a) New York b) Rome c) London d) Geneva.
5) The headquarters of international Atomic Energy Agency is located in –
a) Geneva b) Washington D.C c) Vienna d) London.
6) Which of the following are special agencies of the UNO?
A) WHO b) OPEC c) IME d) FAO.
7) The international court of Justice is located at –
a) Geneva b) The Hague c) Amsterdam d) Vienna.
8) The United Nations Organisation came into existence on?
a) Oct.24,1945 b)Dec.24,1945 c) Aug.30,1945 d)none of the above
9) Which of the following is not associated with the UNO?
a) ILO b)WHO c)Security Council d) ASEAN
10) Which UN body deals with population problem?
11) The number of principal organs of UNO is
a) 3 b) 4 c) 5 d) 6.
12) India has been a member of the UN since –
a) 1945 b) 1946 c)1947 d)1948.
1)d 2)a 3)d 4)d 5)c 6)c 7)b 8)a 9)d 10)c 11)d 12)a.
Part II –
1) Ascorbic acid is
A) A vitamin B) an enzyme C) a protein D) an amino acid.
2) RAM is……..and……….
a) nonvolatile, permanent b) volatile, temporary c) nonvolatile, temporary d) volatile, permanent.
3) an instrument used to measure humidity is?
a) anemometer b) hygrometer c) thermometer d) pyrheliometer.
4) )who propounded the market law?
5) The term paper gold means –
A) special drawing rights of the IMF B)special accommodation facility of the WORLD BANK C) CURRENCIES STILL ON GOLD STANDARD D)deficit financing.

1) A, 2) B, 3) B, 4) B. 5) A.

Download Previous year’s question paper – click here.



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  1. When the conducted epfo exme plz reply

  2. Satya prakash tiwari

    Hi.this is satya I am a simple commerce graduate please update me EPFO exam date. Can I select for interview after written exam

    1. if you pass in the written exam, you will be called for interview.

      1. Satya prakash tiwari

        Thanks. Please suggest me how I will clear this exam EPFO and I know exam date

      2. Satya prakash tiwari

        Hi this is satya I want to know EPFO exam date and please suggest me how I prepare for the written exam

        1. You need to follow the syllabus as outlined by UPSC. You can check the post on UPSC EO / AO Exam Pattern & Syllabus Download

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