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Solved Model Question Paper WB Gr D posts WBGDRB Download Free PDF Old Papers Study Materials Book List in Bengali

West Bengal Group D posts written exam model question answer paper is given below. The solved model question paper, practice test set can be downloaded free in PDF format from the link given below. The sample paper for WBGDRB written test contains objective type multiple choice questions (MCQ) from the exam pattern as mentioned by the West Bengal Gr D recruitment board. The previous years West Bengal Group D question paper (fully solved) may be downloaded from the official website link given here. Study materials and recommended books in Bengali / English Language for WBGDRB posts can also be discussed here. We have also given the link where practice sample set of MCQ questions for West Bengal WB group D posts can be found for general studies papers. The WB Gr D Old papers are very important if you are preparing for the written test. You can download the written test paper completely free of cost. The last years papers need to be practised thoroughly for any exam. The answer keys of the model practice set/ mock test sample paper are also given below. The WBGDRB Model Question Paper contains objective questions from General Studies from which 40 WBGDRB Model Question Paper will come in the written test. 10 MCQ will come from Language paper (Bengali/ Hindi/ Nepali/ Urdu) and 35 questions will come from elementary mathematics. All the questions of WBGDRB West Bengal Group D posts written test will be of class VIII level.

WBGDRB Question Paper Group D:

1General Knowledge Questions
2Indian Geography Questions
3History MCQ Model Paper
4Physics MCQ Model Set
5Chemistry Sample Set
6Life Science Practice Paper

WBGDRB New Old Syllabus Study Materials:

Subject wise Study Materials and Important MCQ Questions are given below.

WBGDRB General Studies Question Paper MCQ Study Materials:
Mathematics Practice Questions for WBGDRB Gr D posts:
  • Elementary mathematics MCQ Objective questions will come from Class 8 level. Practice some quantitative aptitude/ reasoning questions from here. new

Download WBGDRB Group D Model Question Paper Set:

Download Fully Solved Model Question Paper PDF file format for WBGDRB Group D posts Click here. new

Download Part 2 – WBGDRB Model Question Paper Set. new

WBGDRB Gr D Posts Solved Model Question Answer Paper Written Test:

1) In which state is the Guru Shikhar Peak located?
a) Rajasthan
b) Gujarat
c) Madhya Pradesh
d) Maharashtra
2) Kanchipuram is in which of the following state?
a) Kerala
b) Andhra Pradesh
b) Tamil Nadu
d) Karnataka
3) The Great Bath of the Indus Valley Civilization was discovered in
a) Harappa,
b) Lothal,
c) Mohenjodaro,
d) Ropar.
4) The last of the 24th Jain Tirthankar was
a) Parsvanath,
b) Mahavirra,
c) Dishabha,
d) Arichtauemi.
5) Aviation fuel for jet aero-planes consists of purified
a) Petrol,
b) Kerosene,
c) Gasoline,
d) Diesel.
6) The length of India’s coastline is about
a) 5900 km,
b) 6100km,
c) 7000 km,
d) 7500 km.
7) The most important competition to the Indian jute industry is
a) China,
b) Bangladesh,
c) Nepal,
d) Japan.
8) Kunwar Singh led the revolt of 1857 in-
a) Punjab,
b) Bengal,
c) Bihar,
d) Maharashtra.
9) The mad-cow disease in cattle’s is caused by
a) Virus
b) Bacteria
c) Protozoa
d) Prions
10) Which of the following Mahatma Gandhi series of currency notes issued by the RBI has a drawing of the ‘Parliament House’ depicted on it?
a) Rs 500,
b) Rs 100,
c) Rs 50,
d) Rs.10.

Solution / Answer Keys for WBGDRB Group D posts Free:

1) a,
2) c,
3) c,
4) b,
5) c,
6) d,
7) b,
8) c,
9) d,
10) c.
wbgdrb wb group d previous years solved model question paper download pdf practice set answer key fully free gr book list study material

Book List for WBGDRB Group D Posts:

Scheme for the WBGDRB Group D ( gr d) posts are already given. Books which contains questions from General Studies and GK questions from Class VIII syllabus is to be followed. Elementary mathematics need to be practised for class VII – VIII. One should follow the mathematics, history, geography, physical science and life science book of class 5, 6, 7 and 8 strictly. For practising MCQ Questions buy a good quality book from market which strictly follow the prescribed syllabus. Don’t waste your time studying out of syllabus question. MCQ Study Materials are given below. You can practice the model question papers for the WBGDRB Group D posts (Gr d) written test –

Download Previous Years Question Papers WB Group D Posts:

Old question papers for West Bengal Gr D posts (last 10 years / 5 years) may be downloaded in PDF format from the official website of WBGDRB. Link for PDF file download is given below. Group D posts will be recruited for the first time in West Bengal through the newly constituted board WBGDRB.

Other Model Practice Paper Set Download for WBGDRB Gr D posts 2018:

As the exam is expected to be held on 2018 in various centers in West Bengal, candidates are preparing for the exam and are in search for other detailed full length practice set, model question paper for Group D posts. Recommended books are to be practised for the general knowledge question paper. Buy some standard books from market which is class 8 basis. You may also see the detailed syllabus for WBGDRB written test.
Download old papers for WBGDRB Group D posts– Click here.

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