NTPC Trainee Syllabus 2021 Download PDF – Mechanical, Electrical, Mine Survey, Mining

NTPC Diploma Trainee (DT) Syllabus 2021: In this article we had given all the information Regarding The NTPC Diploma & ITI Trainee Exam Syllabus 2021. Now the candidates who are applied for the exam now they are looking at the NTPC Trainee Syllabus 2021. The officials of the National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) has provided the NTPC Trainee Syllabus 2021 at their official site which is ntpc.co.in along with the NTPC Trainee Exam Pattern. We also provide all the link to check the Syllabus and Exam Pattern below this section.

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NTPC ITI Trainee & Diploma Trainee Exam Syllabus 2021

ntpc diploma trainee syllabus 2021 download pdf iti trainee exam pattern
Name of the OrganizationNational Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) Limited
Name of the postsITI Trainee, Diploma Trainee, Assistant Trainee and Lab Assistant Trainee
The Process of SelectionWritten Test, Skill Test
Syllabus FormatPDF
Official Addressntpc.co.in or ntpccareers.net

NTPC Trainee Selection Process 2021 (ITI Trainee, Diploma Trainee, Lab Assistant)

In this below section, we had provided the following selection steps, which are conducted by the officials of the National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) Limited.

  • Written Test
  • Skill Test

NTPC Diploma Trainee Exam Pattern 2021

Candidates who are looking for NTPC Trainee Syllabus 2021 can check this section for 79 ITI Trainee, Diploma Trainee, Assistant Trainee, and Lab Assistant Trainee posts.

  • The Written Examination will be held in two parts.
  • Examination Duration will be 2 Hours.
  • The first part will be General Knowledge Test which will consist of 70 Multiple Choice Questions.
  • 1 mark for each question.

Diploma Trainee Syllabus 2021

All the candidates who had already start their preparation for the NTPC Trainee Exam, they must check the NTPC Trainee Exam Syllabus 2021. Because without knowing the NTPC Trainee Syllabus 2021 and Exam pattern candidates can not get a good score in the written Examination. Check the trade wise syllabus and download the PDF file from the link attached. The syllabus will consist of two parts –

Aptitude30 Marks
Technical70 Marks
Total100 Marks

Aptitude Syllabus for Diploma Trainee in Detail

Aptitude Part will consist of following sections –

  1. General English,
  2. Quantitative Aptitude,
  3. Reasoning Ability.

General English Topics:

  1. Reading comprehension
  2. Verbal Ability
  3. Antonyms
  4. Synonyms
  5. Grammar (sentence correction)
  6. Idioms
  7. Analogies

Quantitative Aptitude Topics:

  1. Arithmetic progression
  2. Algebra
  3. Permutation and combination
  4. Percentages
  5. Ratio & Proportions
  6. Time-Speed-Distance

Reasoning Ability Topics:

  1. Positional/Seating arrangement
  2. Directional Problem
  3. Non-verbal reasoning
  4. Assumption, premise, conclusion, linear and matrix arrangement
  5. Clocks, calendars, binary logic
  6. Coding & Decoding
  7. Series.

NTPC DT Mining Sylabus 2021

Introduction to mining
Explosives, mining practices, and gas detection
Environmental engineering
Surface Mining
Mining geology
Mining hazards
coal mining methods and support
Mine management, legislation, and general safety
Mine surveying
Mining machinery
Mine ventilation
Mine Sampling, Assaying and Mineral Dressing
Electrical Engineering for Mining

Download Diploma Trainee Mining Syllabus PDF – Click Here.

NTPC Diploma Trainee Mechanical Syllabus 2021

Theory of Machine
Strength of Materials
Mechanical Measuring Instruments
Pneumatics & Hydraulics
Production Design
Engineering Drawing & Design/Design Calculation
Manufacturing Processes(Drilling, Milling, Boring)/ Manufacturing Technology
Manufacturing Processes/ Heat & Surface Treatment, Heat & Mass Transfer
Metrology and Measurements/Tolerance Limits, Fits
Thermal Engineering/ Power Plant Engineering


  1. Fundamentals of Engineering Mechanics
  2. Equilibrium
  3. Friction
  4. Centroid & moment of Inertia
  5. Simple Machines
  6. Dynamics

Theory of Machines:

  1. Simple mechanism
  2. Friction
  3. Power Transmission
  4. Governors and Flywheel
  5. Balancing of Machine
  6. Vibration of machine parts

Strength of Material:

  1. Simple stress& strain
  2. Thin cylinder and spherical shell under internal pressure
  3. Two dimensional stress systems
  4. Bending moment& shear force
  5. Theory of simple bending
  6. Combined direct & Bending stresses
  7. Torsion

Mechanical Measuring Instruments:

  1. Introduction to measurement
  2. Linear measurement
  3. Angular measurement
  4. Limits fits and tolerances
  5. Transducers
  6. Strain measurement
  7. Measurement of Pressure
  8. Temperature measurement

Pneumatics & Hydraulics:

1. Properties of Fluid Fluid Pressure and its measurements Hydrostatics Fluid Flow Flow through pipe Impact of jets Hydraulic turbines Hydraulic Pumps

Production Design

Engineering Drawing & Design/Design Calculation

Manufacturing Processes (Drilling, Milling, Boring)/ Manufacturing Technology:

  1. Tool Materials
  2. Cutting Tools
  3. Lathe Machine
  4. Shaper
  5. Planning Machine
  6. Milling Machine
  7. Slotter
  8. Grinding
  9. Internal Machining operations
  10. Surface finish, lapping

Manufacturing Processes/ Heat & Surface Treatment, Heat & Mass Transfer

Metrology and Measurements/Tolerance Limits, Fits

Thermal Engineering/ Power Plant Engineering

  1. Concepts and terminology
  2. Energy and Work Transfer
  3. First Law of thermodynamics
  4. Second Law of Thermodynamics
  5. Working substances
  6. Ideal gases and real gases
  7. Vapor Power Cycles
  8. Gas Power cycles
  9. Fuels and Combustion
  10. Heat Transfer
  11. Refrigeration cycles Power Plant Engineering/Introduction Steam Power Plant Nuclear Power Plant Diesel engine power plant Hydel Power Plant.

Download Diploma Trainee Mechanical Syllabus PDF – Click Here.

Diploma Trainee Electrical Syllabus 2021

Electrical Basics
Electrical Engineering Materials
DC Machine, AC Machine & Transformer
Analog Circuits/ Electronics
Electrical Measurements & Measuring Instruments
Control System
Digital Electronics
Generation, Transmission & distribution of Electrical Power
Circuit Theory
Network theory
Power Electronics & Drives

Electrical Basics:

  1. Fundamentals
  2. Magnetic circuit
  3. A.C. Theory
  4. Generation of Elect. Power
  5. Conversion of Electrical Energy
  6. Wiring and Power Billing
  7. Measuring Instruments
  8. Introduction to renewable power generation

Electrical Engineering Material

  1. Conducting materials
  2. Semiconducting materials
  3. Insulating materials
  4. Dielectric materials
  5. Magnetic materials
  6. Material for special purposes

DC/AC Machine & Transformer

  1. Dc Generators
  2. Dc motros
  3. Single phase transformer
  4. Auto transformer
  5. Three phase transformer
  6. Induction motor
  7. Alternator
  8. Synchronous Motor
  9. Single Phase induction motor
  10. AC commutator motors
  11. Special Electric Machine
  12. Three phase transformers

Analog Circuits/Electronics

  1. P-n junction diode
  2. Special semiconductor devices
  3. Rectifier circuits & filters
  4. Transistors Transistor circuits Transistor amplifiers & oscillators Field effect transistor Operational amplifiers

Electrical Measurements & Measuing Instruments

  1. Measuring instruments
  2. Analog ammeters and voltmeters
  3. Wattmeter and measurement of power
  4. Energy meters and measurement of energy
  5. Measurement of speed, frequency and power factor
  6. Instrument transformer
  7. Measurement of resistance
  8. Measurement of inductance and capacitance
  9. Digital instruments

Control System

  1. Signal flow graph
  2. Time response of system
  3. Analysis of stability
  4. Frequency response of system
  5. Niquiest plot

Digital Electronics

  1. Number Systems and Codes
  2. Logic Gates
  3. Boolean Algebra
  4. Combinational Circuits
  5. Sequential Circuits
  6. Logic Families
  7. Counters
  8. Registers
  9. Digital to analog converters
  10. Analog to Digital Converters
  11. Display Devices

Generation, Transmission & distribution of Electrical Power

  1. Generation of electricity
  2. Transmission of electric power
  3. Overhead line
  4. Performance of short & medium lines
  5. EHV transmission
  6. Distribution System
  7. Underground cable Economic Aspects Types of tariff Substation

Circuit and Network Theory

  1. Circuit elements and laws
  2. Magnetic circuits
  3. Network analysis
  4. Network theorems
  5. Ac circuit and resonance
  6. Coupled circuits
  7. Transients
  8. Two-port network
  9. Filters


  1. Introduction to microprocessor & Micro controller
  2. 8085A microprocessor Architecture
  3. Instruction set of Intel 8085A
  4. 8085 A programming
  5. Memory and I/O Interfacing
  6. Peripheral Interface
  7. Interfacing DAC & ADC
  8. Application of 8085 A

Power Electronics & Drives

  1. Thyristor
  2. Firing Circuits For Thyristor
  3. Phase Controlled Rectifier
  4. Inverter
  5. Chopper
  6. Cyclo Converter
  7. Power Semiconductor Devices
  8. Thyristor Applications
  9. A.C & D.C Drives

Download Diploma Trainee Electrical Syllabus PDF – Click Here.

Diploma Trainee Mine Survey Syllabus 2021

Mining Legislation
Controlled surveys
Total Station, GPS, DGPS and Auto Level
Field astronomy
National grid and Coordinates system
Theory of errors and adjustment
Surveying of flat, moderately and steeply inclined and vertical workings
Area and volume calculation; different methods and their limitations
Monsoon Preparation Plan
Borehole surveying, Coal Sampling and analysis, dip, strike, outcrop and fault problems
Types of plans for opencast workings, their preparation, care, storage and preservation
Application of computer in mine surveying
Profiling of benches, highwall, dumps
Coal Quality

Mining Legislation:

The Mines Act; Mines Rules; Coal Mines Regulations 2017 applicable to Opencast Coal mines, covering survey component.


Triangulation, trilateration and application of GPS and Total Station in mine surveying.


Topography and Tachometry related survey.

Total Station, GPS, DGPS and AutoLevel:

Surveying by Total station, GPS, DGPS and Auto Level, errors, adjustment and applications like close traverse, bench mark establishment and shifting.


Principle of measurement; types; correction and selection of instrument.

Field astronomy:

Astronomical terms; determination of true bearing by equal altitude method; Gyro theodolite; principle and determination of Gyro north, astronomical triangle; conversion of time syste and precise determination of azimuth by astronomical methods.

Nationalgridand Coordinates system:

Map projection Cassini Lambert’s polyconic and universal transfers Mercator; transformation of coordinates, vertical projections; mine models.


Geod, spheroid and ellipsoid, geocentric, geodetic and astronomical coordinates orthometric and dynamic heights.


Introduction; scale of a vertical photograph; photographs versus maps; application of photogrammetry and remote sensing in mining.

Theory of errors and adjustment:

Causes and classification of errors; inclines of precision; laws of weight propagation and adjustment of errors; adjustment of triangulation figures.

Surveying of flat, moderately and steeply inclined and vertical workings:

Control of direction and gradient in drift and roadways; traversing along steep workings with or without auxiliary telescope.

Areaandvolumecalculation;different methodsandtheirlimitations:

OB volume calculation by various methods; Coal Stock Measurement; CVC/Other government guidelines regarding Coal Stock/OB measurement; MDO Contract provisions on volumetric measurement of OB/Coal; Third party provisions for OB/Coal measurement and periodical reconciliation; Plan Contouring and cross section preparation; Earth work and building estimation; Laying out of rail and haul road curves, gradient of haul roads/ramps; measurement of depth of incline roadways and shafts; determination of azimuth latitude and longitude.


Sump, Drainage, Pump capacity, rainwater management plan. Preparation of Emergency Response Plan.

Borehole surveying,Coal Sampling and analysis, dip, strike, outcrop and fault problems:

Survey of Borehole locations, coal seam/parting identification, marking of fault and outcrop, Third party sampling and analysis methodology regarding Coal quality; Physico-mechanical-chemical properties of Coal and Non-Coal strata; Different grades of Coal.

Types of plans for opencast workings, their preparation, care, storage and preservation:Legislation concerning mine plans and sections; duties and responsibilities of surveyors. Geological map reading.

Application of computer in mine surveying:

Preparation of mine plan by using Auto Cad, LisCAD, Minex and other Mine planning related software, 3D laser profiling of surfaces and bench/slopes by using Terrestrial laser scanner (TLS).

Profiling of benches, highwall, dumps:

Dump / Highwall slope stability monitoring using different instruments like Laser Scanner/Total Station/Slope Stability Radar / Continuous Real Time Monitoring.


Download Diploma Trainee Mine Survey Syllabus PDF – Click Here.

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NTPC ITI Trainee Syllabus 2021

General Knowledge Test70
Aptitude Test, General Awareness, Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning30

Duration of the Exam – 2 Hours.

detailed iti trainee syllabus 2019 download

Download NTPC Trainee Syllabus – Click here.

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