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IDBI Executives Previous Years Question Paper Download PDF Model Set PDF – IDBI Bank Executives Previous Question Paper Download link & Model MCQ Questions Answers Objective subject wise link have been discussed here. Candidates may download the given sample Questions Answers which are IDBI Executive Previous Question Paper fully solved and the Model Question Papers are highly recommended who are interested to appear in the Executive Online Recruitment test. The Industrial Development Bank of India earlier released recruitment notification where they have asked eligible and interested candidates to appear in the Computer Based Online Test (CBT). Here we have given link of Official Website where you may find last years 5 years or 10 years old questions papers in PDF format with answer key or solution.

IDBI Bank Executive Previous Years Question Paper Download Solved PDF Model Set

idbi executive previous paper download solved pdf solution with answer key previous years old solved model sample practice set

IDBI Bank Question paper for the posts of Executives in various branches will consist of Question which are in Objective format. Solving old question paper will help candidates understanding the Complexity Level of the Question Paper. The applicants after acquiring call letter from official website of IDBI Bank, should appear for the examination. Standard of the Question Paper must be known before they appear in the exam on the mentioned date for the Examination as declared by recruitment authority.

Solved Model Question Practice Set Old Question Paper Download Link IDBI Bank Executive

Below is given the solved model question paper / sample paper set for IDBI Bank Assistant Manager Group A. The practice question answer paper with solution/ answer key can be downloaded in PDF format. Previous years question paper year wise / last years exam paper can also be downloaded in PDF format from their IDBI Executive Previous Question Paper official website. The old question papers are very important for Bank preparation. IDBI Bank PO (Assistant Manager Gr A) question paper contains questions from Numerical Aptitude, Reasoning etc. We have given question answer from the general awareness part only. For more details, visit the official website which is –

Solved Model Question Paper Download IDBI Executives –

1) The Mahzar or an attested statement signed by the seven leading Ulemas was issued by
a) Akbar
C) Humayun
d) Shahjahan

Detailed Syllabus & Exam Pattern of IDBI Bank Executive Exam 2022

2) The Marathas came to be admitted to the nobility during the reign of
a) Humayun
b) Akbar
c) Jahangir
d) Shahjahan
3) Which of the following started the practice of illustrating manuscripts on palm-leaves with miniature paintings?
a) Buddhists
b) Jains
c) Syrian Christians
d) Zoroastrians
4) Which region of India was ruled by Sultan Zain-ul-Abidin?
a) Asom
b) Delhi
c) Kashmir
d) Odisha
5) Kalhana was a contemporary of the Lohara king of Kashmir named
a) Harsha
b) Utakarsha
c) Kalasa
d) Ananta
6) Among the following which planet takes maximum time for one revolution around the Sun?
a) Earth
b) Jupiter
c) Mars
d) Venus
7) One of the observatories established by Sawai Jai Singh at
a) Agra
b) Indore
c) Jodhpur
d) Ujjain
8) Which is the rarest naturally occurring element on Earth?
a) Gold
b) Antimony
c) Germanium
d) Astatine
9) In which one of the following oceans Diamantine Trench situated?
a)Pacific Ocean
b) Atlantic Ocean
c) Indian Ocean
d) Arctic Ocean
10) A nautical miles is equal to
a) 5060 feet
b) 5280 feet
c) 6060 feet
d) 6080 feet
11) Who was the chief Justice of India when Public Interest litigation was Introduced to the Indian Judicial system?
a) M Hidayatullah
b) AM Ahmadi
c) AS Anand
d) PN Bhagwati
12) Who ACTS AS THE Chancellor of State Universities?
a) Governor
b) Chief Minister
c) Chief Justice of High Court
d) President
13) Which of these Articles provides for council of Minister to aid and advise Governor in a state?
a) Article 160
b) Article 162
c) Article 163
d) Article 164
14) What is the maximum number of elected members in a State Assembly?
a) 250
b) 300
c) 600
d) 500
15) The maximum permissible period between two sessions of a State Legislative Assembly is
a) a year
b) six months
c) three months
d) indefinite
16) The Finance Commission of India is appointed by the president under Article
a) 280
b) 224
c) 270
d) 200
17) Green Banking Channel has been launched by
a) SBI
b) UTI
c) RBI
d) None of these
18) If the price of an inferior good falls,its demand
a) rises
b) falls
c) remains constant
d) Can be any of these
19) Which one among the following is the commonest amino acid in nature?
a) Glycine
b) Alanine
c) Phenylalanine
d) Aspartic acid
20) Stars are twinkling due to
a) diffraction
b) refraction
c) scattering
d) reflection

Answer Key Download / Free Solution Paper PDF:

1)a 2) c 3) b 4) c 5) a 6) b 7) d 8) d 9) c 10) d 11) d 12) a 13) c 14) d 15) b 16) a 17) a 18) c 19) b 20)b.

Previous Years Old Question Paper Year Wise:

Last 10 years / previous years assistant manager group A (PO) post question paper of IDBI bank can be downloaded from the official website when they upload it.
Download Link of IDBI Assistant Manager Gr A Previous Years Question Paper – Click here.

IDBI Bank Executive Posts Model Practice Question

Here we have provided some Subject Wise Model MCQ Questions Answers link from the syllabus of the IDBI Bank Executive CBT which was given on the notification.

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