Coal India MT Previous Years Model Question Paper Download PDF

Management Trainee Solved Model Question Paper Download CIL MT Previous Years Set PDF

Coal India Limited Solved Model Previous Years Question Paper Download link in PDF format is given below. You can also download previous years question paper for Management Trainee (MT) of CIL recruitment exam year wise from the official website when they upload the same. Paper I sample model paper with solution / answer key is given below. The practice paper set contains MCQ Model Question Answer important for Coal India Limited (CIL) Management Trainee (MT) online test/ written exam. Old question papers / last years paper for CIL MT recruitment are Coal India MT Previous Years Model Question Paper very important and need to be practiced for upcoming recruitment exam 2017.

Paper I of Coal India Limited (CIL) management trainee MT consists of General Knowledge, Mathematics, Reasoning and English MCQ and Paper II consists of subject related (engineering trade) questions. Civil, mechanical, mining, electrical, electronics and other trade’s candidates will be recruited through the Coal India MT Previous Years Model Question Paper recruitment test. The solved question paper is fully free to download and can be downloaded in PDF format. Previous years question paper also contained Gk question and engineering subject questions. Subject wise and syllabus/ section wise study material for Coal India Limited (CIL) Management Trainee (MT) question paper / placement paper study material link is also given here for civil engineering, Reasoning, General Knowledge, English Aptitude, Mathematics etc.

Study Material for Coal India Management Trainee:

Syllabus wise Practice MCQ Questions Answers and Study material is given here –
newGeneral Knowledge MCQ Questions for CIL MT Exam.
newGeneral Reasoning MCQ Questions for CIL  MT Paper I.
newEnglish MCQ Questions for Coal India MT.
newMathematics Aptitude MCQ for CIL Management Trainee.
newCivil Engineering Chapter wise MCQ Questions Answers,

Coal India MT Model Question Paper Solved Download PDF:

Mathematics Questions:

11)A rectangle measures 8 cm on length. Its diagonal measures 10 cm. What is the perimeter of the rectangle ?

a) 36 cm

b) 38 cm

c) 28 cm

d) 18 cm

12) A number of two digits 6 times the sum of its digits. When the sum of its digits is added to the number, the result is 63. What is the number ?

a) 32

b) 42

c) 53

d) 54

13) Ravi invested Rs. 913 partly in 4% stock at Rs. 97 and partly in 5% stock at Rs. 107. If his income from both is equal, amount invested on first stock was

a) Rs. 750

b) Rs. 525

c) Rs. 610

d) Rs. 485

English Questions:

Directions :  In the following questions, some parts have been jumbled up. You are required to rearrange these parts, which are labeled P, Q, R and S, to produce the correct sentence.

14) In life, some rules are/ (P), as business/ (Q), they seem almost instinctive/ ®, learnt so early that/ (S)

a) R S P Q

b) Q P S R

c) R P S Q

d) Q S P R

15) All precautionary measures were taken, to prevent the capture of booths/ (P), during the election/ (Q), by the Government/ (R), by the terrorists (S)

a) S P R Q

b) Q S P R

c) R P S Q

d) R Q S P

Reasoning Questions:

16) Energy : Joule :: ?

a) Axe : Grind

b) Ammeter : Current

c) Power : Ampere

d) Resistance : Ohm

Download Solution / Free Answer key:

Below are the solution / answer key / explanation of model question paper/ practice / sample set of Coal India Limited (CIL) Management Trainee (MT) MCQ Question Paper (model previous years question paper) –

1) c 2) b 3) c 4) d 5) d 6) b 7) d 8) b 9) b 10) b 11) c 12) d 13) d 14) b 15) c 16) d.

Download Sample Paper in Free PDF:

You can download this model / practice sample paper set in PDF format from the link – Download PDF.
coal india management trainee question paper download previous year solved model mcq study material cil mt limited written exam subject wise chapter trade engineerinhg civil


Previous Years CIL MT Question Paper Download:

Previous years old question paper of Engineering subject wise question paper for Coal India Limited Management Trainee (CIL MT) can be downloaded from the official website of CoalIndia if they upload it on their portal. Coal India MT Previous Years Model Question Paper should be practiced for civil engineering, electronics engineering, mining engineering, mechanical engineering and other related subjects for both Paper I and Paper II.

Official website – Click here.

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