BSF RM RO Descriptive Question Model Paper Download ASI HC

Descriptive Sample Question Paper Model Test Question for BSF ASI (RM) Exam

BSF ASI (RM) HC (RO) Exam contains two papers in which one question paper consists of Descriptive Question Paper of 200 marks for ASI (RM) and 100 marks paper for HC (RO). These descriptive tests are mandatory and required to be dealt with care for final shortlisting of candidates. One should try to achieve more marks in this descriptive test. You can download the model question paper or sample test BSF RM RO Descriptive Question Model Paper for practice. Remember these questions are for practice purpose, you need to solve more and more question in this descriptive test. The model descriptive question paper is for BSF ASI RM exam is available to download.

bsf descriptive paper download asi rm hc ro exam model sample question

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Download Sample Question for BSF ASI (RM) HC (RO) Descriptive Test:

The descriptive exam will be conducted on December 2016. So, candidates should solve question as much as they can. The BSF RM RO Descriptive Question Model Paper  will consist of questions from Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and electronics. Nature of the test and some model questions are discussed below.

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Physics Descriptive Paper Model Question:

1) What are superconductors? Give an example of Superconductor.
2) Give an example of a situation in which an applied force does not result in changing in kinetic energy.
3) What are the different types of equilibrium, explain.
4) Define Simple Harmonic Motion. Give an example of SHM.
5) What is universal law of Gravitation?
6) Can a simple pendulum experiment be conducted inside a satellite? Explain.

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Chemistry Model Question:

1) What is the law of definite proportion?
2) What is avogadro’s law? Explain.
3) What are the main features of Dalton’s Law?
4) State Faraday’s Law of electrolytes.
5) What is shape selective catalysis?

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Electronics Model Questions:

1) Explain how a diode works as a rectifier.
2) Sate Joule’s Law and explain.
3) What is the definition of conductivity?
4) What is the basic difference between pnp and npn transistor?
5) What is toroid?
6) What is cyclotron? Where it is used?

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