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Download MPSC Tax Assistant Previous Years Model Question Paper

Model Question Download for MPSC Tax Assistant Exam with solution PDF

Maharashtra Public Service Commission or MPSC conducts Tax Assistant Exam each year for which we have given model question paper with solution. The solved question paper or mock test paper for MPSC contains objective MCQs which can be solved for scoring high in the exam. You need to also download previous years question paper of MPSC Tax assistant exam (Maharashtra) fully solved for checking how much prepared you are. The question paper can also be downloaded in PDF format.

 mpsc tax assistant model question paper previous

1) Which of the following animals was not represented on the seals and terracotta art of the Harappan Culture?
a) Cow b) Elephant c) Rhinoceros d) Tiger.
2) Which one of the following sites is the largest Mesolithic site in India?
a) Bagor b) Tilwara c) Valasana d) Akhaj.


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3) Which one of the following was not cultivated in the Harappan Civilization?
a) Mustard b) Barley c) Sugarcane d) Sesames.
4) The largest Harappan site discovered in Gujarat is
a) Dholavira b) khandia c) Kuntasi d) Manda.
5) The first metal most widely used by the Indus valley people was
a) Copper b) Bronze c) Gold and silver d) Tin.
6) The greatest seasonal contrast of insulation on the earth is in which of the following latitudinal zones?
a) Equatorial b) Tropical c) Temperate d) polar.
7) Which of the following do not belong to solar system?
a) Asteroids b) Comets c) Planets d) Nebulae.
8) Which one of the following diagrams shows the direction and duration of wind?
a) Cartogram b) Climogram c) Ergo graph d) star diagram.
9) Radio waves are reflected back to Earth from the
a) Troposphere b) Exosphere c) Stratosphere d) Ionosphere.
10) Which one of the following is the largest satellite in solar system?
a) Titan b) Ganymede c) Europa d) Triton.
11) The constitution of India borrowed the scheme of India federation from the constitution of
a) USA b) Canada c) Ireland d) UK.
12) Who said preamble is the keynote to the constitution?
a) Ernest Barker b) K M Munshi c) B R Ambedkar d) D D Basu.
13) Which one of the following writs literally means ‘’what is your authority’’?
a) Habeus corpus b) Certiorari c) Quo Warranto d) Prohibition.
14) Which among the following Articles deals with the protection of environment and wildlife?
a) Article 47 b) Article 48 c) Article 48 A d) Article 49.
15) The term of the Rajya Sabha was fixed by the
a) President b) Constitution c) parliament d) Cabinet.
16) Which committee was set up to review the concept of the poverty line?
a) S Tendulkar committee b) Lakdawala committee c) Wanchoo committee d) Dutt Committee.
17) India is now the ….member country of the FATF.
a) 34th b) 20th c) 13th d) 19th.
18) Planning commission was established in the year
a)1950 b) 1947 c) 1975 d) 1960.
19) Money in India consists of
a) Paper currency b) Current Deposits c) Metallic Coins d) All of these.
20) The bonded labour system Act was legislated in
a) 1974 b) 1976 c) 1977 d) 1978.
21) Which one of the following phenomena shows particles nature of light?
a) Polarization b) Photo-electric effect c) Interference d) Refraction.
22) Which one of the following is not an amorphous substance?
a) Glass b) Polymer c) Rubber d) Copper.
23) To shield an instrument from an external magnetic field it may be placed in a cabinet made of
a) Wood b) Ebonite c) Metal d) Diamagnetic d) Diamagnetic substance.
A) Irons b) Atoms c) Neutrons d) Gamma rays.
25) Sun loving plants are –
a) Halophytes b) Sciophytes c) Heliophytes d) Autotrophs.


1)a, 2) a, 3) c, 4) a, 5) a, 6) b, 7) d, 8) b, 9) d, 10) b, 11) b, 12) a, 13) a, 14) c, 15) b, 16) a, 17) a, 18) a. 19) d, 20) b, 21) b, 22) d, 23) d, 24) a, 25) c.

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