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UPPCL ARO Model Question Paper Sample Test Set MCQ Download PDF

UPPCL Model Question Paper Set Download Sample Set PDF Practice Questions Answers MCQ

UPPCL ARO Model Question Paper Download PDF Sample Practice Set (Assistant Review Officer) –

1) Which of the following Physical quantity is dimensionless?

a) Strain

b) Angle

c) Specific gravity

d) All of these

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2) Where did Lord Buddha breathe his last?

a) Rajgir

b) Bodh Gaya

c) Sarnath

d) Kushinagar

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3) Which state has the lowest area under forest?

a) Gujarat

b) Uttar Pradesh

c) Andhra Pradesh

d) Haryana

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4) Which of the following animals is dumb?

a) Deer


c) Stag

d) Yak

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5) The International Date Line passes through

a)Red Sea

b) Bering Strait

c) Plak Strait

d) Caspian Sea

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6) Who among the following is aa lady Alvar Saint?


b) Perumal

c) Madhur Kavi

d) Andal

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7) Who won silver medal in London Olympics?

a) Saina Nehwal

b) Yogeshwar

c) Gagan Narang

d) Vijay Kumar

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8) Mohan is the one (a)/ who always finds (b)/ fault with whatever Ram does.(c)/ No error (d)

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9) Being a sunny day (a)/ I decided to skip (b)/ work and stay at home.(c)/No error (d)

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Directions: in the following sentences a word or phrase is written in bold. For each bold part four words/phrases are listed below each sentence. Choose the word nearest in meaning to bold part.

10) Mohinder Amarnath had penchant for hook shots.

a) art

b) inclination

c) strength

d) desire

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11) What meaning have you drawn from her tongue in cheek remarks.

a) deduced

b) induced

c) conduced

d) deduct

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Directions: out of the four alternatives, choose the one which can be substituted for the given words/sentence.

12) Not likely to be easily pleased.

a) Fastidious

b) Infallible

c) Fatalist

d) Communist

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13) A guide-post pointing out the way for a place.

a) Last-post

b) Finger-post

c) Lamp-post

d) Check-post

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Directions: The following sentences consist of a word or a phrase which is written in bold letters. Each of them is followed by four words or phrases. Select the word or the phrase which is closest to the opposite in meaning of the bold word or phrase.

14) At his success in the examination he felt elated.

a) exultant

b) dejected

c) resting

d) jubilant

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15) He was charged with abetting the murder of an innocent child.

a) baffle

b) instigate

c) promte

d) support

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16) He was charged with abetting the murder of an innocent child.

a) baffle

b) instigate

c) promte

d) support

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17) Hardly had he finished his lunched than the phone rang.

a) when

b) then

c) while

d) no improvement

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Directions: For each of the following sentences four alternatives are given. You are to choose the correct meaning of the idioms given in bold in the sentences.

18)At a party, he is always in high spirits.


b) cheerful

c) drunk

d) uncontrollable

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19) न्यायः ?

a) अन्याय

b) भेदभाव

c) शत्रुता

d) सुन्याय

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20) अक्ल का दुश्मन

a) मित्र

b) शत्रु

c) महापंडित

d) महामूर्ख

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21) ) सही वर्तनी शब्द का चयन करे

a) उतसव

b) उत्सव

c) उस्तव

d) ऊतस्व

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