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Bihar General Knowledge MCQ State GK Questions Answers

Bihar State GK MCQ General Knowledge Questions Answers

1) Which district of Bihar has the highest Literacy rate in the State?

a) Rohtas

b) Patna

c) Bhagalpur

d) Siwan

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2) Which of the following district of Bihar does not shares border with Nepal?

a) Purnia

b) Madhubani

c) Kishanganj

d) Sitamarhi

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3) Which of the following district of bihar does not shares border with Uttar Pradesh?

a) Buxar

b) Gopalganj

c) Saran

d) Muzaffarpur

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4) Tomb of sher suri is situated in which district of Bihar?
a) Rohtas

b) Patna

c) Banka

d) Nalanda

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5) Total Number of districts in Bihar

a) 40

b) 32

c) 38

d) 42

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6) Total Number of Parliamentary constituency in Bihar

a) 12

b) 22

c) 40


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7) When the Patna University was established

a) 1910

b) 1911

c) 1917

d) 1934

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8) The city Vaishali was the capital of

a) Koliyas

b) Kuru

c) Licchhavis

d) Shakya

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9) How many Republics are included under Mahajanapadas

a) 6

b) 8

c) 10

d) 16

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10) For many days the chhath festival is celebrated

a) 1 days

b) 2 days

c) 3 days

d) 4 days

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11) The famous Bihar Movement was started in the year

a) 1965

b) 1970

c) 1971

d) 1974

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12) Dalmianagar of Bihar is Famous for

a) silk

b) Jute

c) Leather

d) Cement

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13) Kunwar singh died in the year

a) 1855

b) 1857

c) 1858

d) 1863

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14) The Mahabodhi Temple is Located in

a) Patna

b) Bhagalpur

c) Bodh Gaya

d) Muzaffarpur

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15) Which one is recognized as state animal of Bihar

a) Cow

b) OX

c) Lion

d) Tiger

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16) Total number of highway within Bihar is

a) 23

b) 28

c) 29

d) 30

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17) Who is also known as the Bihar Kesari

a) Rajendra Prasad

b) Vidyapati

c) Krishna Singh

d) Binodanand Jha

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18) Which of the following is a silk textile producing center in Bihar

a) Hajipur

b) Bajaj

c) Bodh Gaya

d) Bhagalpur

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