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West Bengal School Service Commission (WBSSC) SLST Education Syllabus 2022 for Higher Secondary School Assistant Teacher: WBSSC has updated the SLST Education Syllabus for Class 11, 12 PG Teacher Recruitment Exam. Here we have given below the 1st SLST Syllabus 2016 based on which you can prepare for the upcoming 2nd SLST 2022. You can also download the Written Test Main Exam Syllabus of the WB SLST Education PG Teacher Recruitment Exam from the link given below.

west bengal ssc slst education pg teacher syllabus class 11 12

SLST Education PG Teacher Syllabus Class 11, 12

1. Philosophical Foundations of Education

(A) Concept and Aims of Education, Methods of Teaching and Role of Teachers in the light of Idealism, Naturalism, Pragmatism and Marxism.
(B) Philosophical and Psychological bases of Curriculum. Principles of Curriculum Construction. Evaluation of Madhyamik and H. S. Curriculum of W.B. in the light of the principles. Co-curricular activities. Freedom and discipline.

2. Psychological Foundations of Education

(A) Growth and development of the child – Stages and areas of development. Physical, Cognitive, Social and development up to the stage of adolescence. Intelligence-Concept and Two factor theory. Personality-Concept and Trait theory.
(B) Theories of Learning: Connectionism (Throndike, Pavlov, Skinner) and cognitive (Gestalt). Factors affecting Learning: Maturation Interest, and Motivation. Memory and Attention.

3. Sociological Foundations of Education

(A) Social Groups: Primary and Secondary Social Processes: Associative and Dissociative. Education, Society and Social Change. Education and Socialization.
(B) Current sociological Problems of Education in India: Illiteracy and Universalisation of Primary Education Equality of Educational Opportunity – Education of SC, ST and OBC.

4. Historical Foundation of Education

(A) Salient features of Brahmonic and Buddhist Education in Ancient Indian.Islamic Education in Mediaeval India.
(B) Landmarks in the History of India Education during pre-independence era; Serampore Missionary activities in education Macaulay’s contribution to Indian education Wood’s Despatch, Hunter Commission. Sadler Commission. Wardha Scheme, Sargent Report.

5. Modern Development in Indian Education

(A) Landmarks in the History of Indian Education during post-independents era with special reference to structure, curriculum, medium of instruction at the Primary and Secondary stages: Report of the Mudaliar Commission Radhakrishnan Commission, Kothari Commission, Ramamurti Committee and Mitra Commission. Salient features of Education Policy statement, 1968. National Policy on Education, 1986, Contemporary issues in education.
(B) Present structure, administration and progress of Primary and Secondaryeducation in India, particularly in West Bengal.

6. Contribution of Great Educators

(A)Indian – Vidyasagar, Vivekananda, Rabindranath, Mahatma Gandhi.
(B)Western – Rousseau, Pestalozzi, Dewey and Froebel with special emphasis on Aim of Education, Methology, Discipline, Role of Teacher and their works.

7. Guidance in Education and Impact of Mass Media on Education

(A) Guidance and Counselling in Education Concept, Types and Tools of guidance and counselling. Techniques and importance of guidance and counselling.
(B) Impact of Mass Media on Education Print media, Cinema, Radio, Electronic media including Television.

8. Mental Hygiene

(A) Concept and Criteria of Mental Health. Scope of Mental Hygiene. Maladjustment: Concept and types, Causes, prevention and remedies of maladjustment. Adjustment Mechanism.
(B) Mental disorder – classification and brief description Therapeutic measures : Psychoanalytic, Behaviouristic and Play Therapies.

9. Measurement and Evaluation in Education

(A)Concept of Measurement and Evaluation. Need and Scope of Evaluation in Education, Tools and Techniques of Evaluation. Construction and standardization of Achievement Tests. Defects of present system of Examination and Suggestions for its improvement.
(B)Different types of tests. Tests for the measurement of Intelligence, Interest and Personality.

10. Educational Statistics:

(A) Need for Statistics in Education. Frequency Distribution, Graphical Representation of Data, Measures of Central Tendency, Measures of Variability.
(B) Normal Probability curve its properties and uses. Skewness and Kurtosis. Percentile and Percentile Rank. Derived Scores – Standard Score, T-Score, Coefficient of Correlation by Rank difference and product moment method.

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