WBSSC History Syllabus 2022 SLST Class 9, 10 & 11, 12

West Bengal School Service Commission (WBSSC) 2nd SLST History Syllabus 2022 Download PDF: In this post, we have discussed the WBSSC Class IX, X & XI, XII Teacher Recruitment Syllabus for History. We also have update the latest Syllabus of the Assistant Teacher Recruitment Exam for History Subject Honours Level (Graduate) & PG Level. The syllabus is available to download in PDF format and the link is provided in the article itself.

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SLST History Class 9-10 Graduate Teacher Syllabus

Topic 1: Feature of the Indus Valley Civilization —decline of the Indus Civilization — the Vedic Civilization — Sodas’a Mahajanapadas — Buddhism and Jainism – The rise and fall of the Maura Empire: Asoka’s Dhamma — Imperial Guptas — Palas and Senas of Bengal.

Topic 2: The establishment of the Delhi Sultanate — The Slave dynasty — the Khilji and Tughluq Rulers — The Khilji Revolution – The administrative structure under the Sultanate including provincial government — The problem of theocracy – the Vijayanagar Empire.

Topic 3: Disintegration of the Sultanate — Babar — the importance of his invasion of India —Mughal — Afghan contest and Sher Shah Suri — Consolidation of the Mughal empire under Akbar — Territorial expansion under Akbar — Manasabdari System — Religious policy.

Topic 4: An overview of the reigns of Jahangir and Shahjahan — Aurangzeb’s expansionist policies — conflict with the Marathas — Shivaji — The character of the Maratha Swarajya — Aurangzeb and the disintegration of the Mughal empire — The growth of regional powers, Bengal, Awadh, Hyderabad and the crisis of the empire in the early eighteenth century.

Topic 4: Causes of the conflict between Siraj-ud-daula and the East India Company — Mir Kasim, private trade and the English East India Company — Brief Overview of British expansion – the Colonial Economy : Land revenue settlements — Drain of Wealth —Deindustrialization — Limited development of modern industries.

Topic 5: Early resistance to British rule — Paik, Chur & Poligar rebellions — Wahabi and Farazi movements — Santal Rebellion — The revolt of 1857; context and nature, Western Education and Social reform — Rammohan Ray, Young Bengal & Vidyasagar – Brahmo Samaj and Prarthana Samaj — Aligarh Movement: Early stages of Indian nationalism — pre-Congress associations — foundation of the Congress — the nature of the early Congress.

Topic 6: The rise of Extremism in Indian Policies — Anti-partition and Swadeshi movement —separate electorate and the British divide and rule policy: Gandhi and Indian nationalism — Non-Co-operation, Civil Disobedience, Quit India Movement: Muslim League and the demand for Pakistan — Partition and Independence.

Topic 7: The French Revolution of 1789 — Social context of the Revolution of Popular movement — the Reign of Terror: Robespierre — the rise of Napoleon Bonaparte — Napoleon’s internal reconstruction — Napoleon and Europe: Expansion and collapse of the Napoleonic empire. mom=

Topic 8: The Vienna Congress (1815) — The Metternich System — The Revolutions of 1830 —1848 — the new political ideologies : Nationalism, Liberalism and Socialism — the unification of Germany and Italy — Industrialization in England and Europe.

Topic 9: European imperialism Economic forces behind European Imperialism of the late 19th Century — colonialism and the Scramble for Africa —Germany’s Welt Politics — Triple Alliance and Triple Entente — the origins of the First World War Peace settlement of 1919 — The Russian Revolution — Weimar Republic and the rise of Nazism in Germany — Fascism in Italy — Origins of the Second World War.

WBSSC SLST History Syllabus for PG Teacher (Class XI, XII) will be updated soon.

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