TSPSC Group II Services Previous Year Model Question Paper Download

Model Solved Previous Year Question Paper Download PDF for TSPSC Telangana Gr II Services Commercial Tax Officer Excise

TSPSC Group II Services Previous Year

TSPSC solved model question paper for Group II Services acto (commercial tax officer, excise SI) General recruitment written exam has been given below. The model TSPSC Group II Services Previous Year Model Question Paper can be downloaded in PDF format from the link given below. Solved previous year / last years question paper may also be downloaded from the link. Telangana State Public Service Commission will conduct Group II services exam which will recruit various posts like commercial tax officer, excise sub inspector etc. You may solve last 10 year previous years question paper for better preparation. The Model question paper can also be downloaded completely free.

About TSPSC Group II Services Previous Year

Name of the AuthorityTelangana State Public Service Commission
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Article Categoryprevious year question papers
Selection ProcessWritten Test/Viva
Job LocationTelangana State
Official Websitewww.tspsc.cgg.govt.in

Download TSPSC Model Question Paper Solved PDF for GR II Services:

1) Which is the hottest planet of the solar system?
a) Mercury b) Mars c) Earth d) Saturn
2) What is mandatory to open the Atal Pension Yojana Account?
a) adhar card b) saving bank account c)visa card d)all of these.

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3) Which of the following is not a gland?
a) thyroid b) gastrin c)liver d)pancreas
4) The chief nitrogenous waste in human is
a)urea b)ammonia c) ammonium nitrate d)uric acid
5) Which of the following uplands is not a part of the telangana plateau?
a) aravalli b) western ghat c)eastern ghat d) satpura
6) The anti-defection law was passed by the Indian parliament in the year
a) 1986 b)1988 c)1984 d)1985
7) With which of the following is the classic jivaka chintamani in tamil associated?
a) Jainism b)Buddhism c)Hinduism d)Christianity
8) The fulsome development of mughal painting was the achievement of
a) Humayun b) akbar c)babar d)Jahangir
9) The acid in gastric juice is
a) Acetic acid b)nitric acid c)hydrochloric acid d) sulphuric acid
10) Who is the author of the book, The God of Small Things?
a) Mrinal pandey b) shekhar kapur c) arundhati roy d) arun shourie
11) The war criminals of the ii World war were put to trial in
a) Nuremburg b) peitersburg c)gettysbury d)peitsberg
12) Rupee is the currency of
a) Bhutan b) Malaysia c) Maldives d)seychilles
13) Kimono is a dress style of which Asian country?
a) china b)korea c) japan d) laos
14) How many states of the USA are not attached to its mainland?
a) one b) two c) three d) four
15) The parliament of Japan is known as
a) assembly b) key c) senate d) diet
16) Which one among the following is not a Millennium Development Goal of the United Nations?
a) Eradicate extreme poverty b) Reduce birth rate and death rate c) improve maternal health d) promote gender equality.
17) Which one of the following United Nation Agency has given a membership to Palestine?
a) UNO b) UNESCO c) UNDP d) All of these.
18) Which one of the following countries is not a member of the SAARC?
a) Bangladesh b) Maldives c) Bhutan d) Myanmar.
19) Which one of the following is not a UN member country?
a) Greece b) Taiwan c) Portugal d) Australia.
20) Where is National institute of Nutrition located?
a) Bengaluru b) Hyderabad c) Mysore d) Pune.
21) Which one of the following is a member of OPEC?
a) Vietnam b) Philippines c) Laos d) Indonesia.
22) The UN Charter was signed in
a) San Francisco b) New York c) The Hague d) Paris.
23) India is not a member of
a) ADB b) APEC c) Antarctic Treaty d) Colombo plan.
24) What is the number of the permanent member of the UN Security Council?
a) five b) six c) ten d) fifteen.
25) Where was the first non-Aligned summit meet held?
a) New Delhi b) Cairo c) Belgrade d) Havana.

Answer key / solution / solved paper download PDF Free:

1)a 2) b 3) b 4) a 5) a 6) d 7) a 8) d 9) c 10) c 11) a 12) d 13) c 14) b 15) d 16) b 17) b 18) d 19) b 20) b 21) d 22) a 23) b 24) a 25) a.

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