PSSSB Panchayat Secretary Previous Year Model Question Paper Download

Solved Model Question Previous Years paper download link PDF for Panchayat Secretary Exam PSSSB

PSSSB Panchayat Secretary Previous Year

Punjab Subordinate Services Selection Board or PSSSB will conduct written exam for the PSSSB Panchayat Secretary Previous Year Model Question Paper of Panchayat Secretary for 2023. Below we have given sample / model question paper fully solved and free to download. The mock or model question paper can be downloaded from the link given below in PDF format. You can also download the previous years question paper with answer key here. Solve last 10 year’s question paper to have a strong position on the written exam. Practice more and more MCQs to get through the exam.

PSSSB Panchayat Secretary Exam Syllabus 2023

Language Proficiency: (a)  Punjabi (b) English25
General Knowledge25
Mental Ability25
Mathematics Skills25
Total Marks100

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Model Question Paper Download for PSSSB Panchayat Secretary:

1) Who among the following laid the foundation of Rashtrakuta Empire?
a) Amoghavarsha
b) Dantidurga
c) Dhruva
d) Krishna I
2) The first dynasty of the Vijayanagar kingdom was
b) Sangama
c) Saluva
d) Tuluva
3) Which of the following Chalukyan city is known as the city of temples?
a) Pattadakal
b) Badami
c) Aihole
d) Kanheri
4) The Bahmani kingdom was founded by
a) Timur
b) Zain-Abidin
c) Malik Kafur
d) Hasan
5) Who among the following saints wrote ‘Bijak’?
a) Ramdas
b) Tulsidas
c) Guru Arjun
d) Kabir
6) One degree of longitude on the equator is equal to a distance of
a) 34.5 miles
b) 50 miles
c) 60 miles
d) 69 miles
7) How much of a time period 15 degree of longitudes account for?
a) 4 time
b) 15 time
c) 30 time
d) 60 time
8) Which of the following trees is not a soft wood variety?
a) fern
b) Mahogany
c) Pine
d) Spruce
9) Which of the following countries are land locked?
a) Burundi
b) Mongolia
c) Nepal
d) Bhutan
10) Which one of the following is the capital of Cambodia?
a) Ho Chi Minh City
b) Hanoi
c) Semarang
d) Phnom Penh
11) Under which Article of the Constitution India can the President of India be impeached?
a) Article 61
b) Article 75
c) Article 76
d) Article 356
12) Which one of the following High Courts has the territorial jurisdiction over Andaman and Nicobar islands?
a) Andhra Pradesh
b) Kolkata
c) Chennai
d) Odisha.
13) The Rajya sabha can be dissolved by
a) Lok Sabha
b) Constitution amendment
c) President
d) Cant be dissolve
14) Who is the ex-office Chairman of Rajya Sabha?
a) President
b) Vice-President
c) Minister of parliamentary Affairs
15) Which of these State has the maximum number of member of Legislative Assemblies?
b) Paschim Banga
c) Uttar Pradesh
d) Andhra Pradesh
16) India has
a)socialistic economy
b) Mixed economy
c) Gandhian economy
d) Free economy
17) Inflation implies
a) rice in budget deficit
b) rice in money supply
c) rice in general price index
d) rice in price of consumer goods
18) Which of the following committees recommended tax on Agriculture holding?
a) Bhootlingam
b) Wanchoo Committee
c) Raj Committee
d) None of these
19) State maximum production of coffee in India is
a) Karnataka
b) Kerala
c) Maharashtra
d) Tamil Nadu
20) National Agriculture Insurance Scheme replacing Comprehensive Crop Insurance Scheme was introduced in the year
a) 1997
b) 1998
c) 1999
d) 2000
21) Cloves are actually
a) seeds
b) fruits
c) floral buds
d) bark of a tree
22) Which one of the following is a secretion from the body of an insect?
b) Lac
c) Coral
d) Shagreen
23) Who of the following has not been a Chief Justice of India?
a) RC Lahoti
b) GB Pattanaki
c) SS Gill
d) VN Khare
24) Usha Thorat has served as Deputy Governor of
a) RBI
b) Andhra Pradesh
c) Tamil Nadu
d) SBI
25) Who among the following annulled the Partition of Bengal?
a) Lord Chelmsford
b) Lord
c) Lord Minto
d) Lord Hardinge

Answer key / solution download:

1)b 2) b 3) c 4) d 5) d 6) b 7) d 8) b 9) d 10) d 11) a 12) b 13) d 14) b 15)c 16) b 17) b 18) d 19) a 20) c 21) c 22) b 23) c 24) a 25) b

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