Verbal Ability Test MCQ Question Answer Objective Model Paper Set

Directions (Q. 31-35) : In the following questions, some parts have been jumbled up. You are required to rearrange these parts, which are labeled P, Q, R and S, to produce the correct sentence.

31) Around the world, painful terminal disease/ (P), the question of human death/ (Q), people are wrestling with/ (R), especially in the face of/ (S)

a) R S Q P

b) P Q R S

c) R Q S P

d) P S Q R

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Option – c)

32) The Government has assured the people that, in the Kargil operation/ (P), who have sacrificed their lives/ (Q), will be properly looked after/ (R), the families of all those soldiers/ (S).

a) P S R Q

b) S Q P R

c) S R Q P

d) S P R Q

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Option – b)

33) Like most people, all of their behaviour/ (P), entrepreneurs are complex/ (Q), can explain/ (R), and no one theory/ (S)

a) Q P R S

b) R S Q P

c) Q S R P

d) R P Q S

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Option – c)

34) If, no amount of experience could alter them/ (P), they could fixed at birth and/ (Q), completely dictated by heredity/ (R), personality characteristics were/ (S)

a) Q R S P

b) S P Q R

c) P R Q S

d) S Q R P

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Option – d)

35) The unfortunate reality, as a result of this decline England is/ (P), peripheral sport in England and/ (Q), is cricket is today a/ (R), peripheral to World cricket/ (S)

a) S Q P R

b) R P Q S

c) S P Q R

d) R Q P S

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Option – d)

Directions (Q. 36-40) : Pick out the most effective word from the given words to  fill in the blanks to make the sentence meaningfully complete.

36)These medicines are _____ for curing cold.

a) proper

b) real

c) effective

d) capable

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Option – c)

37) It was ______ hot that day and the cable suffered the brunt of the heat.

a) treacherously

b) acceptably

c) unfailingly

d) unbelievably

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Option – d)

38) The speaker did not properly use the time as he went on ____ on one point alone.

a) dilating

b) devoting

c) deliberating

d) diluting

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Option – c)

39) I will write a letter to you tentatively ____ the dates of the program.

a) involving

b) urging

c) guiding

d) indicating

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Option – d)

40) His logic _____ everyone, including the experts.

a) teased

b) defied

c) surprised

d) confounded

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Option – c)