Physical Science MCQ Questions Answers Objective Sample Practice Set

51) Nuclear sizes are expressed in a unit named





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Option – a)

52) Product of Force and Velocity is called:

a) Work

b) Power

c) Energy

d) Momentum

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Option – b)

53) Pa(Pascal) is the unit for

a) thrust

b) pressure

c) frequency

d) conductivity

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Option – b)

54) What is the unit of Astronomical Distance ?

a) Light year

b) Angstrom

c) Weber

d) Lux

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Option – a)

55) Which instrument is used to measure the power of electric circuit ?





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Option – b)

56) An artificial Satellite revolves round the Earth in circular orbit, which quantity remains constant?

a) Angular Momentum

b) Linear Velocity

c) Angular Displacement

d) None of these

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Option – a)

57) What is the scale used for measuring the intensity of the earthquake?

a) Metric Scale

b) Quake Scale

c) Richter Scale

d) Epicentre Scale

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Option – c)