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JAVA Programming MCQ Questions Answers Download PDF

JAVA Programming Language MCQ Questions Answers Download PDF Solved Set

JAVA MCQ JAVA Programming Language MCQ Questions Answers Download PDF Set

1) Which of the following is not a primitive data type?

a) Boolean

b) byte

c) string

d) double

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2) What is the output of this program?


b) 236

c) 326

d) 362

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3) Is null an object?

a) Yes

b) No

c) Sometimes yes

d) None of these

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4) Let m be a variable of datatype byte. The value of m <<4 is same as

a) m x 24

b) 4m

c) m4

d) 4 + m

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5) Which of the following statement will result in compilation error?

a) signed int abc;

b) unsigned int abc;

c) signed byte abc;

d) signed long abc;

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6) Which of the following operators take (s) only integer operands?


b) ++ (post-increment)

c) ++(pre-increment)

d)none of these

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7) Which of the following doesn’t have a superclass?


b) Object

c) Lang

d) Exception

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8) Elements of an array have the same

a) index

b) vsalue

c) datatype

d) scope

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9) Constant that cannot be changed are declared using the keyword

a) final

b) static

c) absatract

d) immutable

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10) Which of the following can be used to copy data from one array to another?

a) System.clone

b) java.lang.toCopy

c) System.arraycopy


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11) Which of the following operator don’t always evaluate all their operator?

a) &&

b) &

c) ?:

d) I I

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12) How much of storage does a character (represented in Unicode) need?

a) 1 byte

b) 4 byte

c) 3 byte

d) 2 byte

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13) Which of the following access specifiers is usually used with used with inheritance?

a) public

b) private

c) protected

d) package

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14) Which of the following operators act only integer operator?

a) <<

b) >>>

c) & (bitwise AND)

d) No such operator exists in Java.

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15) Which of the following keywords is used to declare exceptions that can possibly occur?

a) handle

b) throws

c) checked

d) manage

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16) Which of the following packages needs to be important to use the StringTokenizer class


b) java.util

c) java.lang


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