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Indian Railway MCQ Questions Answers

Indian Railway MCQ Questions Answers Download PDF

1) ________Zone is the largest in India Railway?

a) Central Railway

b) Northern railway

c) Western Railway

d) Western Railway

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2) Railway staff College is situated at

a) Mumbai

b) Secundrabad

c) Ahmedabad

d) Vadodara

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3)First Indian Train was started ?

a) From Calcutta to Delhi

b) From Mumbai To Thane

c) From Mumbai to Surat

d) From Mumbai to Madras

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4) Indian Railway Nationalized in which year?

a) 1952

b) 1950

c) 1953

d) 1955

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5) How many institution do give suggestions for railways technology?

a) one

b) two

c) three

d) six

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6) In which year palace on wheels train inaugurated?

a) 1988

b) 1978

c) 1982

d) 1965

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7) The headquarter of Central Railway situated at?

a) Mumbai(V.I)

b) Mumbai (Church Gate)’

c) Gwalior

d) Gorakhpur

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8) Diesel Locomotive Work is Situated at

a) Parambur


c) Kapurthala

d) Bangalore

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9) In which of the Following cities, the first sub-way train was started?

a) Mumbai

b) Delhi

c) Calcutta

d) pune

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10) In the beginning first train of India Travelled?

a) 33km

b) 40km

c) 34 km

d) 46km

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11) First Train Started in India?

a) 1851

b) 1852

c) 1853

d) 1854

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12) Who invented the railway engine?

a) Pascal

b) Isaac Newton

c) James Watt

d) George Stephenson

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13) Total number of Railway Training Institutions in India?

a) Three

b) Four

c) Five

d) Six

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14) Metro Railway is Functioning in which of the Following India State?

a) Gujarat

b) Maharashtra

c) West Bengal

d) Tamil Nadu

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15) Where is the Research, Design and Standard organization Situated?

a) Lucknow

b) Bangaluru

c) Agra

d) Pune

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16) Into how many Zones is the Indian Railway Organized?

a) 17

b) 15

c) 14

d) 16

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17) When was the new Harbour rail line inaugurated?

a) 1925

b) 1928

c)  1931

d) 1933

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18) In todays  time what is the length of board gauge of the railway line?

a) 5 feet

b) 5.5 feet

c) 6 feet’

d) 6.5 feet

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19) In which country was flanze wheel invented?

a) Germany

b) Japan

c) Europe

d) Russia

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20) When was Petrol Rail car Started on Kolka-Shimla Rail route?

a) 1911

b) 1913

c) 1918

d) 1917

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21) How many members did the railway Board had?

a) 3
b) 5

c) 4

d) 8

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22) When was the construction work for the first Railway line Started?

a) 1821

b) 1828

c) 1823

d) 1830

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23) Where did Chapman form the committee?

a) Glassgo

b) London

c) Edimbara

d) Lords

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24) What was the main source of earning of Railway?

a) Goods fair

b) Passenger fair

c) Catering

d) None of thses

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25) When was the B.B.C.I. Locomotive get started ?


b) Parel

c) Boriville

d) Hyderabad

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