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31) Which one of the following African countries in not land-located?

a) Benin

b) Chad

c) Lesotho

d) Mali

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Option – a)

32) What growth rate of Indian Economy has been projected by IMF for 2011-12?

a) 9.3%

b) 9%

c) 8.2%

d) 8.5%

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Option – c)

33) The written who refused the Nobel Prize for literature was:

a) Winston Churchill

b) Prem Chand

c) Jean Paul Sartre

d) Boris Paternak

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Option – d)

34) Which of the following rivers flows in Gemany?

a) Seine

b) Danube

c) Thames

d) Volga

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Option – b)

35) The Indian Rice Research Institute is located at:

a) Kolkata

b) Cuttack

c) Bardhman

d) Tamil Nadu

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Option – b)

36) A serious effort to tackle the problem of poverty began with

a) Third Plan

b) Fifth Plan

c) Fourth Plan

d) Seventh Plan

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Option – c)

37) Which country first sent a successful moon mission?

a) USA

b) China

c) France


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Option – d)

38) Who has been named recently as the world’s best paid author?

a)  Jeffery Archer

b) J.K Rouling

c) Salman Rushdie

d) Paula Coclho

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Option – b)

39) Red list of threatened species is released by

a) WWF




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Option – b)

40) Kanchenjunga is situated in ;

a) Himachal Pradesh

b) west Bengal

c) Nepal

d) Sikkim

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Option – d)