General Science MCQ – Series 3

General Science MCQ Questions Answers – Practice Set Series 3

Practice Set Number

1) The release of which one of the following into Ponds and wells helps in controlling mosquitoes ?

A. Crab
B. Gambusia Fisha
C. Dogfish
D. Snail

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Option – b)

2) Monazite is an ore of
A) titanium
b) zirconium
c) iron
d) thorium

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Option – d)

3) What is key ingredient of Vinegar that you use in diet ?
A. Acetic acid
B. Ascorbic acid
C. Benzoic Acid
D. Nicotinic Acid

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Option – c)
4) The most economical process of increasing the nutritive value of foodgrains is ?
A. Germination
B. Milling
C. Parboiling
D. Pearling
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Option – b)
5) One Joule is equal to
a) 105 ergs
b) 103 ergs
c) 107 ergs
d) 1011 ergs
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Option – c)
6) All Enzymes are actually ?
A. Protein
B. Carbohydrates
C. Fatty acids
D. Sterols
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Option – a)
7) Nuclear fission is caused by the impact of
a) neutron
b ) proton
c) deuteron
d) electron
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Option – a)
8) In India, the human organ transplantation act come into existence in ?
A. 1994
B. 1995
C. 1996
D. 1997
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Option – b)
9) Kilowatt is a unit to measure
a) work
b) power
c) electricity
d) current
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Option – b)
10) Which of the following is biodegradable?
A. D.D.T.
B. Paper
C. Plastic
D. Aluminium
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Option – b)
2) Non stick cooking utensils are coated with
a) Teflon
b) PVC
c) black paint
d) polystyrene
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Option – a)