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General Mental Ability Test MCQ Question Answer Objective Model Paper

General Mental Ability Test MCQ Question Answer Objective Model Paper

Multiple Choice Objective type questions from General Mental Ability Test have been given here. These MCQ Question answers of Mental Ability Aptitude Test are very important if you are preparing for competitive examinations and also for various entrance exam of 10th, 12th class, engineering etc.

Directions: (Q.nos.1-2)Selects the related letter/word/number from the given alternatives.

1)Scissors : Cloth::?

a)Axe : Wood

b) Stone : Grinder

c) Knife : Stone

d) Sickle : Brick

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2) 5 :2431 :: 8:?

a) 4287

b) 5461

c) 7624

d) 6743

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Directions (Q.Nos. 3-4)Find the missing number/letter from the given responses.


a) COU

b) FQK

c) DJP

d) QXD

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4) 5,7,11, ?,35,67

a) 23

b) 28

c) 30

d) 10

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5) Arrange the following words according to English dictionary.



3) Precinct

4) Precept

a) 2,1,4,3

b) 2,1,3,4

c) 1,2,3,4

d) 4,3,2,1

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Direction: (Q.Nos. 6-7) Find the wrong number from the given series.

6) 1,5,5,9,7,11,11,15,12,17

a) 11

b) 12

c) 17

d) 15

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7) 11,5,20,12,40,26,74,54,

a) 5

b) 20

c) 40

d) 26

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8) If  STRONG Is written as ROTNSG, then how would NAGPUR be written in the same code?





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9) If A=26, SUN=27,then CAT is equal to

a) 24

b) 27

c) 57

d) 58

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10)Select  the correct set of symbols which will fit in the given equation 5 0 3 5= 20.

a) x,x,x

b) -,+,x

c) x,+.x

d) +,-,x

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11) Bharati is 8 ranks ahead of Divya who ranks twenty-sixth in a class of 42.what is Bharati’s ranks from the last?

a) 9th

b) 24th

c) 25th

d) 34th

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12) Find the wrong number from the given series




c) 4566

d) 5686

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13) Pointing to a lady on the platform,Manju said,’’ she is the sister of the father of my mother’s son.’’ Who is the lady to Manju?

a) Mother

b) Sister

c) Aunt

d) Niece

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14) Mehrunissa is the 11th from the either end of the row of girls, How many girls are there in the row?

a) 19

b) 20

c) 21

d) 22

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15) If Z = 26,NET=39,then NUT is equal to


b) 53

c) 55


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Directions: (Q.Nos.16-17)A series is given with one/two term missing. Choose the correct alternative from the given ones that will complete the series.

16) 6,10,14,18,22,26,30,?,?


b) 33,37

c) 38,42

d) 34,38

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17) A,D,I,?,Y

a) O

b) P

c) Q

d) R

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18) In a certain code, if AUDITORIUM is written as MUIROTIDUA, how will MISFORTUNE be written in that code?





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Directions: (Q.Nos.19-20) Find wrong number.

19) 11,5,20,12,40,26,74,54

a) 5

b) 20

c) 40

d) 26

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20) 1,5,9,15,25,37,49

a) 9

b) 15

c) 25

d) 37

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