Basic General Knowledge – Series 15

1) Who has been appointed as the new Speaker of Lok Sabha ?

a) R. Jethmalani

b) Sumitra Mahajan

c) V.S. H]egde


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Option – b)

2) The 2013 CHOGM Summit was held in—

a) Mauritius

b) Nepal

c) Sri Lanka

d) Pakishtan

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Option – c)

3) Which of the following is a landlocked sea?

a)Timor Sea

b) Arafura Sea

c) Greenland Sea

d) Aral Sea

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Option – d)

4) Who won silver medal in London Olympics?

a) Saina Nehwal

b) Yogeshwar

c) Gagan Narang

d) Vijay Kumar

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Option – d)

5) Who was awarded the Magsaysay Award for 2013?

a) Nileema Mishra

b) Koul Panha

c) Harish Handa

d) Erneoto Domingo

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Option – d)

6) Which of the following has no skeleton at all?

a) Star Fish

b) Sponge

c) Jelly Fish

d) Silver Fish

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Option – c)

7) Which one of the following is the example of planetary winds?

a) Monsoon

b) Trade Wind

c) Land and Sea Breezes

d) Chinook

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Option – b)

8) The book ‘’ The Inheritance of Loss’’ has been writer by

a) Salman Rushdie

b) Arundhati Roy

c) Anita Desai

d) Kiran Deshai

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Option – d)

9) What is the number of Chromosomes in a human ovum?

a) 24

b) 46

c) 48

d) None of these

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Option – b)

10) The Catch-line ‘’ The Joy of Flying ‘’ is associated with

a) Jet Airways

b) Sahara Airlines

c) Indian

d) Air India

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Option – a)