General Knowledge MCQ GK Questions Answers Objective Paper

16) The Acid in gastric juice is

a) acetic acid

b) nitric acid

c) hydrochloric acid

d) sulphuric acid

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Option – c)

17) On July….., man walked on the Moon for the first time.

a) 20th

b) 21th

c) 19th

d) 18th

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Option – a)

18) Who among the following is the author of the book ‘ The Namesake’?

a) Arundhati Roy

b) Amitav Ghosh

c) Jhumpa Lahiri

d) Kiran Desai.

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Option – c)

19) Sabin Awards is given for the conservation of

a) amphibians

b) reptiles

c) birds

d) corals.

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Option – a)


20) Famous player kevin peterson belong to

a) Kenya

b) England

c) Nigeria

d) Namibia.

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Option – b)
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