One Word Substitution – English Questions Answers

46) Not allowing the passage of light.

a) Oblique

b) Opaque

c) Optique

d) Opulant

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Option – b)

47) Operation of the body after death.

a) Post-mortem

b) Obituary

c) Homage

d) Mortuary

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Option – a)

48) An expert in the area of the fine or other arts.

a) Neophyte

b) Amateur

c) Connoisseur

d) Enthusiast

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Option – c)

49) Violation of the sanctity of the Church.

a) Infringement

b) Irreverence

c) Sacrilege

d) Transgression

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Option – a)

50) A person who is well known in an unfavourable way.

a) Notorious

b) Obscure

c) Conspicuous

d) Ethical

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Option – a)