One Word Substitution – English Questions Answers

31) One who performs daring gymnastic feats.

a) Athlete

b) Juggler

c) Acrobat

d) Conjuror

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Option – c)

32) Governed by a sense of duty.

a) Conscious

b) Sensible

c) Intelligent

d) Conscientious

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Option – d)

33) To free anything from germs.

a) Cauterise

b) Sterilise

c) Antiseptic

d) Antivirus

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Option -b)

34) A place where birds are kept.

a) Aviary

b) House

c) Aquarium

d) Apiary

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Option – a)

35) A person who lives by himself.

a) Monk

b) Recluse

c) Extrovert

d) Prophet

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Option – b)

36) Spoken or done without preparation.

a) Verbose

b) Extempore

c) Amateur

d) Verbatim

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Option – b)

37) A style in which a writer makes display of his knowledge.

a) Ornate

b) Pedantic

c) Artificial

d) Showy

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Option – b)

38) Fluent and clear in speech.

a) Emotional

b) Enthusiastic

c) Articulate

d) Confident

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Option – c)

39) An assembly of worshippers.

a) Congregation

b) Conflagration

c) Configuration

d) Confrontation

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Option – a)

40) The practice of having many wives.

a) Bigamy

b) Calligraphy

c) Polygamy

d) Polyandry

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Option – c)

41) A group of three powerful people.

a) Trio

b) Tritium

c) Trivet

d) Triumvirate

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Option – d)

42) Loss of memory.

a) Ambrosia

b) Amnesia

c) Insomnia

d) Forgetting

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Option – b)

43) Not to be moved by entreaty.

a) Rigorous

b) Negligent

c) Inexorable

d) Despotic

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Option – d)

44) To struggle helplessly.

a) Flounder

b) Founder

c) Fumble

d) Finger

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Option – a)

45) An object or portion serving as a sample.

a) Specification

b) Spectre

c) Spectacle

d) Specimen

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Option – d)