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English Literature MCQ Questions Answers Download MCQ

English Literature MCQ Questions Answers Objective Model Quiz Download

English Literature MCQ Questions Answers Objective Quiz Download PDF Sample Test Set

1) Which American writer published ‘A brave and startling truth’ in 1996
a) Robert Hass
b) Jessica Hagdorn
c)Maya Angelou
d) Micheal Palmer

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2) What is a poem called whose first letters of each line spell out a word?
b) Epic
d) Haiku

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3) What is a funny poem of five lines called?
a) Quartet
d) Palindrome

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4) Who succeeded Lyly?
a)Robert Greene
b)John Milton
c)Philip Sidney
d)Christopher Marlowe

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5) Which famous Shakespeare play does the quote,”Neither a borrower nor a lender be” come from?
c)Titus Andronicus
d)Pericles, Prince of Tyre

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6) In which century was Shakespeare born?


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7) Who is Mr. Tench in The Power and the Glory?
a) A teacher

b) A clerk
c) A thief
c) A dentist

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8) Who said ‘Keats was a Greek’?
a) Wordsworth
b) Coleridge

c) Lamb
c) Shelley

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9) Which of the following is Hamlet’s mother?
a) Beatrice
b) Margaret
c) Gertrude
d) Rosalind

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10) Which of the following was Elizabeth known as?
a) Unintelligent
b) Rude

c) Stingy
d) Fanatic

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11) For whom it is said: “sensuousness is a paramount bias of his genius”:

a) Blake

b) Keats

c) Tennyson

d) Shelley

e) None of these

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12) ‘Desert Places’ is a:

a) Poem

b) Play

c) Novel

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13) Francis Bacon died in:

a) 1616

b) 1626

c) 1648

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14) Who is the villain in “Hamlet”?

a) Horatio

b) Iago

c) Claudius

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15) Which of the following poems by Tennyson is a monodrama?

a) Ulysses

b) Break, Break, Break

c) Maud

d) Crossing the Bar

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16) Moral choice is everything in the works of:

a) Dickens

b) George Eliot

c) Hardy

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17) Which one of the following poets was appointed Poet Laureate in the year 1813?

a) Tennyson

b) Byron

c) Southey

d) Wordsworth

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18) Who believed that poetry is the spontaneous overflow of emotions?

a) Blake
b) Byron
c) Wordsworth
d) Keats

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19) Which of the following is not a play by Shakespeare?

a) Hamlet
b) Macbeth
c) Dr. Faustus

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20) In which of the following Genres did Victorian Literature achieve its greatest success:

a) Drama
b) Epic Poetry
c) Lyric Poetry
d) The Essay
(e) The Novel

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