Measurements & Instrumentation MCQ ECE Questions Answers

11) A variable reluctance type tachometer has 60 rotor teeth, the records 3600  counts/minutes. The device speed is

a) 60 r.p.s

b) 1800 r.p.s

c) 3600 r.p.s

d) 7200 r.p.s

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Option – c)

12) The gauge factor of the material of strain gauge is such that the resistance changes from 1000 ohms to 1009 ohms when subjected to a strain of 0.0015. The poisson’s ratio  for the material of the gauge wire is

a) 1.75

b) 2
c) 2.5

d) 6

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Option – c)

13) Which of the following phenomena is most important when foodstuff is cooked in a microwave oven ?

a) Resistive Joule heating

b) Induction heating

c) Dielectric heating

d) Radiation heating

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Option – c)

14) According to Gaussian statistical analysis, if the confidence level is 0.80, then the values lying outside the confidence interval are

a) 1 in 5

b) 1 in 10

c) 1 in 20

d) 8 in 10

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Option – a)

15) Very small displacements are effectively measured using


b) Strain gauge

c) Thermistor

d) Tachogenerator

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Option – a)

16) Damping torque in the disc of an a.c. energy meter is provided by which one of the following ?

a) Electrostatic effect

b) Magnetostatic effect

c) Eddy current effect

d) Chemical effect

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Option – c)

17) Which one of the following types of landline telemetry method has the advantage of simplicity and is free from noise, leakage and supply voltage variations ?

a) Current type

b) Voltage type

c) Position type

d) Impulse type

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Option – c)

18) Creep error is associated with which  one of the following meters ?

a) Moving iron meter

b) Energy meter

c) Electrodynamic meter

d) Wattmeter

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Option – b)

19) Which one of the following in simple elemental forms is not a pressure sensor ?

a) Cantilever beam

b) Bourden tube

c) Diaphragm

d) Bellows

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Option – a)

20) Which of the following meters does not exhibit square law response ?

a) Moving coil

b)Moving iron

c) Electrodynamometer

d) Hot wire instrument

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Option – a)

21) Which one of the following is the most sensitive device ?

a) Thermocouple

b) RTD

c) Thermistor

d) Pyrometer

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Option – c)

22) Which one of the following measuring devices has minimum loading effect on the quantity under measurement ?


b) CRO

c) Hot wire

d) Electrodynamometer

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Option – b)

23) Which one of the following modulation techniques is the most efficient for pulse telemetry ?

a) PAM

b) PCM

c) PDM

d) PPM

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Option – b)

24) Which of the following bridges is also used in an oscillator ?

a) Maxwell

b) Schering

c) Hay

d) Wien

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Option – d)

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