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Work Power Electrical Engineering MCQ Questions Answers

Work Power MCQ Questions Answers Electrical Engineering

1) One kilowatt hour is equal to

a) 36 x 103 J

b) 103 J

c) 36 x 105 J

d) 105 J

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2) A heater  coil rated at 1000 W, 220 V is connected to 110 V line. Power consumed is

a) 250 W

b) 500 W

c) 200 W

d) 400 W

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3) A kilowatt hour is the unit of

a) energy

b) power

c) electric charge

d) electric current

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4) If current in an electric bulb drops by 2%, then power decreases by

a) 2%

b) 4%
c) 1%

d) 16%

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5) A 100 W bulb will give heat and light energy of

a) 100 J/s

b) 200 J/s

c) 50 J/s

d) 150 J/s

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6) A fuse wire is made of

a) copper

b) tungsten

c) lead-tin-alloy

d) nichrome

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7) Lamps used for house lighting are connected in

a) series

b) parallel

c) mixed grouping

d) arbitrary manner

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8) An immersion heater is rated 418 W. It should heat a litre of water from 10oC to 30oC in nearly

a) 100 s

b) 200 s

c) 144 s

d) 400 s

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9) By what percentage will the incandescence a lamp decrease if the current drops by 2%?

a) 1%

b) 4%

c) 2%

d) 8%

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10) The heater element in an electric iron is made of

a) nichrome

b) iron

c) tungsten

d) constantan

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