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Magnetic Circuits MCQ Questions Answers Electrical Engineering

1) The B-H curve for __________ will be a straight line passing through the origin

a) air

b) soft iron

c) hardened steel

d) silicon steel

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2) For 1 m3 of material, the hysteresis loss will be minimum for

a) soft iron

b) steel

c) cobalt steel

d) silicon steel

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3) The SI unit reluctance is

a) AT/Wb

b) AT/m

c) AT

d) N/Wb

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5) The unit of relative permeability is

a) AT/m

b) N/Wb

c) AT/m2
d) a number

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6) At high frequencies the material used for transformer cores is

a) silicon iron

b) soft iron

c) ferrite

d) none of the above

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7) Out of the following materials, the area of hysteresis loop will be least for………

a) wrought iron

b) hard steel

c) silicon steel

d) soft steel

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8) The magnetic material used for ……… should have a large hysteresis loop.

a) transformers

b) d.c generators

c) a.c motors

d) permanent magnets

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9) The B-H curve of a ferromagnetic material is

a) linear

b) non-linear

c) circle

d) none of the above

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10) The material used for the core of a good relay should have ……… hysteresis loop.

a) large
b) very large

c) narrow

d) none of the above

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11) A permanent magnet should have

a) low remanence

b) high remanence

c) zero remanence

d) none of the above

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12) The relative permeability of air is

a) 0

b) 1

c) infinite

d) none of the above

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13) The curie tempareture of iron is

a) 2000C

b) 4300C

c) 7000C

d) 5500C

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14) In practical magnetic circuits, the air-gap is kept

a) very small

b) large

c) very large

d) none of the above

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15) An electromagnet uses

a) soft iron core

b) steel core

c) nickel core

d) copper core

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16) The magnetic potential difference in a magnetic circuit is given by

a) H/I

b) B X I

c) HI

d) BI X h

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17) The  hysteresis loop of a material that cannot be magnetized easily is

a) narrow

b) very narrow

c) wide

d) none of the abve

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18) The hysteresis loop is nearly square for

a) iron core

b) steel core’

c) ferrite core

d) wrought iron core

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19) Due to fringing at the air gaps in a magnetic circuit, the effective area of the air gaps is

a) increased

b) decreased

c) same

d) none of the above

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