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Electrical Engineering Basic Concepts MCQ Questions Answers

Basic Concepts of Electrical Engineering MCQ Questions Answers

1) The diameter of an atom is about

a) 10-10m

b) 10-8m

c) 10-2m

d) 10-15m

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2) The electric current is due to the flow of

a) positive charges only

b) negative charges only

c) both positive and negative charges

d) neutral particles only

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3) The number of compounds available in nature is

a) 105

b) 300

c) 1000

d) unlimited

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4) No current flows between two charged bodies if they have same

a) capacity

b) potential

c) charge

d) none of the above

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5) The thermal speed of electronics is of the order of

a) 1 ms-1

b) 10-3 ms-1

c) 106 ms-1

d) 3 x 108 ms-1

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6) The SI unit of conductivity is

a) ohm-m

b) ohm/m

c) mho-m

d) mho/m

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7) Which one of the following is the best conductor of electricity?

a) silver

b) gold

c) copper

d) zinc

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8) Potential difference has the unit of

a) charge

b) power

c) energy

d) none of the above

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9) Which of the following is the best material for making connecting wires?

a) manganin


c) copper

d) bichrome

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10) If a wire is melted and recast to half of its length, then the new rasistance is

a) R/4

b) R/2

c) R

d) 2 R

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