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Networking MCQ Computer Questions Answers PDF Download

Computer Networking MCQ Questions Answers Download PDF Fully Solved Sample Practice Set Technical Aptitude

Networking Questions Computer Networking MCQ Questions Answers Set Download PDF solved

1) Which are the types of servers?

a) Proxy server

b) Application Server

c) Cloud Server

d) Dedicated Server

e) All

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2) Which of the following application layer networking protocol manages the network devices and applications?


b) ARP

c) FTP


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3) Identify the odd one out of the following terms stated below:

a)  Hypertext

b) FTP

c) Segmentation

d) Internet

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4)Which of the following are the different types of networks around you?

a)  LAN

b) WAN

c) MAN

d) All

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5) ……………… is a software utility used in IMCP to test network connection latency.



c) Orion

d) Head geek

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6) Which of the following  is a domain resolution protocol that translates the web address into numeric IP address ?

a) IP

b) TCP

c) DNS

d) None

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7) Which TCP  port is used by Telnet to connect the server applications?

a) Port 23

b) Port 43

c) Port 33

d) Port 50

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8) Identify the odd one out of the following terms stated below:

a) Virus

b) Identity theft

c) Hackers

d) Spam

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9) An OSI model comprises of ………………. Layer.

a) Seven

b) Eight

c) Six

d) Five

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10) Which of the following protocol sends electronic mail to the receiver’s end?

a) FTP


c) POP3

d) Both (a) & (c)

e) Both (a) & (b)

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11)………………….. is used for booting in the diskless workstations.

a)  ARP



d) FTP

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12)How many classes are there  in IPV4 address Space?

a) Four

b) Six

c) Five

d) Seven

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13) Which of the following devices are used to transfer data between LAN?

a) Repeaters

b) Hub

c) Routers

d) Bridges

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14) Which of the following layers is not a part of the OSI model?

a) Application layer

b) Transport layer

c) Network Layer

d) Internet Layer

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15) Which of the following allows a two-way connection oriented communication over a network?

a) TCP


c) Both (a) & (b)

d)  none

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16)Which of the following are the various types of guided media?

a) Twisted cable

b) Fiber option

c) Co-axial cable

d) All

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17) Which of the following layers of OSI model carry out logical- physical address mapping?

a) Networking layer

b) Transport layer

c) DLL

d) Application layer

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18) The division of an IP networking into two or more logical sub-networks is known as ……………..

a)  Sub-networking

b) super networking

c) routing

d) packet-switching

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19) A subnet firewall configuration , which secures LAN from the untrusted external network, is called ……………….

a)  MAN

b) DMZ

c) LAN

d) WAN

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20) How many types of IP addresses are there?

a) Two

b) Three

c) One

d) Four

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21)Which of the following are part of a data communication system?

a) Sender, receiver

b) Transmission medium

c) Message, protocol

d) All

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22)The hardware interface between a computer and network is known as ……………..

a) NIC

b) router

c) mesh

d) protocol

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23)Which of the following TCP/IP layer contain IP and ARP protocol?

a) Application layer

b) Transport layer

c) Internet layer

d) Network access layer

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24) Which of the following layers is a part of the TCP/IP internetworking model?

a) Internet Layer

b) Transport layer

c) Application Layer

d) Network access layer

d) All

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