Digital Logic MCQ Questions Answers Computer Engineering CSE

21) Which of the following code is a weighted code?

a) Gray

b) Excess-3

c) Shift Counter

d) 5111

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Option – d)

22) The number of columns is a state table for a sequential circuit with ‘m’ fillip-flops and ‘n’ input is

a) m + n

b) m + 2n

c) 2m + n

d) 2m + 2n

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Option – c)

23) The square of octal number 23 is

a) 529

b) 539

c) 551

d) 650

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Option – c)

24) The 9’s compliment of 33 is

a) 33

b) 44

c) 39

d) 66

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Option – d)

25) Which of the following operation is commutative but not associative?

a) AND

b) OR


d) XOR

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Option – c)

26) Which is odd one in K-map?

a) Paris

b) Triples

c) Quads

d) Octets

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Option – b)

27) Which one is not a type of shift register?

a) Bidirectional

b) Unidirectional

c) Left Shift

d) Right Shift

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Option – b)

28) A toggle operation cannot be performed using a single

a) NOR gate

b) AND gate

c) NAND gate

d) XOR gate

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Option – b)

29) Which of the following 4-bit numbers equals its 1’s complement?
a) 1010

b) 1000

c) no such number exists

d) none of the above

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Option – c)

30) Minimum number of NAND gates required to implement Sum in half-adder circuit is:

a) 2

b) 3

c) 4

d) 5

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Option – c)

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