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Banking Awareness MCQ Questions Answers

Banking Awareness MCQ Questions Answers for various Bank Exam – Prelims Mains

Question Answer – Set 1

Question Answer – Set 2

1) Which of the following is not a primary function of a Bank?

a) Granting Loans

b) Collecting Cheques/Drafts customers

c) Facilitating import of goods

d) Issuing Bank Drafts

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2) Interest rate “Savings deposit” now a days is decided by

a) RBI

b) SBI

c) Respective Banks

d) IBA

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3) The facility not available in the BSBDA is ?

a) Deposit amount

b) Withdrawing of cash

c) ATM Card

d) Withdrawal form facility

e) All above facilities are available

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4) Budget is an instrument of

a) Commercial policy of the government

b) Fiscal policy of the Government

c) Monetary policy of the government

d) Money-saving policy of the government

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5) “ASBA” stands for

a) Application supported by bank account

b) Application supported by balance account

c) Application supported by blocked account

d) Application supported by blocked amount

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6) Reserves which can act as a liquidity buffer for commercial banks during crisis times are

a) CAR

b) SLR

c) CAR and CRR

d) CRR and SLR

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7) The Majority shareholder in CRISIL is _________?

a. Standard and Poors’
b. Fitch Ratings Inc.
c. Moody’s
d. Dun and Bradstreet

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8) Which was the first bank to introduce cheque system in India?

a. Bengal Bank
b. Bank of Hindustan
c. General Bank of India
d. Presidency Bank

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9) Who cancelled Sahara Mutual Fund license on 28th July’15?

a. Supreme Court
c. BSE

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10) Who has been appointed as the MD and CEO of Bank of Baroda by the government?

a. P S Jayakumar
b. Jaykumar Sharma
c. Shiv Pal Sharma
d. Ajay Shankar

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12) Which temple in India has opened up a Demat account to accept donations from devotees in the form of shares and securities?

a. Shirdi Sai Temple
b. Tryambkeshwar Temple
c. Vaisho Devi Temple
d. Tirumala Venkateswara Temple

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13) Who has been appointed as the new Finance Secretary on 31st Aug’15?

a. L C Goyal
b. Rajiv Mehrishi
c. Ratan P Watal
d. Shaktikanta Das

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14) Which of the following got accredited by the Green Climate fund as a national implementing entity for undertaking climate change related projects in India?


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15) The Reserve Bank of India will transfer its surplus profit of 65,896 crore rupees to the Centre. This amount is ___ percent higher than previous year.

a. 5%
b. 19%
c. 25%
d. 33%

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16) Name the committee to recommend that granting relief to FIIs on Minimum Alternate Tax (MAT) will be a positive thing for the market?

a. C Rangarjan Committee
b. Bimal Jalan Committee
c. AP Shah Committee
d. K N Desai Committee

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17) CRR refers to the share of _____ that rural banks have to maintain with RBI of their net demand and time liabilities ?

a) Liquid cash

b) Gold

c) Forex reserves

d) Illiquid cash

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18) Which of the following statement is true about Bank?

a) Banks can accept only time deposit from public

b) Banks can accept only demand deposit from public

c) Banks can accept both demand and time deposit from Public

d) Banks can accept demand and time deposit from Government only

e) Banks cannot accept demand and time deposit from Public

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19) Name the micro finance company that becomes the first to start operation as a commercial bank?

a. Pay Tm Bank
b. Vodafone m-Pisa Bank
c. Yes Bank
d. Bandhan Bank

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20) The headquarter of ONICRA is _________.

a. Mumbai
b. Gurugram
c. Hyderabad
d. Noida

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