Agriculture MCQ Questions Answers | Download PDF Agriculture Quiz

21) Which of the following is the largest irrigation canal in India?

a) Buckingham canal

b) Sultej Yamuna like Canal

c) Sirhind canal

d) Indira Gandhi Canal

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Option – d)

22) Which is the largest cotton growing state in India?

a) Gujarat

b) Madhya Pradesh

c) Maharashtra

d) Andhra Pradesh

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Option – a)

23) For which of the following is black soil not very suitable?

a) Potato

b) Ground nut

c) Cotton

d) Wheat

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Option – b)

24) Which of the following is a cash crop in India?

a) Rice

b) Wheat

c) Jowar

d) Sugarcane

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Option – d)

25) The variety of coffee largely grown in India is

a) Old Chicks

b) Kents

c) Coorgs

d) Arabica

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Option – d)