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December 2017 Current Affairs Quiz MCQ Questions Answers

December 2017 Current Affairs Quiz MCQ Questions Answers

Current Affairs Quiz December 2017 MCQ Questions Answers

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31st December 2017 – Current Affairs MCQ Quiz

1) Which day would be remembered through the ages ?

A)Republic Day

B) Independence Day

C) Father’s Day

D) Mother’s Day

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2) The pipeline is being placed from Dobhi, Bihar to


B) Durgapur

C) Delhi

D) None of the above

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3) Minister Nitish Kumar has laid foundation stones for more than

A)132 projects

B)50 projects

C) 100 projects

D) 260 Projects

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4) Which country collaborated with India for DTAA ?

A) New Zealand

B) China

C) Europe

D_ Singapore

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5) The Finance Minister agreed to contribute


B) 25%

C) 50%

D) None of the above

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30th December 2017 – Current Affairs MCQ Quiz

1) Where was the 78th session of Indian History Congress held ?


B) Punjab

C) Kolkata

D) Mumbai

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2) A new start up centre was launched by

A)Narendra Modi

B) Arvind Kejriwal

C) Nirmala Sitharaman

D) None of the above

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3) The World’s largest human genome research project was launched by




D) America

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4) When was the National Medical Commission bill introduced ?

A)19th December 2017

B) 29th December 2017

C) 2nd December 2017

D) None of the above

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5) The Delhi government launched a


B) Scheme

C) Mobile app

D) None of the above

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29th December 2017 – Current Affairs MCQ Quiz

1) National Capital Territory of Delhi Laws second bill 2017 seeks to extend the immunity of slums and illegal structures within

A)13th January 2019

B) 31st December 2020

C) 15th November 2020

D) None of the above

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2) The government has slashed interest rates on small savings schemes by

A)0.9 percentage

B) 0.1 percentage

C) 0.4 percentage

D) 0.2 percentage

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3) Which position was ranked by India on NPA list ?


B) 7th

C) 5th

D) 10th

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4) What does the word `Ekuverin’ mean ?


B) Friends

C) Strength

D) None of the above

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5) The trafficking of persons bill was initiated by

A)Women & Child development

B) Lok sabha

C) Prime Minister Narendra Modi

D) None of the above

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28th December 2017 – Current Affairs MCQ Quiz

1) A five member committee was held for ?

A) Triple Talaq

B) POD taxi

C) New project

D) None of the above

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2) When was the India-Afghanistan air cargo launched ?

A)18th November 2017

B) 1st December 2017

C) 27th December 2017

D) 15th October 2017

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3) The Andhra Pradesh Fibre grid project aims for ?

A)Food facility

B) High Speed internet facility

C) Education facility

D) None of the above

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4) Haryana shooter Anisa Sayyed won the .

A) Gold medal

B) Silver

C) Bronze

D) None of the above

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5) The triple talaq has been passed by

A)Rajya Sabha

B) Lok Sabha

C) Parliament

D) Prime Minister’s approval

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27th December 2017 – Current Affairs MCQ Quiz

1) Jairam Thakur sworn as which state’s  CM ?


B) Maharashtra

C) Himachal Pradesh

D) West Bengal

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2) India signed a loan agreement with World Bank for ?


B) Punjab


D)Tamil Nadu

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3) India is set to overtake Britain and France for which position ?





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4) India launched a scheme of free ?



C)Power connection


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5) The HAL is manufacturing the Dornier 228 for ?

A)Civilian Flights

B) Defence Forces

C) Personal Flights

D) None of the above

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26th December 2017 – Current Affairs MCQ Quiz

1) When was the (e-HRMS) launched ?

A)21st December 2017

B) 25th December 2017

C) 15th November 2017

D)None of the above

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2) Jai Ram Thakur belongs from which party ?





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3) What is the AIM promoting ?


B) Engineers

C) Artists

D) Doctors

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4) The LiDAR is being used for which city ?


B) Kolkata

C) Amritsar

D) Delhi

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5) The BND – 4201 is the reference code of which product ?

A)Pure platinum

B)Pure silver

C)Pure Gold

D)None of the above

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25th December 2017 – Current Affairs MCQ Quiz

1) When was the National Company law Tribunal set ?

A) 1 year ago

B) 32months ago

C) 18months ago

D) 9months ago

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2) The prevention of Torture bill has been introduced as ?

A)Public Bill

B) Private Bill

C) Lok sabha Bill

D) Rajya Sabha Bill

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3) BJP lok sabha member asked the centre to identify the ?



C) Freedom fighters

D) New members

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4) India is soon going to have it ‘s own gravitational wave by ?


B) 2018

C) 2020

D) 2025

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5) The Indian Railways has launched air conditioned suburban local train in ?




D) Madhya Pradesh

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24th December 2017 – Current Affairs MCQ Quiz

1) What is the name of the state where Jairam Thakur was chosen as the new party leader ?

A)West Bengal

B) Maharashtra

C)Himachal Pradesh

D) Odisha

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2) When was Lieutenant General B S Sahrawat commissioned ?

A)1999 January

B) 1993 February

C) 1998 November

D) 1980 December

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3) Maharashtra created renewable energy around ?





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4) Sushma Swaraj is holding a meeting with which country ?


B) China


D) Russia

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5) Which day is being observed on 24th December ?

A)Children’s Day

B) Men’s Day

C) Women’s Day

D) National Consumer’s Day

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23rd December 2017 – Current Affairs MCQ Quiz

1) What is the name of the new project launched by Union Ministry of drinking water & sanitation facility ?

A) Ganga

B) Cleanliness

C) Ganga Gram

D) Swach ganga

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2) What is the name of the new species of Scorpio?

A)Einstein’s Scorpio

B) Schaller’s Scorpio

C) Newton’s Scorpio

D) Curie’s Scorpio

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3) What got legal identification in India recently in 2018 ?

A) Euthanasia


C) Transgender

D) Drugs

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4) 23rd December is celebrated as ?

A) Men’s Day

B) Women’s Day

C) Farmer’s day

D) Animal’s Day

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5) Where is the base located for test firing the QRASM missile ?

A) Lucknow

B) West Bengal

C) Punjab

D) Odisha

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22nd December 2017 – Current Affairs MCQ Quiz

1) With whom did India sign an agreement with for sharing tax related information ?


B) Switzerland


D) China

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2) Which University was opened by India at Sonipat, Haryana?

A)Technology university

B) Music University

C) University of design

D) Martial arts University

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3) Which day is celebrated as National Mathematician Day ?

A)11th December

B) 22nd December

C) 15th November

D) 25th February

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4) Which programme was launched by the MEA?





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5) Where did India set up a centre of excellence information technology (CEIT) ?




D) Egypt

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21st December 2017 – Current Affairs MCQ Quiz

1) The CRF 2000 act has been regulated for the development of ?

A) River ways

B) Bridges

C) Buildings

D) Highways

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2) The Indian Navy collaborated with which country for the Oceanographic Survey ?

A) Sri lanka

B) Bangladesh

C) Afghanistan

D) Myanmar

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3) What was the value of the small denomination currency ?

A) 2,588 billion

B) 1,764 billion

C) 3,501 billion

D) 5,991 billion

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4) The Indian Naval officer Kulbhushan Jadav has been kept captive since ?

A) June 2016

B) February 2016

C) March 2016

D) November 2016

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5) A round trip mission of Mars could last for

A) 6 years

B) 4 years

C) 3 years

D) 8 years

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20th December 2017 – Current Affairs MCQ Quiz

1) The United nations International Human Solidarity day is annually held on ?

A)December 15

B) June 18

C) December 20

D) August 16

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2) The requisitioning and acquisition of immovable property bill 2017 was introduced on ?

A)1st November 2017

B) 3rd December 2017

C) 4th July 2017

D) 19th December 2017

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3) The Mumbai metropolitan region development authority signed an agreement with ?

A)Delhi rail corporation

B) Pune rail corporation

C) Punjab rail corporation

D) Lucknow rail corporation

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4) What was the amount given by the World bank to India for STRIVE project ?

A)138 million $

B) 169 million $

C) 125 million $

D) 149 million $

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5) Who is the  World’s biggest greenhouse gas producer ?



C) China

D) Europe

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19th December 2017 – Current Affairs MCQ Quiz

1) Which products are being included under the GST ?

A) Jewellery

B) Food

C) Petrol, Diesel

D) Clothes

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2) When is the meeting of (WTO) taking place ?

A) June 2018

B) February 2018

C) January 2018

D) November 2018

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3) What is the Eighth planet names as ?

A) Kepler 900

B) Kepler 911

C) Kepler 90i

D) Kepler 902

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4) Which party whipped out at the Government ?


B) Congress


D) Others

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5) The Tuirial hydropower project is of how many watt ?

A) 90MW

B) 50MW

C) 20MW

D) 60MW

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18th December 2017 – Current Affairs MCQ Quiz

1.BJP is leading in Gujarat with how many seats ?





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2.Which medal was brought by Sakshi Mallik ?





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3. Who won the 2017 election held at Himachal Pradesh ?


B) Congress



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4. Until when was the lok Sabha adjourned ?

A) 4pm

B) 1pm

C) 8:30pm

D) 12 pm

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5. What did the NSA blame India for stockpiling ?

A) Goods

B) Golds

C) Weapons

D) All of the above

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17th December 2017 – Current Affairs MCQ Quiz

1) Which state becomes the third power surplus state in North East ?

a) Sikkim

b) Mizoram.

c) Tripura

d) Darjeeling

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2) When will Saudi Arabia lift it’s ban on women driving ?

a) January 2018

b) June 2018

c) December 2018

d) May 2018

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3) How many medals did India win on Commonwealth games held at Johannesburg ?

a) 20

b) 15

c) 5

d) 10

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4)The defence minister is giving a check on the fee structure of which school ?

a) Delhi Public School

b) Army Public School

c) Sainik School (correct answer)

d) DAV School

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5) Which game was played by Olympic silver medallist PV Sindhu ?

a) Hockey

b) Badminton

c) Table tennis

d) Basketball

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16th December 2017 – Current Affairs MCQ Quiz

1. Where was the 2nd UNWTO / UNESCO World Conference on Tourism and Culture was held ?

A. Muscat

B. Salalah

C. Nizwa

D. Barka

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2. Who has become the 5th Indian Golf Player to win the 2017 Joburg Open Tournament ?

A. Chinnaswamy Muniyappa

B. Shubhankar Sharma

C. Jyoti Randhawa

D. Shiv Kapur

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3. In which state the 2019 Kumbh Mela will be held ?

A. Beneras

B. Haridwar

C. Allahabad

D. Ujjain

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4. Under which scheme the Labour Bureau will ascertain the number of jobs created under the Government ?





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5. Which Indian was offered with the ‘Power One’ award at the UN Headquarters on the 1st anniversary of US Postal Service’s issuing of Diwali stamp ?

A. Pam Keith

B. Pramila Jaipuri

C. Lakshmi Puri

D. Kamala Harris

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15th December 2017 – Current Affairs MCQ Quiz

1. Which is the first Indian state to offer free email ID in Hindi ?

A. Uttar Pradesh

B. Madhya Pradesh

C. Bihar

D. Rajasthan

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2. In which country ‘The Dabba Nuclear Plant’ will be constructed by 2029 ?

A. Algeria

B. Egypt

C. Balochistan

D. Turkey

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3. Who are to be awarded with the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Cannes International Festival for Creativity in 2017 ?

A. Piyush Pandey & Prasoon Pandey

B. Kaushik Banerjee & Dibakar Banerjee

C. Rajkumar Hirani & Prasoon Joshi

D. R.Balki & Prahlad Kakkar

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4. Who is the first ever batsman to score 3 double centuries in ODIs ?

A. Virat Kohli

B. Shikhar Dhawan

C. Rohit Sharma

D. M.S Dhoni

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5. Which word has topped at the list the online dictionary ‘Merriam-Webster’ ?

A. Female

B. Feminine

C. Feminism

D. Feminine

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14th December 2017 – Current Affairs MCQ Quiz

1. Which is the tallest mountain declared recently in the British Antarctic Territory ?

A. Mt Jackson

B. Mt Hope

C. Mt Balchen

D. Mt Hall

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2. In which category did Saurabh Chaudhary win to bag quota places for 2018 Youth Olympic Games ?

A. 25 mt shooting

B. 30 mt shooting

C. 10 mt shooting

D. 50 mt shooting

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3. Which city is to launch a ‘Beggar free city’ ?

A. Kolkata

B. New Delhi

C. Chennai

D. Hyderabad

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4. Who got the ‘Finest Education Minister Award 2017’ ?

A. Manish Sisodia

B. Partha Chatterjee

C. K.C Veeramani

D. Sarbananda Sonowal

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5. What is the rank of India in the Legatum Prosperity Index 2017 ?

A. 101

B. 100

C. 103

D. 104

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13th December 2017 – Current Affairs MCQ Quiz

1. Which team did Australia defeat to win Gold in the World Hockey League 2017 ?

A. India

B. Germany

C. Argentina

D. China

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2. How many cases of Tuberculosis according to WHO gets detected each year in India ?

A. 2.7million

B. 2.6 million

C. 2.8 million

D. 2.9 million

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3. Which campaign has been launched by the Union Minister to promote sports hub in schools and universities ?

A. Khelo India

B. Jeeto India

C. Khel Ratan

D. Indian Sports

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4. When will the India Open International Boxing Tournament be held in New Delhi ?

A. March 2018

B. January 2018

C. February 2018

D. April 2018

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5. Which country is about to open the movie theatres in 2018 after long 35 years ?

A. Qatar

B. Oman

C. Bahrain

D. Saudi Arabia

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12th December 2017 – Current Affairs MCQ Quiz

1. Which novel will brag eminent writer Mamta Kalia, the ‘Vyas Samman’ for the year 2017 ?

A. Dukkham Sukkham

B. Nirmohi

C. Beghar

D. Bolne Wali Aurat

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2. In which state India’s second Naval Museum will be built ?

A. Tamil Nadu

B. Andhra Pradesh

C. Madhya Pradesh

D. West Bengal

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3. Who announced free entrance coaching for the SC / St students in Delhi ?

A. Arvind Kejriwal

B. Mamata Banerjee

C. Amarindar Singh

D. Manik Sarkar

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4. Who will be issued with the Universal ID cards by the Government of India?

A. SC Persons

B. ST Persons

C. OBC Persons

D. Disabled Persons

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5. Which is the new form of matter discovered by the scientists from the University of California and the University of Illinois ?

A. Amorphous

B. Crystalline

C. Excitonium

D. Quark-gluon plasma

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11th December 2017 – Current Affairs MCQ Quiz

1. Against which country has FIFA lifted its 2 year suspension ?

A. Kuwait

B. Oman

C. Iraq

D. Iran

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2. Where was the BIMSTEC Buddhist festival held in 2017 ?

A. Kolkata

B. Chennai

C. New Delhi

D. Mumbai

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3. Who has been appointed as the President of Para Sports Foundation recently ?

A. Manavjit Singh Sandhu

B. Jemish Patel

C. Mohan Upreti

D. Sarvesh Kumar Tiwari

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4. Who inaugurated the Naval Maritime Aircraft Museum in Visakhapattanam recently ?

A. Manmohan Singh

B. Ram Nath Kovind

C. Pranab Mukherjee

D. Chandrababu Naiidu

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5. Where will the first mobile food testing laboratory of India be launched ?

A. Maharastra

B. Punjab

C. Goa

D. Madhya Pradesh

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10th December 2017 – Current Affairs MCQ Quiz

1. Which YouTube personality has been named as the richest You Tuber of the year 2017 ?

A. Jasmine Thompson

B. Stuart Akeem

C. Jessie Cave

D. Daniel Middleton

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2. Which day got celebrated at army headquarters in Lucknow, as the 257th Army Service Corps day ?

A. 8th December

B. 9th December

C. 5th December

D. 7th December

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3. How many Ballon d’Or Award has been won by Cristiano Ronaldo so far ?

A. 7

B. 5

C. 3

D. 4

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4. Which festival of India has been declared as the Intangible Cultural Heritage under UNESCO by the 12th Intergovernmental Committee for safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2017?

A. Surat Mela

B. Jagannath Mela

C. Kumbh Mela

D. Jaipur Mela

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5. Which country will work hand in hand with India to set up a centre of floriculture in Tamil Nadu ?

A. Israel

B. Iraq

C. Iran

D. Oman

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9th December 2017 – Current Affairs MCQ Quiz

1. Which country has recently passed the marriage equality law ?

A. Australia

B. Auckland

C. New Zealand

D. U.S.A

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2. Who inaugurated the B.R Ambedkar International Center at Delhi ?

A. Arun Jaitley

B. Narendra Modi

C. Ram Nath Kovind

D. Rajnath Singh

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3.With which country did India signed a MoU recently to enhance cooperation in the health sector ?

A. France

B. England

C. Mexico

D. Japan

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4. Which state has come up with an ordinance to increase the minimum alcohol consumption age from 21 to 23 ?

A. West Bengal

B. Tamil Nadu

C. Karnataka

D. Kerala

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5. Which film was awarded as the Best Asian Film at the 7th Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Awards ?

A. Taare Zameen Par

B. Sultan

C. Neerja

D. Dangal

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8th December 2017 – Current Affairs MCQ Quiz

1. Which is declared to be the best UNESCO World Heritage Site according to the survey conducted by the travel portal TripAdvisor ?

A. Lotus Temple

B. Taj Mahal

C. Angkor Wat

D. Great Wall of China

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2. Which country has signed a development strategy with United Nations recently ?

A. Iran

B. Somalia

C. Cambodia

D. Romania

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3. Which day is observed as the Armed Forces Day in India every year ?

A. 1st December

B. 3rd December

C. 5th December

D. 7th December

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4. Who has won the Times Magazine Person of the Year 2017 award ?

A. Mohammed bin Salman

B. Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani

C. Moza bint Nasser

D. Jassim bin Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani

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5. Who is appointed by the Government to lead the committee to study the minority status of Hindus in the 8 states of India ?

A. George Kurien

B. M.N Rai

C. N.K.Singh

D. Arundhati Roy

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7th December 2017 – Current Affairs MCQ Quiz

1. Whose death anniversary is observed as ‘Mahaparinirvan Diwas’?

A. Din Dayal Upadhaya

B. Rash Behari Bose

C. Shyamaprasad Mukherjee

D. Dr.B.R.Ambedkar

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2. Which year is the foundation year of Israel ?

A. 1949

B. 1947

C. 1948

D. 1946

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3. Who is the most followed Indian on Twitter ?

A. Amitabh Bacchan

B. Narendra Modi

C. Virendra Sehwag

D. Pranab Mukherjee

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4. Which championship title has been won by Indian badminton team recently for the first time defeating Nepal ?

A. South Asian Regional Badminton Team Championship

B. Para-Badminton World Championship

C. Sudirman Cup

D. Asian Badminton Championship

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5. Which country can not participate at the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang International Olympic Committee in 2018 ?

A. China

B. India

C. England

D. Russia

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6th December 2017 – Current Affairs MCQ Quiz

1. Who inaugurated the Floating Solar Plant in Kerala ?

A. Rajkumar Singh

B. M.M Mani

C. Piyush Goyal

D. Sobhandeb Chattopadhyay

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2. Where was the United Nations Peace Keeping Training conducted in 2017 ?

A. Hanoi

B. Halong Bay

C. Hue Hue

D. Hoi An Hoi

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3. Name the Supersonic missile that was test fired from Odisha recently ?

A. Missile Dhanush

B. Missile Surya

C. Missile Trishul

D. Missile Akash

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4. Who got the International Children’s Peace Prize in 2017 ?

A. Malala Yousufzai

B. Shirin Ebadi

C. Mohamad Al Joundi

D. Frederik Willem de Klerk

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5. Which day is celebrated as the World Soil day ?

A. 3rd December

B. 2nd December

C. 5th December

D. 1st December

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5th December 2017 – Current Affairs MCQ Quiz

1. Name the android app launched by Patna-based Gender Alliance and UNFLA in Bihar to deal with social issues.




D. Bandhan Tod

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2. Which state government is to launch the concept of ‘Green Habitat’ ?

A. West Bengal

B. Assam

C. Kerala

D. Tamil Nadu

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3. Which day is celebrated as the Indian Navy Day ?

A. 2nd December

B. 4th December

C. 3rd December

D. 5th December

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4. Who presented the the national award for Divyangjan empowerment 2017 ?

A. Ram Nath Kovind

B. Narendra Modi

C. Pranab Mukherjee

D. Nirmala Sitharaman

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5. Where was the first International Exhibition and Conference on Ayush and Wellness Sector named AROGYA-2017 organised ?

A. Bangalore

B. Chennai

C. Kochi

D. New Delhi

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4th December 2017 – Current Affairs MCQ Quiz

1. Which word has been added in the Cambridge dictionary as the word of the year 2017 ?

A. Populism

B. Doorbuster

C. Screen Fatigue

D. Rovable

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2. Which day is observed as the International day for the abolition of slavery ?

A. 5th December

B. 10th December

C. 2nd December

D. 7th December

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3. In which year the United Nations declared 3rd November as the International day for the persons with disabilities ?

A. 1990

B. 1992

C. 1995

D. 1998

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4. Who got re-elected as the President of the PDP of Jammu and Kashmir ?

A. Fayad Ahmed Mir

B. Mirza Mehboob Beg

C. Bashir Ahmad Dar

D. Mehbooba Mufti

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5. Which mission is to be set by the cabinet to combat with the reigning issue of malnourishment and stunted growth ?

A. National Saksharta Mission

B. National Urban Mission

C. National Rural

D. National Nutrition Mission

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3rd December 2017 – Current Affairs MCQ Quiz

1. Which actor was appointed as the United Nation’s Environment Goodwill Ambassador in 2017 ?

A. Amitabh Bacchan

B. Dia Mirza

C. Aishwarya Rai

D. Shah Rukh Khan

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2. In which year did the first Indian one rupee note made its appearance ?

A. 1949

B. 1919

C. 1947

D. 1917

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3. In which state the Hornbill Festival gets celebrated ?

A. Nagaland

B. Assam

C. Arunachal Pradesh

D. Manipur

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4. Where the West Bengal Green University is to be built ?

A. Howrah

B. Nadia

C. Hooghly

D. Malda

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5. Whose portrait was there in the pre-independence one rupee note ?

A. Edward VII

B. William IV

C. George V

D. Victoria

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2nd December 2017 – Current Affairs MCQ Quiz

1. Which app has been launched by Google to understand, control and save data usage ?

A. Datasaver

B. Datasaver

C. Datally

D. Datagraph

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2. Who is the Chief Minister of Goa ?

A. Manohar Parrikar

B. Digambar Kamat Margao

C. Laxmikant Parsekar Mandrem

D. Pratapsingh Rane

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3. Which award was offered to Nahuel Perez Biscayart at the 48th International Film Festival of India 2017 ?

A. Golden Peacock for best music

B. Golden Peacock for best jury

C. Golden Peacock for best director

D. Silver Peacock for best actor

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4. In which state of Australia, Euthanasia was legalised recently ?

A. Queensland

B. Victoria

C. Tasmania

D. South Wales

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5. Which day is observed as the World Aids Day ?

A. 3rd December

B. 1st December

C. 5th December

D. 7th December

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1st December 2017 – Current Affairs MCQ Quiz

1. Where is the Global Centre for Security and Counter-Terrorism is being established ?

A. Udaipur

B. Jodhpur

C. Jaipur

D. Bharatpur

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2. Who is the Home Minister of Rajasthan ?

A. Shivraj Patil

B. Gulab Chand Kataria

C. Kiren Rijiju

D. Sushilkumar Shinde

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3. Which state has imposed a ban on firecrackers from December 1st to 31st in order to curb the pollution level ?

A. Gujarat

B. Chhattisgarh

C. Uttar Pradesh

D. Madhya Pradesh

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4. Who has become the chairman of the 15th Finance Commission of India ?

A. Y.V Reddy

B. M. Govinda Rao

C. N.K Singh

D. Venugopal Reddy

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5. For which movie did the actor Ishaan Khattar has won the best actor award at the International Bosphorus Film Festival 2017 ?

A. Beyond the Clouds

B. Golden Dolphin

C. A Violent Life

D. A father’s will

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